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Thread: Bug List 13/1/10

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    Bug List 13/1/10

    This is the Engineer professions current bug list as of 13/1/2010.
    This thread is for professional reporting only, if you have any new bugs to add or discuss please do so in this thread.

    Green - Feedback from FC
    Orange - Status

    1. Pets
    • Pets get stuck in the floor inside a room in AI ships. Only way to get them out is by pet warp which is very slow. This happens almost exclusively in ships with several floors, where the top of the lift is located inside a big room. The pets get stuck in that room.
      Though this happens much for us, the testing team is having problems reproducing it. If someone could provide better information as to the exact room/situation it will help.

    • Pets get caught in some places (pathing?)
      I. In CoH on the way to the door where the first Necromancer is.
      II. In aliens ships boss room, pets get stuck in the northern room
      III. In SL missions, pets don't climb the stairs in the boss room
      IV. In RK missions, bots are sometimes stuck in doors, appearing to go back and forth in and out of the door. Might happen more starting with 16.4.
      V. In the battlestation central area.

    • Engi pets can be debuffed with out flagging the attacker.
      Edit by ella 26 oct 2010: this also goes for charming.

    • When pets are issued a /pet behind, and the engi gets attacked by some mob, pets immediately run off in a random direction at top speed, or run at the mobs and then stop, or do some other foolish maneuver.

    • In alien ships when you get warped pets sometimes start showing up as enemy mobs. This also happens in Primus Camp after warp to mob. Pet Warp seems to solve it. Setting bots on wait and then running out/returning back to their range also sometimes fixes it. In rare cases bots disconnect and disappear.

    • Bots will sometimes disappear in RK missions. The bots will continue to fight, but no damage messages appear, either by the bots or done to the bots. Mobs hit this way will appear to die with full HP (or with the damage done by other means only). This was only reported in building missions.

    • Very similar to last, bots will sometimes disappear in RK missions. In this case damage messages appear, and mobs do appear to take damage. When trying to buff bots you get "Target out of range for nano program." Zoning or pet warping fixes the problem.

    • Pets do not always reconnect with the owner on zoning. This results in pets not re-spawning after zoning has been completed.

    • A pet that is snared, even with small snares, stops moving completely.

    • When fighting Ankari type Generals, pets sometime stop responding, and nothing will bring them back. This might be due to Viral Pet Trapper being cast on them, and them not coming back under control when it is removed. Pets do answer as if following commands, but they don't do a thing. They cannot be terminated either, so the only way to solve it is to relog.
      Edit by ella 21 oct 2010: this is a problem for mp pets also. i believe pets can be terminated though. relogging does not help and zoning will just leave em where they got "stuck", which leaves you without pets. zoning back after this will reconnect the pets, but they will still be useless

    • Pets sometimes attack the owner if the owner is flagged. They might also snare. Ways to reproduce:
    1. Use biorejuvenation while attacking a guard or a player of the same faction. This heals the guard thus getting you on the pet hate list.
    2. Trim the pet with AI trimmer or Avoidence trimmer, which damages the pet.
    3. Use grenade (HSR hedgehog from shops, don't need to be high level) and do AoE damage.
    • When a pet is cocooned in apf42, and the engineer dies, the pet still keeps the cocoon nano, but not the cocoon. The main effect visible is 10% size. After the nano is removed, the pet might still remain small (10%).
      Edit by ella 21 oct 2010: added info: this is also a problem in apf 28.

    • In some rare cases, bots disconnect when issuing /pet wait. One way to see this is to issue /pet wait and run away. If you come back quickly, you see "Pet reconnection successful", otherwise, the pet will despawn after some time. This happens about once in 20 times. It is reported to be more often if you got warped often (i.e. primus camp).
      New 26/10/06 I believe this is fixed, need to confirm

    • Pets cannot climb the warp platforms in the battlestation. This means that someone under attack can just jump on the platform and the pets cannot reach him.
      Edit by Ella on 21 oct 2010: this was fixed in the latest patch, the edges of the platforms have been smoothed

    • RK dynas are doing unreasonable amounts of damage on pets, independent of level. For example, a "Horrorblood of the Hive" lvl 148 is doing 1K nukes, see logs here. This appears to be Shadow Touch, a pet specific nano. It might be quite an old thing meant to stop pet owners from soloing dynas, which no longer makes sense.

