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Thread: Keeper - Bugs list (updated July 25th 2011)

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    Keeper - Bugs list (updated July 25th 2011)

    Keeper - Bugs list

    green = bug feedback from Funcom
    orange = actual bug status and response to Funcom

    1. Unhallowed Wrath displays the wrong floating text
    As it can be seen on, omni version of Wrath displays Spectator Wrath which is the neutral version.
    First tier was changed but all other tiers still need to be fixed.

    2. Defeat Righteousness nano clears the passive part auras
    Keepers consider this as a bug but we are still waiting on an official response from FC. This nano should remove the buffing part of the aura instead of removing the passive one.

    3. Our Ward line aura overwrite clan trox SB when it refresh
    If you use Fortress of Light (15 blockers AoE) when you have any ward aura (1 or 2 blockers) running, the aura will reset the number of blockers to 1 or 2 once it refresh.

    4. Last perk action in our AI perk line (Crusade) Purify doesn't taunt stun resistant mobs.
    If you use Purify on a mob (all 'bosses', a bunch of aliens and some other mobs) who has calm/stun resistance it doesn't do anything. The AoE stun and the AoE taunts should be in 2 different nanos to make sure the taunt lands.

    5. Wrath/Fury, our nano special attacks don't grey out when they are on cooldown.
    Our special attacks works like perk actions but, unlike them, they don't grey out when they are on cooldown.

    Will be fixed with the big balance patch.
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