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Thread: Friday with Means - July 16th, 2010 - Martial Artist Nano Changes + More Heads

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - July 16th, 2010 - Martial Artist Nano Changes + More Heads

    As promised last week we are making the preliminary document for changes to the Martial Arts profession nanos available for discussion (hard numbers not finalized...New "stance" will be renamed to "Zazen"). In addition to these changes it is also important to note that martial arts special attacks will no longer cause nano-recharge on use. Constructive feedback on these changes will of course be appreciated and duly considered. We will also be making the Keeper nano changes available to the professionals this week with the intention of making them public next Friday. We are hoping to also have an overview of changes to all Nemesis nanos next Friday as well.

    ..and of course here are a few of this week's heads.

    Have a great weekend.
    Colin Cragg
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    2nd, almost win!

    Is it just me or did the hair look way more detailed on the first heads that was posted a while back? They looked way better imo
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    One profession to RoO them all, one profession to proc stun them, one profession to calm them all and in the darkness Exp perk them!

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    all nemesis nanos next friday?

    NEXT like next Week or next fwm

    just kidding.

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    First page!
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    Funcom employee

    Stuff! Things!

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    Funcom employee This just came in:

    One more new fun I wanted to share it.
    Colin Cragg
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    6th. Wut?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    One more new fun I wanted to share it.
    Alright, now I can have a toon that looks just like my uncle Jimbo!
    Waiting for a cure.

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    That document is a bit confusing to read.. but interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing the changes for other professions of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    One more new fun I wanted to share it.
    I actually like this one the best of all of the heads I've seen so far.
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    Solitus heads look too caucasian

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    1st!!! page...
    SOON™coming back...
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