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Thread: Are you new? Wonder which breed and prof. to roll?

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    Are you new? Wonder which breed and prof. to roll?

    Look no further. I have descended down from the mountains to share with you the sum of all of my wisdom.

    Go solitus or trox. Roll an adventurer. It doesn't really matter if you go melee or ranged, you'll figure this out as you level. Over the entire time I have played AO, adventurer has been the most consistently good choice to play, it's easy to learn, and will allow you to solo well when you have trouble finding teams. The game will be all around less frustrating and more enjoyable to you as you learn it. Furthermore, if you level up and discover that adventurer doesn't fit your playstyle, you'll have a solid main with which to support a more difficult profession.

    You're welcome!

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    Lol here I was expecting to see a breakdown of the different breeds & proffesions.

    Nope, just Sterva being opinionated. Cant say I disagree much allthough there are easier prof's to learn than Adv.

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    I liked the idea of MA to start with, because they won't have to worry about finding a new weapon to upgrade into. That can be a pain no matter what class. Then they are left with armor (which they can wear basically the omni med suit till lvl50's) , nanos, imps and ncu.

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    I can't claim to have a residence on the same lofty moutain top as Sterva and his olympian cohorts, but after reading his good humoured post I do feel moved to shamble down from my own hillock and summon from my experiences a similar nugget of purest hubris.

    Without a shadow of a doubt a Neutral Atrox/Solitus Fixer is the character of choice for your first serious character.
    I'm not saying this is the first character you should shoot for the endgame with, but it is the best class with which to learn the important elements of the game and has the bonus of leaving you the single most useful support character available by the time it has reached levels 40-100. Everyone needs a neutral fixer who can scour the full range of shops and blitz missions for those important items to equip or sell. A fixer is an outstanding solo player and a fine team player with firepower, healing, speed and evades and evac capabilities that benefit the fixer and his team mates alike. The fixer is also THE class other players look to for fashion tips and the fine art of acting cooler than the Fonz in a fridge.

    Above all, when you control a well appointed neutral fixer with access to the fixer grid, the whole world knows you are a player of style and accomplishment.

    Enjoy your Fixers and never hesitate to ask for assistance from other Fixers. There is a reason we have our own club, and that reason is we look after our own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phyxrphyxr View Post

    The fixer is also THE class other players look to for fashion tips and the fine art of acting cooler than the Fonz in a fridge.
    Ooooh... I want my fixer to look like Fonzie! And WTB sound pack with Fonzie sounds!

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    As lame as this original post is, it is fairly on the money.

    This is why people have been suggesting adv for newbies since day one, though.
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    Yes, adv or MA has always been a good starting profession. Both are fairly good survivors--adventurer is a sort of jack of all trades profession, and MAs are a combination fighter/healer.

    You might not necessarily want to take the first character you make all the way to 220, but those are definitely the professions for when you're still learning the basics (NCU, implants, etc).

    As you level up your first character, pay attention to what special abilities other professions have, and which is best suited to your playstyle. Also note some profession really come into their own at later levels--some have well-defined roles as early as level 15-20, but shades leave you wondering what unique purpose they have until around level 100.

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    Might as well sticky this because its so true.

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    I will say, though, that advy is one of the harder professions to make creds with as a new player. Nobody tips for wolf, and that's the only buff we have that anyone ever wants. Likewise we have no tradeskills, so no tips there. So you're relegated to dismal PvM rewards and farming in the hope of finding a rare drop you can sell. Well, we can also blitz missions in a pinch, but nowhere near as efficiently as a fixer.

    But yeah, as Sterva said, once you get your advy to about 150, you can quite easily make enough credits to support growing a new alt (with better credit-earning potential).

    As far as breed goes, I'm going to say Solitus. With an Atrox, because of attribute trickle-down, you're favouring one of the advy's defensive capabilities (hp-and-healing-based) over another (evades-based) (and vice versa if you choose Opifex). If you're a new player, it pays to learn how to use both, and Solitus is the best for that. Solitus is also a better choice if you can't decide whether to go melee or ranged: An Atrox is naturally better at melee, while an Opifex is naturally better at ranged (again, due to attribute trickle-down), but a Solitus is equally good at both.
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    MP, any breed.

