Omni-Pol Press Release - General Feyad Rahal
August 16, 29484 - Nolan Ciafardoni [Atlantean]

OTPC Freelance - Omni-Pol Atlantean Division would like to issue a statement regarding
the information put into public knowledge on August 13th 29484 by IRRK
Freelance reporter Lucetta Phoenix.

Firstly, we would like to confirm the report regarding General Feyad
being arrested. He was held, without jurisdiction, by the Department of
Investigation. He was subsequently released further to a meeting between
General McChristion of Omni-Pol and DCI Hunt of the DoI. Other officers
of each department were present and General Feyad was released into
Omni-Pols supervision.

Regarding the events that ran up to this arrest, investigations are
currently under way and discussions are being carried out between the
departments. It is imperative that our two agencies are able to reach
mutually agreed conclusions on the sequences of events to allow for
things to move forwards.

Approval of new training documentation, written by the Omni-Pol Field
Operations team has been requested. This documentation aims to help
provide increased clarity on jurisdiction and guidelines.

For the time being, Officer Rahal has been suspended from his rank and
from a great proportion of his responsibilities. However, the efficiency
and standards within the division have not been impacted. Due to
increased staffing levels of the Field Operations team and those within
the division who are also trained to deal with our cases, the allocation
of officers to investigate the series of events leadng up to this
current situation has not reduced our case capacity.

Lieutenants Oozi and Shadyn are currently managing the Field Operations
team and will continue to do so until further arrangements have been