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Thread: Friday with Means - January 15th, 2010 - Nothing personal

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - January 15th, 2010 - Nothing personal

    Balance Meeting and Plans

    This week meetings continued concerning balancing and the code features missing from AO we wanted/need were discussed and evaluated.(ie: Multiple copies of DOT nanos being possible to run on a target from more than one attacker etc.) Work on actual implementation will start soon. A "balance beta" server is being set up so the incremental changes can be tested piece by piece until "ready"...this server should be up inside the next few weeks. Details will follow on who and how to access this area for testing purposes. This will of course also allow for testing outside of "the big picture" which will be needed for ensuring no details are left in an incomplete state.

    Server Transfer from DNW

    Not as much got done in this area as I would have liked this week. However important details of "what" were decided.

    1. A new large playfield is being created to allow the players of DNW to have access to some Cities on Transfer. Assignment to these cities will be done in as fair a manner as possible.

    2. Concerns about unscrupulous players stealing player and org names are not going to be a problem. Anything created (Orgs and players) after the discussion in November concerning transfer will not take priority over players transfering from DNW.

    3. DNW will run for months after the transfer becomes available. This will give players returning after some time the opportunity to refamiliarize themselves with the characters before the transfer process. At some well announced point in the future DNW will be shut down...but it will not be soon.

    4. Transfer will be available to both RK1 or RK2.

    I hope we get more traction on this issue next week. I am sorry for the delay but I still hope to make the actual transfer available inside January even if the supporting new playfield for cities is not yet complete.

    Daily Missions

    The first version of this system is currently being built for the Test dimension. It is likely this will take many days as it involves the re-export of almost every playfield in the game. We are also taking this opportunity to try and "streamline" the Alien attacks on player cities by moving controllers and Alien landing points...with associated collision and "bad tree" problems being addressed. We hope to see this version available for a first pass at the end of next week.

    Thank you to all who contacted me this week concerning ideas, problems and suggestions for making AO better.

    Have a great weekend everyone
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    FOR SALE!!111!

    Wanna place your own personal whine here? Just PM with offered price and we can work something out
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    /me like

    btw, atleast I now live in the year 2010.
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    No spider this week?
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    (We have pretty good anti-troll filters by now though )

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    wtb RK2 to RK1 transfer.
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    Thanks for the update
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    that special server sounds fun.

    Multiple dots on the same target hmmm, that would be awesome (org docs and i are always fighting who gets to dot to have higher DD )

    Can't wait to see the daily missions, and nice to see that the city raids are getting streamlined while you're at it .
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    Top10 in first post woho
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    Couldnt we all move on rk1 or rk2 or even better on RK3 (so there would be no whinning "ZOMGZ rk1ers/rk2ers have it so easy) so you could shut 2 servers instead of one? By the time rebalancing/engine/miracle happens and there is a major population boost (i t wont happen im affraid, sorry) you could start A NEW server where everyone would start from nothing, there would be no NW fields, 220 pockets, "all my 20 cities and a backpack full of gocs" etc. It would be very interesting to give it a try, especially on a crat

    If you are working on AI spawns it would be cool to have a possibility to set up a "intensity" of it. Lets say: easy (as it is today), med (2x more mobs spawn per wave), no-life (3x more) so we could use it as a better axp source. There are still some people doing it for axp/fun!
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    sounds cool.

    you said you talked about some balancing stuff and integrating some changes incrementally.

    Any ideas on which ones we might see first?

    cheers! And happy new years!

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    Thanks for the update, as always...

    And a krautfelt, warm welcome to future clanners, and mislead players alike!
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    Will the daily missions be useful for leveling up through 220, or will they only give RK xp?

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    Thanks for the update Means
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    1st page?

    Awesome about fixing city raid issues, Means!!
    Dogeared: their fix will probably eliminate the 'sploit that allows you to pass through ''doors'' from one playfield to another. <-- zomg, she was right!

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    1st page ???
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    Yes, but HOW DO YOU feel about it Means?
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    What's up with all these stupid poasts, I gotta poast one myself!



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    rk3 city
    what about buy/build now, a big city on rk3.
    will it also be cloned or not

    cause maybe some ppl on rk3 now build many new cities, to sell them later after transfer and clon

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