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Thread: level 60 soldier Bracers

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    level 60 soldier Bracers

    I am trying to find out what is the best bracers for a level 60 soldier. I have no idea on this one so all ideas are welcome. thanks


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    Depends on your weapon choice, but if you go RE or AR @ that level you can always use a Heavy Bracer for more AR. Otherwise you just have the basic selection of Sabas or Sandy Piece of Goo

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    I dont think the heavy bracer is worth the IP to use it. I seriosuly was thinking about getting some Reflect bracers.. An extra 14 dmg everytime get hit (propably about 20+ times in a fight) would do some extra dmg.

    But i think your right, maybe sabas, ive already put on my final implant set, i dont think ill be able to go Sandy peices of goo, plus i didnt put IP into evades because i dont think they amtter at low levels unless u are a MA or fixer or MP (shout out to Reidsmp). A soldier is going to eat dmg, and the skills are blue. I could spend more ip in First aid and get a better result.

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    Depending on how much you twink HW there's no need to increase the skill much at all to equip the Heavy Bracer There's nothing wrong with reflect bracers either, they have their moments and needs to be swapped often depending on what you fight. Arul Sabas with the proper damage type always works as well. Added damage is neat!

    Evade setups are different, but I can ensure you that they do what they are intended for if you set your character up for it.
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    They do, but even a MA or ADV who have evade perks still get him alot at lvl 60... ONly GA fixers and MP's truley shine for AAD and Evades. For a soldier, i think the IP could be spent else where. Yes i might be able to build my evades high enough to dodge a few attacks, but proabably only against someone who i will be anyways.

    Against anyone who actually poses a threat to me, i wont be able to dodge anything even if i go full evades and defense.

    This is all theory, but against a twink with AI armor, im going to get hit regardless of my defense

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    Sandy Piece of Goo is a really big pain in the ass at 60.
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    Is nice as well if you're using a JAME.
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    You don't need to IP heavy weapons at all for heavy bracer:

    QL170 imps +180
    supple +56
    composite ranged exp +20
    HW expertise +20 (stacks with composite)
    wrangle +132
    total focus +50
    artillery fire +45
    LE hud +10
    perks +57
    support wire ~+5
    baseskill without ip ~+60

    =635 HW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murskaink2 View Post
    composite ranged exp +20
    HW expertise +20 (stacks with composite)
    Nitpicking, but I was under the impression that none of the Expertise nanos stacked with the Composite version? I know for certain that ones like Pistol Expertise don't stack with Composite Ranged Expertise. Is HW an exception, or is this incorrect?

    But even if it is incorrect, I'm sure 20 more HW could be found somewhere else, if you truly wanted to do the Heavy Bracer.
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    that helm helps so damn much for tl 4 and tl 5 twinks becose of the torturing.

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    HW is the exception, not the rule. At some point I'm sure it will get fixed.

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    same applies to RE iirc
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