    • If you run/fly across watery areas pets sometimes switch to swim mode when entering water area and forgetting to switch back to run mode once they leave water. It got fixed once pets are near you, but in case of them lagging way back behind and having aggro - only real solution to get them is to zone.

    • pets at lower levels will not attack human mobs (guards for ex.) that are not in pvp range of the player.
      Added by ella 26 oct 2010

    • when getting back a pet that was charmed, the pet get returned to us unbuffed
      added by ella 26 oct 2010:

    2. Nanos
    • Offensive aura effects are of the same school, and the same as the generators. Thus casting Null Space Disruptor protects an engi from another engi's auras, and an engi can erase everyone's hostile aura (say blind) by casting another (say reflect).

    • Empowered Reactive Harmonic Cocoon stops refreshing after 2 hours, unless you zone.

    • The MM requirement on the nanos Lesser Software Hacking Shielding, Software Hacking Shielding, Advanced Software Hacking Shielding is inconsistent with the TS req on the parallel crat nanos. It is 1300, 1500 and 1900 instead of 900, 1200 and 1400 respectively.

    • The requirement on the nano formula Masters Bidding are unreasonable: 1301 PM/SI. It seems like it was supposed to be a crat nano, and a parallel engi nano is missing.

    • Philosopher's Stone doesn't stack with Engineer Composite Tradeskills.

    • Last Minute Negotiations does not get removed by Improved Pet Attention

    • our snare auras break Disruptive Void Projector.

    3. Perks / Perk Specials / Procs
    • LE procs Cushion Blows and Personal Protection buff for very little, even considering the low research level required, 1 damage shield and 13 AC.

    • One type 2 proc should have been type 1 since there are 7 type 2 and 5 type 1. Best candidate for it is Drone Missles since it would make running two DD procs possible.
    • Gadgeteer pet proc perk actions do not work after zoning. Please see here for detailed explanation of this bug.

    4. Trimmers
    • Divert energy to health seems to not work properly (at least on SL bots). The health increases, but within a few seconds the pet loses all the health it gained from the trimmer. This is probably because the max health buff is done after the +HP one. It only works as a +4K heal.

    • The tradeskill for the Trimmer - Improve Actuators is bugged in that any trimmer over ql 222 cannot be built due to requiring an Empty Trimmer Casing of ql 201 or greater, which doesnt exist.
      ql300 trimmers were added to the database in 16.4.4, but nothing above ql220 was found in game. Still not clear if this is fixed or not.

    • Using a Trimmer - Divert Energy to Avoidance in zones with guards makes the guards attack you and get a pvp flag.

    • When the Hood of Black Waters is hotswaped to an Organic armour helmet and then hotswap back in, the engie will be wearing the hood of black waters but his face will be the look of the organic armour helmet. Mods might be of both helmets.

    • Some Penultimate Ofab Engineer armor pieces are missing bonuses compared to Tier 3 armor. Body misses MC. Helmet misses NP and Tutoring. Sleeves miss Pharmaceuticals and Break&Entry.

    • Ancient Skills Library is missing Psychology. Supposedly it should have included all Tradeskills.

    • Unable to stack same Android NCU's even if they are the same quality.

    • in BS when spawning a pet with the nano and then rightclicking the shell to pop the pet, when you have only 1 inventory spot open it'll spawn the BS shell in overflow. when popping to BS and trying to swap an item it'll say that you cannot swap anything because you have stuff in overflow.
      Added by ella 26 oct 2010
      Edit by ella 27 oct 2010: clarification:
      can be reproduced as follows:
      with 1 space open in inventory pop a shell or do a TSkill (so that the overflow window opens) while in decon.
      if you close the overflow window while in decond still, everything is ok. if you zone to BS and you close it then you will recieve the message "Wearing is disabled when you have items in your overflow!" when you try to equip something.
      zoning to decon again resolves this issue.
    • Arguably a bug, or at least an oversight: The Special Edition Kyr'Ozch Cannon and Special Edition Kyr'Ozch Nunchako from Sector 7 have profession restrictions which do not include engineers, who could make good use of them otherwise. This is particularly regrettable in the case of the heavy weapon, given that while restricted only to soldiers, virtually nobody will ever consider using this weapon.

    • Ravening M-60's dot proc kills people after you finish dueling them if its running and you get em to 1hp.

    • Certain Debuffs dont get removed on entering decon 100%, NT blinds(esp optic plague), crat init debuffs, shade aao/aad drains.

    • Soft zone from dying in BS, causes snare aura and trimmer effects to cancel.

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