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Thread: [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Tensions rise in law enforcement

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    [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Tensions rise in law enforcement

    Tensions rise in law enforcement
    April 28, 29484 - Miss Lucetta Phoenix [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Increased competitiveness between the Department of Investigations and Omni-Pol officers has led to conflict.

    Some of Omni-Pol's officers are generally regarded to be well mannered, plan things through carefully, and perhaps take a little bit too long when it came to actually enforcing the law. It seemed as if the officers had almost become care-free, maybe too relaxed for their own good. As this could be considered a cause for concern, there was relatively little squabbles among themselves...

    That is, until recently, when the Department of Investigations came into the scene and affiliated themselves with Omni-Pol. Their thorough investigative work and talent with forensics gave them the upper hand. But their speed is mostly due to them cutting corners, skipping paperwork and getting drunk after each case is finished - the typical rough investigators with no care for those that get in their way.

    Some would argue that this was good for the corporation. A little bit of competitiveness never hurt anyone, right?

    Err, not exactly.

    I noticed a dispute among several investigators and Omni-Pol officers in Omni-Entertainment over who was handling the forensics in an incident that occurred. This had attracted the attention of General "Feyad" Rahal of Omni-Pol, who arrived to confront "the Guv" of the DoI - DCI "Validius" Hunt.

    Tensions rose until Mr Hunt pointed to his forehead and stated "Is "gullible" printed on my 'ead?" at which point the short tempered detective head-butted General Rahal in the face. This developed into a full blown brawl, smack in the middle of the crime scene.

    There appeared to be very little the officers watching could do to prevent the conflict, until finally it ended when Mr Hunt dealt a brutal blow to General Rahal, knocking him unconscious and enabling the officers to pull the knocked out General away to receive medical attention.

    I really hope these violent disputes are resolved so the two organizations can actually start to solve crime rather than smacking each other in the face.

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    DCI Hunt Throws his weight around

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    Perhaps it is extremely out of my jurisdiction and interest, but Omni-Pol is one of the few well organized branches of Omni-Tek that does occasionally manage to treat citizens properly. Better a job done with competence than some unfair off the cuff and corrupt prosecution of someone who happens to be in the wrong place.

    In choosing to communicate with Omni-Tek divisions, I had chosen Omni-Pol as one of our first avenues of discussion for this very reason. Hot heads rarely prevail. We will take what little justice we can from Omni-Tek. Omni leaders who go around bullying anyone who disagrees - this is what most Clanners have come to expect. It is the last thing the Company needs.
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    I have worked extensively with Omni-Pol and have great respect for DOI. I havent seen any serious conlficts.
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