The Fourth Wall is a special sub-forum devoted to the roleplaying community of Anarchy Online. Posts in this area should be about the in-game roleplaying community of AO, but are not required to be in-character.

Topics allowed in The Fourth Wall:

  • Discussing upcoming RPing events
  • Debating storyline ideas/events from an out-of-character standpoint
  • Chatter about Anarchy Online's storyline
  • Receiving feedback from the ARK-Events and AO Storyline teams

Topics not allowed in The Fourth Wall:

  • Anything not pertaining to Anarchy Online
  • Anything not pertaining to the storyline or in-game roleplaying in general

Posts not made along these lines (or in the spirit of these rules, for those of you out there who like to try and dodge such things) will either be moved or removed from the area.

Otherwise debate, discuss, and have fun. Enjoy! =)