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    Eeods home comming

    This is a log of what happend sunday evening at the Grind

    Dabblez: Hello
    Bob Marleet: in dis brite future u cant forget ur past...
    Gimpa: This place looks expencive
    Dabblez: Wise words BobMarleet
    Bob Marleet: in dis brite future u cant forget ur past...
    Dabblez: Okay, I got it the first time
    Bob Marleet: one luv
    Dabblez: We can stick to water
    Dabblez: These couches were made for giants. Or Atrox enforcers
    Dabblez: So what's new with everyone?
    Gimpa: Well. I got new shoes
    Gimpa: Only a few days old
    Moeder: by mail?
    Dabblez: oh yes? Where did you get them from?
    Gimpa: I had to fight for them
    Dabblez: Ah, you "stood up for ur rites"
    Gimpa: A big scary thing had them
    Dabblez: And yet they fit your dainty littel feet?
    Gimpa: Yes. Pretty strange
    Gimpa: Other than that. it's the same old. The leetbot is still stuck in the shredder and the mail keep comming in
    Dabblez: Still?
    Gimpa: yeah
    Annalieza: This place is far too big to be able to find anything
    Gimpa: Pol..
    Annalieza: They should provide maps
    Dabblez: Hello officer
    Annalieza: If Im not welcome.. I have lots of other things to do
    Veneron: Good evening!
    Moeder: hello officer.
    Gimpa: It's not illigal to sit here I hope?
    Annalieza: raises one of her eyebrows
    Veneron: My apologies for making you all wait.
    Moeder: that's ok. we are women. we dont grow beards.
    Moeder: most of us not.
    Dabblez: Nice jacket offier Veneron
    Veneron: Glad you like it! I hear it's branded after some famous company!
    Gimpa: smiles
    Gimpa: One of the best, I have heard
    Dabblez: So how can we help you?
    Veneron: Anyways, as you can see from our attire, we're not here as fully official representatives for Omni-Pol yet, but would rather evaluate technical possibilities for a minor problem that we're going to face.
    Dabblez: I see
    Veneron: You might be aware that there is quite a population surge lately, to be correct in the last week we see lots of immigrants that seem to be having problems speaking our common language.
    Moeder: they dont speak a language at all if you ask me.
    Veneron: On the other hand, they're very familiar with different kinds of sausages and pretzels.
    Gimpa: yeah. they can't even speak propper Leet
    Veneron: So, to help us help these people integrate into society, I was wondering wether it would be possible to develop a device similar to a universal translator that would scan the brain waves of a conversational partner and automatically translate his/her/its language on the fly.
    Gimpa: Any idea where they come from?
    Veneron: Hmm, I keep hearing things about a parallel dimension! But well, maybe that device would also be possible to go the biological route and develop a little fish that will be inserted into the ear to do the same job symbiotically. You know, the options are endless!
    Annalieza: A fish?! That's insane. Who would have ever considered something as crazy as that!
    Dabblez: Little fish in teh ear.. interesting
    Annalieza: tuts
    Moeder: fish?
    Veneron: It's less crazy than you might think!
    Veneron: waves his Notum Threaded Zodiacal Blanket randomly.
    Gimpa: Mini Leetbot that fits in the ear?
    Dabblez: Why mini? Why ear? Why not a leetbot that acts as interpreter?
    Gimpa: Oh
    Dabblez: Upgrade the leetbot to learn this alien tongue
    Moeder: why interpete? why not shoot them all?
    Dabblez: then the stranger take their leetbot where ever they go and it acts as an interpreter?
    Veneron: I was just thinking possibilities out loudly really. Obviously, I'm just a random tinkerer with a day job in law enforcement. But you folks are experts in these kinds of projects... Riiiight?
    Gimpa: With R.U.R logo on
    Dabblez: Not very hospitable is it Moeder?
    Moeder: I think i sit too close to the leet
    Dabblez: Let me try something really quick
    Veneron: Please!
    Dabblez's pet, Invaleet: ow. hurts!
    Dabblez: clear my voice
    Dabblez: domo arigato Mr Roboto
    Dabblez's pet, Invaleet: i just bleedz rite here
    Moeder: i'm so glad that OP leet woman isn't here!
    Dabblez's pet, Invaleet: omg teh pain!
    Dabblez: Hmmm... no that did not quite qork
    Gimpa: Think it needs some fine tuning
    Dabblez: Yes
    Veneron: But do you think you can get it to work perfectly?
    Dabblez: Maybe a regualr robot like a Milly. They are bit smarter than leetbots
    Gimpa: And i am sure that the begging in the middle of the translation would be anoying after a while
    Dabblez: But first we need samples of thie alien language
    Moeder: do we know the language they speak at all?
    Veneron: I'd appreciate any hints you might have or any research you could conduct into this.
    Gimpa: Is it a language at all?
    Veneron: So far, Omni-Pol is still going through the Bronto Burger sales data to figure out their eating habits.
    Dabblez: If we could capture radio signals from their home diemesion?
    Veneron: Oh, I forgot... RUR has an expert in dimensional travel and interaction, right?
