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Thread: Increasing the usefulness of Zones, maps, Guilds and stuff...

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    Increasing the usefulness of Zones, maps, Guilds and stuff...

    Nothing unique, but things I've been thinking about recently...

    Zone status and extended usage

    The ability to get information on what activity is taking place in a zone. It could include Omni-Tek, clan and neutral activities, such as missions and also add what type of missions were being carried out overall, and by zone: Assasination 45%, Find item 32%, Return item 23% and so on.

    However, this information would only be as consistent as to the number of players/teams in a given zone so it's not a situation controlled soley by FC, so to speak. It's an active part of the game idea, and is worth pursuing for the sake of the story, such that it is :-/

    One of the benefits of this is probably relevant to the role players. They can see at a glance what level of infiltration the opposition has in a zone and can make decisions on what they want to do based on the information at hand. It pays for them to become actively involved and gives them even more depth to play within the game - their activities help the story and game.

    As for the mission types themselves, a list of the numbers of assasinations, perhaps with names, could be published on the AO site, or where ever, to give even more depth. Of course, this extends to other mission types as well - locate person, find item and so on, all have an expanded value to the game.

    For instance, locate 'live/observe' person, for whatever reason could be broken down into the mission briefing. Can't think of any off hand, but they do vary so it's possible to introduce subdivisions which lists all the variations.

    Find items becomes extremely useful. Those weird looking bombs now get the chance to be listed as terrorist threats neutralised in this idea of listing enemy activities. Urgent sensitive information and its variants could be utilised as adding more information on enemy activity in a zone, or give other useful information.

    There are quite a few unique items which have no resale value but are nonetheless potentially useful if they were utilised in the ways mentioned above. One of the most curious ones I've collected recently was a membership list. It had the name of 7 real players... but why, and what connection do they have, other than being clan of varying levels? Do clan players have a similar item, giving names of OT players? What about neutrals, would it list both, or one of the other!?

    Guilds and associated issues

    The Guild property and housing issue seems to have died a death, so I'll just resurrect it again.

    It's damned annoying to grid into Omni Entertainment and see those buildings with guild houses written on them, yet being nothing of the sort. Guilds need a tangible presence in the game to add both depth and player involvement, amongst a long list of other issues, naturally.

    I'd also suggest including the idea of allowing guilds to pay for NPC recruiters which work either inside the guild houses, as a kind of reception or outside in the street. Though I can see there being problems with the latter if the guild houses are in close quarters with each other.... lots of NPCs in the street and players conversing with them is sure to cause lag problems. Either way, the recruiter introduces a front end for potential candidates to join 'off the street'. Gives the guilds the chance to outline their philosophy thru a macro or whatever, so the actual guild players can play instead of dealing with the monotonous stuff of running a guild.

    As for guild house locations, I believe there is one simple way of solving the problem of overcrowding. Basically, instead of having 13 high rises/apartment blocks and so on, is to get rid of them and revamp them as the guild house locations. Does anyone actually use or appear in any of the others bar the Rome 7 and Ent 1 housing blocks? Seems like an awful waste of time having the others there, redundant, when they can be put to good use in other ways.

    It's also about time we saw the affilation situation to Omni Tek departments be implemented. There's also a lack of consistency when it comes to what type of government types are used by guilds, especially Omni-Tek ones. Surely they should have directors, department heads, executives and so on, or higher ranks if it fits in with the overall affilation and department structure of Omni Tek.

    Run out of steam, again. Hope it gets the creative juices flowing.

    Flamers and trolls, I set up the bbq over at all welcome.

    Bradleystoke - RK1

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    This could turn into PvP missions. One person gets a 'hit' mission, someone else gets a 'defend' mission for the same playfield, possibly with some warping to get them there in time.

    I can see it now...the team goes after the boss mob, everything looks ok, the concealed Agent in the corner lets off his Aimed shot while the rest of the defending team piles out from behind the corner. Ambush!

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    Maps and what they could do etc

    I say add some perks to maps!

    -Add the ability to drop 1 Waypoint on the map for yourself (so you can remind yourself where your mission booth was, or say the shop you like to go to) and this WPs could increase with additional map upgrades with possibly an ability to set a WP for your fellow team mates to see.


    - Please get some incentive to have hunting back in the game. I know TMs are cool (i love them), but maybe something give more incentive to hunt bronts, etc. (before TMs, the bronts oasis in NW desert was the place to be, now i'm the only one there) I'd say, if its a creature, things like nano clusters, and high QL of blood plasma should be involved, since those can be turned into great cash.

    - Apartments. make them worth our time. Couches, and when you put a dresser down, be able to stock it with items.

    - The missions where you must locate a certain person, i can't seem to understand how they work (i mean the indirect ones...IE NO LOCATION posted). Maybe some more useful information in the description to tell what to do.

    - More hangouts for PCs, i mean...has the population of the game dropped that much or are people hiding in the gutters?


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