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Thread: 2010 Wishlist

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    yeh ive seen what a def check does to FA.... nothing in the case of an enfs def.... a soldier will cap FA 95% of the time if hes geared somewhat well.
    even green soldiers cap FAs on me regularly and im an endgame enf.
    also the new interrupt on AS??? is that like interrupting a double or w/e???.... never happens.
    and burst?? wow u realy dont get aroudn much in this game do u?
    soldier bursts can hit for 11k + PvM - wich translates froughly to 5k PvP.
    so now agents will have instant capping AS from stealth and 5k pvp dmg extra to add to their alpha vs us.
    and the AS will keep comming at us aswell.

    a that a 5k absorb is doin any real differnece in pvp is being delusional. specially when its on a 5 min recharge. if it was a cyclic 5k absorb that went up every 25 seconds or so and stacked with biosheild.. that would have been another story .
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    Quote Originally Posted by obtena View Post
    pushing for? You're obviously not familiar with the process. I already outlined it in the forums here somewhere and being the avid forum respondent you are, i bet you seen it. I made it pretty clear. Devs make their own agenda. We provide input based on the community response. In the off chance that they like 1 of the 1000 things enfos suggest, they like it, they might take it and make it their own. To think that because i'm a prof, that my ideas get considered moreso than anyone else's is pretty funny.
    many argue!!! Enfs are OP, they are big.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgly View Post
    many argue!!!
    I would like to rebut your claim. I find the the answer is definitely purple.

    Now you might ask why?

    It's very simple, tbh. Since yellow is the source of Vitamin D. You jet ski on the ocean floor. There is an apple cinnamon pie that beholds a scroll telling you that "Ice cream has no bones."
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    WTB physical changes with mutate and FoT, The Hulk anyone? I also would like to see some nice animation to groin kick and headbutt!

    My second wish is viable options for casual players in terms of PVP that is a situation where CC or no CC will determine whether you will be able to have fun in PVP.

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