    Gimpa: We have one expert, but he is..not here
    Moeder: wel.. we concider him lost..
    Veneron: Oh! But I'm sure his knowledge base is still safe?
    Dabblez: not where he ended up
    Dabblez: no one is safe there
    Moeder: that place is evil
    Dabblez: so evil
    Veneron: Hmmm, and here I had my hopes up that this might have just been the technological and know how edge for RUR to manage this potential project better than any other company!
    You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Cheriado' has reached enlightenment.
    Dabblez: Not all is lost
    Dabblez: what do you know about these aliens? Any clues might be useful
    Moeder: listenes to an incomming message on her com
    Veneron: So far, we think they're not green. At least not in higher percentages than the regular Rubi-Ka population.
    Veneron: And their diet seems to be slightly higher in fat and carbohydrates than average.
    Moeder: they seem to like rules.
    Veneron: And very often, they say things like "Allmächt!" out loud straight out of thin air.
    Annalieza: Quite peculiar.
    Dabblez: Allmächt!
    Dabblez: interesting
    Moeder: Allmächt!
    Veneron: Or well, "Genau!" also seems to be a common phrase.
    Dabblez: let me set up a pan-dimensional frequency scan
    Annalieza: Stimmt!
    Moeder: nope. doesnt do anything for me..
    Dabblez: Excellent
    Annalieza: oh.. no.. its contageous
    Dabblez: I'll add that term to the search critieria
    Dabblez: And we are sure they ar enot fromt eh Shadowlands?
    Moeder: oh. man.. i got to go. i have to update the RUR cleaning rota..
    Moeder: meh
    Gimpa: Do they have any dangerous diseases or germs with them?
    Veneron: Sounds fun!
    Moeder: you got a OP cleaning rota too?
    Moeder: I hate germs.
    Dabblez: query...+"Allmächt!"+"Genau!"-"Shadowlands"
    Veneron: Mainly regarding the shark tank. Admissions has a habit of assigning duty on that to applicants that don't perform well.
    Dabblez: starts working
    Moeder: sounds interesting.. well. i'm sorry, i've got to go now. goodbye
    Veneron: Take care!
    Gimpa: You keep a shark tank at the office?
    Annalieza: Don't you?
    Gimpa: No, just a shredder
    Veneron: It's quite impressive, in our headquarters past the entrance.
    Gimpa: And a leetbot that seems to be stuck inside
    Gimpa: isn't it dangerous to keep them there?
    Dabblez: Yes, annoy stuck in shredder leetbot
    Dabblez: I'm picking up something...
    Veneron: The sharks are normally well fed. Remember the applicants sent to clean the tank?
    Gimpa: Hope it's not germs
    Gimpa: So i guess Omni-Pol is a rather small department
    Veneron: It really wouldn't be good news if the dimensional rift turned out to carry contagious sicknesses.
    Dabblez: .. I have a signal
    Gimpa: looks up
    Gimpa: Signal?
    Dabblez: It's saying "Not in the face, not in the face..."
    Dabblez: You know... it kind of sounds like Eeod
    Gimpa: But is it our Eeod?
    Veneron: Sounds like you're getting close!
    Dabblez: Let me try to establish two way communications
    Veneron: The vocal pattern doesn't seem to match our mysterious visitors. I think he would have said "Allmächt" at least once or twice in that sentence if it was a perfect hit.
    Dabblez: Eeod, is that you?
    Dabblez: No need to be rude Eeod
    Dabblez: Yes I know you've been stranded for 6 months
    Gimpa: Is it ours or the evil one?
    Dabblez: I can't tell. Mary
    Dabblez: Stand perfectly still.. I'll try to get a lock on you
    Veneron: takes a step back
    Gimpa: Be careful!
    Gimpa: he might be evil
    Dabblez: Any mistake now and we could lose him for goof
    Eeod: rhaa!
    Dabblez: He's gone mad!
    Annalieza: Nice beard!
    Veneron: Hmmm!
    Eeod: die!
    Dabblez: Oh... that's wasn't pretty
    Veneron: Are you all right, citizen?
    Eeod: who are you!!!
    Dabblez: You don't recognise us?
    Gimpa: Don't you remember us?
    Eeod: rhaaa!!!
    Dabblez: I might have retieved the evil Eeod by accident
    Veneron: Hmm, would you like me to call Omni Reform?
    Eeod: sighs
    Dabblez: WOuld you?
    Eeod: its dead
    Annalieza: Maybea cup of tea would help.. would you like tea?
    Dabblez: Tea is good
    Eeod: tea?...
    Eeod: rhaa!!!.. i mean... ok..
    Dabblez: Maybe they don't have tea on Rimor
    Eeod: Dobbles?
    Dabblez: Might be the reason they are evil
    Dabblez: Meh, close enough
    Eeod: Omni Pol!!!!!
    Annalieza: Drink this, its got lots of sugar in it.
    Eeod: rhaa!!
    Dabblez: yes, these are Omni Pol officers
    Gimpa: They are not here to arest us
    Dabblez: but not from the traffic division
    Annalieza: Get him to drink the tea.. its good for stress
    Dabblez: thank you
    Dabblez: Here, drink up
    Eeod: aah...
