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Thread: OK, let's talk about new stuff

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    Try this on for size....
    NO PVP

    I could live with it.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by halohitman View Post
    Metafizis, I take it you have never touched the enforcer proffession....ever. Rage gets me away from the nt casting burden of atlas and casting triplers.....I need the init to be able to kill the agent tht is fpodoc and ubt'd me and keeps CH'in, I need the rs to get away from guess what? actual npcs!! OMG THIS GAME ISNT ALL ABOUT PVP! and also to catch the wussy fixer tht runs the second i hit him.abd spam my absorbs while once again actual PvM and tryin too survive a shade.
    What the? I don't even...

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    enfos are big and strong right? Why not just make that our primary ability. Just give enfos more stuns ect. When someone very big and strong catches upto u, it should be clear that ur not gonna get away. Maybe throw a big object like a chair to stop the enemy from gettign away. An enfo jumping into the air and landing near his opponents causing an earthquake aoe stunning/snaring those around. Grabing his opponent, holding him in the air and smashing him into the ground. Hitting so hard with huge weapons that enemies get knocked back. Throwing big hands full of dirt/sand into thier eyes. Using his big limbs to do area sweep attacks. Hitting the ground with his weapon also causing earthquakes. And when a mob is harrasing a teammate u dont want, u run upto the mob and give it a collector-kick(concept already exists why not use it?) and send it flying away. Give avalange and stone fist much lower recharge time. Would make sense if those hard hits would debuff thier damage too. And freak strength perks should be enfo only.
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    O.o I agree with orochi
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