    Go 1HB and you can get skulls from To3W, and you can have caco/morty out by 110 or so even on a trox. You don't need a Yalm to fly to mission locs, and you can easily solo missions for much higher nanos. People still tip for CM/CI/CMoch. You can make your own pocket bosses if you go Sloob.

    Definitely MP.

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    Nanomage Enforcer. You're welcome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gorathon View Post
    Wouldn't it be better if all the attributes were combined into one skill called "goodness?"

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    Nanomage Heavy Weapons Shade.

    Your welcome.
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    Soldier reflects just flat out need to be much stronger all the time (70%~ at level 220 at all times...)
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    To be fair, you are lucky the mods are as forgiving as they are.
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    your an idiot

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick187 View Post
    MP, any breed.


    Definitely MP.
    That may be true, im a MP nab atm, lvl 30, i have no armor, no weapon, no frandz, no pocket and yet im still able to play. Everything i need is rollable, including weapons. Pets do the tank/heal/mezz while I can just afk. Nano buffs cover gimpy implants so good that I can cast everything im able to get from missions of max ql I can roll (shop stuffz are to expensive ). It seems to be a perfect character to start with and im going to leave him inside s10. Pen on paper at 150 it has an amazing dd potential and still will be able to tank a bit.

    1hb will be the easiest choice imho. Im 2hb but i think of resetting as im unable to get noobstick anyway.
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    dear newbie AO player, dont listen to those nay sayers declining sterva's wisdom, just roll your trox/solitus adventurer and start grinding your way up to 220,,, it will save you lots and lots of annoyance later on druing your ingame adventure when you figure out how unfairly ballanced are most profs in AO's PVP and that you didnt roll the love child right away

    ever dreamt of the class that takes advantage of pretty much all ingame mechanics? dont wander no more, you found the adventurer right here!
    defensive wise theres just 1 thing in AO that an adventurer doesnt have, special blockers, but give FC time, someday adves will get that too!

    so!!! roll your trox/soli adventurer and enjoy being the Love-Child of Anarchy Online, you can thank me ( or sterva ) later,,,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alducio View Post
    Lol here I was expecting to see a breakdown of the different breeds & proffesions.

    Nope, just Sterva being opinionated. Cant say I disagree much allthough there are easier prof's to learn than Adv.
    Sterva is posting a mild troll, but being right with that opinion.
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    it's written in the bible.
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    Disagree with a adv choice. Started this game playing froob adv at 2004 and quited soon after for lack of good guns and creds. Tried blizzing but died everytime. Started plaing again in 2010 with MA and went very fast to 200+. With MA you dont get stuck at any lvl for lack of damage. And MA is best class to farm s10 at 150 so you just leave it to your s10 twink if you dont make it your main. Adv only rocks if you have the creds, weapons and twinking skills (read AI armor required).

    As far being annoying in pvp advs dont even come near soldiers. Soldiers can just farm the other side in BS 175-214 without any change to gank them even with much larger number of people. Talk about being unbalanced. Makes me wanna cancel my account.

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    Anyone noticed the Sterva
    Bureaucrat Professional? Not advy professional

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    Got to admit that advy is a good choice for starting. It does not mean that it is good to end of game for all, but with heals combined to decent evades and damage, with Shadowlands even having absorbs, it is profession with good defense to start with.

    Also, froob or paid, ranged advy can use pair of CDRs from Foremans. Sure, you likely are going to need help as new player, but there are teams at times, and you might have found a friendly organization as well when you can use them.

    As of money sinks, most nanos are rollable if you know how to use ClickSaver, and plenty of advy dyna nanos drop in plenty making them cheap. CDRs take you far and are free if you can find team to take down Director. With Shadowlands, pair CDR with JEPP once you can get hold of one, and there is no need to get weapons for a while. I know there are plenty of good melee weapons as well, but not that familiar with those myself, JEPP being most pricey in my weaponry it hasn't been that bad hit on money ever.

    Blitzing on advy isn't bad either, you can fly around with Parrot, and use wolf inside missions for more runspeed, and even if you don't have instant meep like fixers, its not that much time spent if you can gather missions to same area. I think I have blitzed more "hard" missions on adventurer than on my fixer, just because using Bio Cocoon (action from Shadowlands Perk line Bio Shielding) at tight spot can make the difference.

    This is just from my experience, I started out with solitus adventurer myself, and she is still decently equipped at level 150, even after plenty of bad choices, making decently in Sector 10.
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