    Eeod: where am i?
    Veneron: I guess we won't need reform... right?
    Dabblez: I'm not sure, it can't hurt
    Eeod: this place... its so...
    Veneron: I hear it sometimes just feels like someone tweezing your brain a bit too tightly, but yes... we haven't had any major complaints so far!
    Gimpa: He looks safe
    Dabblez: Maybe that is teh best thing
    Eeod: Ich habe ein Strudel gefressen!!!!
    Annalieza: Wirklich?!
    Dabblez: you take him away to Reform, have Med check him out too
    Gimpa: Or mabye not
    Veneron: Oooh! That's the kind of language we were looking for!
    Dabblez: and if he is okay, give him back to us in one peiece
    Eeod: und meine klamotten sind geklaut!!
    Dabblez: And I ca keep scannig for "Genau!"
    Veneron: It might be worth while investigating him for research purposes before his brain gets flushed by Reform.
    Dabblez: He's brain already seems pretty fried
    Eeod: es hat ein rettich auf mein kopf gefallen!
    Veneron: Well, that's sort of our problem... We need an auto translator of some kind for this seemingly brain-fried gibberish!
    Gimpa: Didn't sound like Rubi-Kan or Leet
    Dabblez: Although.. in his state he might help us build a alien tongue translator
    Eeod: der eisenbahn ist tiefgefroren!
    Veneron: That's what I was hoping.
    Dabblez: Does he sounds like the other visitors?
    Veneron: There definitely are similarities, if even only for it all being incoherent.
    Eeod: collapses
    Eeod: i want to go home.
    Dabblez: So if we get his brain into a leetbot..
    Gimpa: I understood that
    Dabblez: Where - is - home?
    Eeod: home...
    Eeod: shed..
    Veneron: Is this how Eeod used to behave before that slight... misplacing of him?
    Dabblez: City of Home... Broken Shores?
    Veneron: takes a quick look under the table.
    Dabblez: He was alwasy a bit odd. Not this odd
    Gimpa: Guess 6 months in a hell hole does tuff to you
    Dabblez: I suppose
    Veneron: Well, I think for now he's best cared for in your hands.
    Dabblez: Okay. We'll take him back to RUR HQ and start donwloading his brain
    Gimpa: But what if he turns out to be the evil one?
    Veneron: whispers to Annalieza: Plus, we won't have to deal with another whacko ourselves.
    Dabblez: It's a cahnce we'll have to take
    Gimpa: Guess so
    Gimpa: How do we get him home?
    Veneron: If you need heavy arms support at any point, feel free to contact either us or someone from Omni-Armed Forces.
    Dabblez: Okay, I'll let you know if we find anyhting useful
    Veneron: That would be great! And as soon as you have something substantial, I will raise the relevant purchase orders with our superiors.
    Dabblez: Excellent
    Dabblez: Hello
    Leileena: Hiya
    Leileena: Something wrong?
    Veneron: So, thank you for tonight's meeting. And good luck with your newly found old co-worker!
    Dabblez: not necessarily wrong
    Gimpa: Just odd
    Dabblez: we may have recovered Eeod from Rimor
    Leileena: Hmm... right
    Dabblez: Though there is the risk we got the wrong one
    Dabblez: the evil one
    Veneron: Take care citizens!
    Dabblez: and he does have a beard
    Dabblez: Good day officers
    Leileena: Well, that's not something that's my business, nor area of expertise
    Leileena: Goodluck
    Dabblez: not sure it is anyone's line of expertise
    Gimpa: Well. Evil or good, it is good to have a Eeod back
    Eeod: Strudel
    Dabblez: And a leetbot still in the shredder
    Gimpa: Yeah
    Eeod: shruddrs
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    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
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    [Channel42] Chaupin: Eeod back I heared?
    [Channel42] Dabblez: Yes, but he has a beard now
    [Channel42] Chaupin: well not entirly suprising...I would Imagine that an evil place like Rimor, isnt a shave save zone.
    [Channel42] Dabblez: Between you and me, I wonder if you pulled back the wrong Eeod.. you know, the evil Rimor one.
    [Channel42] Chaupin: is he acting strange?
    [Channel42] Chaupin: besides the beard, that is?
    [Channel42] Dabblez: This is Eeod.. what do you think?
    [Channel42] Chaupin: yes well...I mean...stranger than usual
    [Channel42] Dabblez: This is Eeod.. what do you think?
    [Channel42] Chaupin: Let me rephrase then, why do you think you pulled back the evil Eeod?
    [Channel42] Dabblez: well, there is the beard
    [Channel42] Dabblez: and he was attacking a leet when we brought him back, beating the poor thing against a table
    [Channel42] Dabblez: If he goes Clan we will know for sure
    [Channel42] Chaupin: maybe you could set a trap?
    [Channel42] Dabblez: Why would we, we just got him back
    [Channel42] Chaupin: You like the evil eeod over the old one?
    [Channel42] Dabblez: Better than nothing. Any idea how hard it is to hire an enigeer these days?
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
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