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    Funcom employee Knowledge Database Bookmarks

    Knowledge Database Bookmarks

    In-Game Information:
    Rubi-Ka/Classic AO
    Unique Mobs and their Loot
    The Master Blitz List V 2.0 (via the Fixer forum)
    Tradeskill Items & Where to Get Them (via the Engineer forum)
    The Global Market Interface: Tutorial Videos

    List of Classic AO & SL Guides at AO Universe
    Illustrated Shadowlands Guides
    Complete Listing of SL Nanos
    SL Quest XP/SK rewards list

    Alien Invasion
    Turk021's Guide to the APF
    AI Guides at AO Universe
    Alien Information

    Lost Eden
    Official Lost Eden FAQs

    Chat/Technical/Client Information
    Mission Settings
    Guide to the Chat System
    Tips & Tricks in the AO GUI
    How do FC points, Phasefront points and Veteran points work?

    Storyline Information:
    Pandemonium Backstory
    What do you consider AO's "brand"? (storyline stuff itt)

    Third Party Tools, Bots & Maps:
    Demoder's Corner (Tools and Stuff)
    Atlas of Rubi-Ka & Atlas of Shadowlands
    Important Information for Map Makers
    VhaBot.Chat and VhaBot.Net
    Item Assistant for Anarchy Online
    BeBot - An Anarchy Online Chat Automation
    Symbiant Comparison Tool
    AnarchyTalk - Android chat client

    Custom GUI/Skins
    Howto: Making a Custom GUI
    Instructions on GUI Skinning
    AO Universe GUI
    Notum Dovvetech GUI

    Odds & Ends
    AO Universe (via Reet's Retreat)
    Anarchy Online Wiki
    Annoying small things everyone knows about yet have not been fixed
    In-Game Bots of Anarchy Online
    Snowglobe's AO Terminology List
    Mysterious Chests in Crypt of Home
    AI Social Clothing Pictures

    Do you have a thread you think belongs in this list? If so PM a moderator here on the forums with your recommendation and it may just get added in! The more links the better, so by all means send us any threads you think should get added to the list!
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