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Thread: Rebalancing act details for MAs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soliartist View Post

    Percentage on IB should be lowered, why ? FoL & Delirium are meant to make our opponents perkable, that's mostly why it sounds legit for their check % to be decreased, it only makes sense.

    why a attack that only afects my character giving him little absorbs and bit of aad and is not harmful to oponent, must check 100% his duck explosives ? In application it should be similiar to items like dreadloch endurance booster , or barrow of strenght.

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    Well it's got nothing to see though. If you told me that it should check something else maybe ?

    Or just give it a lock like it'd be an Item yeah, well. Although as you said it it's meant to be protective, we only use protective things on people with high damage, most Professions with high DD (via high AR, not including Perks but most average hits/special attacks) are usually easily perkable. That's the point, of not making defensive things easy to land on defensive people but on offensive people, I think.
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    Right, because if it was easy to land on defensive setups and effective enough to matter against offensive setups, it would effectively shut down the defensive setups and be QQ /emo /wrist worthy etc.

    As for useful things to put in MC, well it IS matter creation so how about we summon sharp objects to be thrown at the enemy or etc.

    Maybe we could get a line of 'summon' weapons such as bows/claws/etc that aren't completely useless.

    Not particularly anything I'd want per say, but it would be in flavor and be somewhat cool possibly.
    Maybe we can go all Subzero on someone and start making ice clones and slick spots on the floor.

    Think I'd prefer dropping the MC reqs all together, and I'm one of the people who has it IP'd most of the way up.

    Though I would like to see matter met used still as changing our bodies is still an amusing aspect as long as we don't end up as Advy-lite (now with no trans fat!)
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    Ma is looking at a bright future it seems. grats to you all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soliartist View Post
    No worry, I've suggested that already. They already tried it, if ya remember ...
    It was hella bugged and our Attacks would land pretty much everywhere around the target selected, so they deleted and never spoke about it again.
    Yea, I remember... anyone could land MA attacks on anything, without any defense checks... or even level checks for that matter (subway n00bs abuse patch). So they tried and failed - that's no reason not to try again... (frankly I dunno if there's anything needed to be changed except removing the "User Character state == 10", better known as "being in-fight").

    As for lower checks on Delirium (and FoL), I actually reported Delirium on bugsy and got this response (name removed): "Comment by _____ on May 09, 2009 06:57:16
    Thank you for your report but this is not a bug. If you feal that it should be considered for a change I suggest you mail Thank you for your time.", and even mailed to FC about it (and never got a response either)... good luck this time, as Delirium is completely useless, ever since it was added. (Actually it needs a lightly higher AAO mod too, advies are likely still unperkable with limber, even if it landed)

    One more thing on MA attacks - since all the perks are getting a higher range (from 3m to 5m) - MA attacks need a higher range as well.

    I don't think anyone mentioned it yet, but our nemesis nano, the one vs MPs - it needs a serious boost, currently it doesn't OE the Zset shield nor the pets nor most PvP nanos MPs use - imho it should, at the very least, OE the Zset by half (even if the MP is all out nanoskills).

    MC, MC, MC... if no one comes up with an actually useful nano line for it to use (not ACs !) - let it be gone...

    And finally: did they tell you guys anything about the heals nerf ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlain View Post
    yea...the best way to fix messed up game mechanics is by giving up item slots for new 'bug fix items' I said before, next we'll get the Staff of Pet Pathing and perhaps an Anti-LD Ring and how about some pants that make it so I don't get forced to autoface my opponent after casting a nano when I'm trying to run away...Combined Developer's Wear of Autoface Resistance, and maybe some new symbs with broken quest resistance, oh, and how could I forget the upgrade to the scuba gear that adds Rubberbanding Resistance...

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    Hope everyone is excited with the incoming changes
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    i honestly cant wait, im really proud of what FC is doing, bumps for FC. and cant wait if MC will be remove as a requirement lol
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    Grats to EvenTide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iknokungfu View Post
    Hope everyone is excited with the incoming changes
    I got renewed hope for my MA. Seems like there will be a reason for me to start getting my gear updated a bit.

    If we could only replace those ugly sticks with something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soliartist View Post
    No worry, I've suggested that already. They already tried it, if ya remember ...
    No offense, but it must be something else they tried, because MA attacks have worked fine, then stopped, then were usable on non pvp flagged, not_in_pvp_range players, and finally, didn't work at all, whereas UWOS still works as all the MA attacks work. How about copy pasting what Uwos does?
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    Damn nazis
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    if they decide to add nanos to mc line, it would be nice to have a nano that adds:
    Multi mele, sneak attack, sharp objects and aad/aao...
    Maby not all in the same nano :P
    Its just my two cents
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    *edit to make people happy*
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    If I'm understanding correctly, the changes in the nano-cooldown processes will be HUGE.
    Like the holiday snowball nano, the cooldown can lock out that particular nano...allowing you to do other things.

    To put it simply: /win

    I like what I see. I like it a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kintaii View Post
    For the record, this is an exploit I am totally cool with people using. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleah View Post
    If I'm understanding correctly, the changes in the nano-cooldown processes will be HUGE.
    Like the holiday snowball nano, the cooldown can lock out that particular nano...allowing you to do other things.

    To put it simply: /win

    I like what I see. I like it a lot.
    Allowing you to do other things like what?

    Unless we gettin some nukes or other combat nanos that is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by navycut View Post
    Allowing you to do other things like what?

    Unless we gettin some nukes or other combat nanos that is...
    Use MA attacks for example? Cast a different sort of nano?
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    It helps for those times you heal before you remember dmg buf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbane View Post
    Use MA attacks for example? Cast a different sort of nano?
    You can use MA attacks in nano recharge already.

    And there's nothing else MAs cast except heals and dmg buffs once in a while

    I guess I can use my fear nano more often I guess lol

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    The lower defense check on delerium / flower sounds great if that really happens.
    Though we can't really call it love since it should have been the way it worked since the beginning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CriticalDmg View Post
    While they're messing around w/ the MA attacks: how about removing the "must be in-fight" message that you get from all MA attacks except UaWoS and make 'em all work like it ? Or fix the way the game thinks of "in-fight", because having someone Q'd and you're running/walking is still "in-fight", but the game doesn't get it.
    What annoys me about that is how you can spin like a top and still get nanos off no problem. Although if you pivot about just a little it says you're not in combat mode when trying to get a MA attack off.

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    Just thought I'd pop in and say hi

    I doubt I'll be re-subbing any time soon after how stuff went down before I left (as I know some of you are aware), but I just wanted to add my grats to the surviving MA's out there for finally getting to see some of these changes on the horizon - it looks like they're addressing most of the top complaints we've had over the last few years.

    Special thanks to Soliartist and Iknowkungfu for taking up the Professional reins during this crucial time in AO's prof development. I'm glad you guys were there to provide input on the future of MA's. Keep up the good work!

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    Sound allmost as good the improvement advs get!

    "Increased nano cost. Goals are to place Adventurer in second place for amount of healing output, but via sacrificing damage".

    Since we are allready in 2nd place for amount of healing output, we can now just sit back and wait for the increased nano cost and sacrificed damage.

    Seems my 220 MA is gonna get more action then just Q /afk DD in the time to come.

    *If* min-dmg is increased on fists, that can very well be the boost average lowbie MA's needed in SL.
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