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Thread: Keeper - Wishlist (updated July 25th 2011)

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    Keeper - Wishlist (updated July 25th 2011)

    Keeper - Wish list

    green = feedback from Funcom

    1. Auras
    We always use the same auras because others are less effective. It's also almost impossible to swap from one to another.
    • Collapse Barrier, Ward and Imminence into a single nano. In PvP there's -still- no reason to use Barrier and Ward and in PvM they still only get used in the case of more than one Keeper in the team.
    • Lower reqs on end game auras. Reqs are too high and still need swaps on keepers with end game items
      Added nanoskills to Blessing
    • Courage aura line extended with other resist effects (i.e.: %stun resistance) and debuffs.
    • Add an aura buff to our Enervate line and split the resistance (i.e.: Latest Enervate gives 35% resist self, make it 20% self and 15% team instead)
    • Increase Enervate line root/snare reduction to 1 000 000s so it completely removes snares/roots when it ticks, not just a tiny amount. Same numbers as fixers' Firewalled Sync Compressor.

    2. Perks
    Keepers are heavily perk reliant but, unlike shades, we get the same number of perk actions as other professions. This lead us to want more perk points, have reduced perk lines length or get more actions per line.
    • Collapsing HM and Blessing into the same line, or making HM 5 perks instead of 10 (Acrobat is only 4) would open up some more choice where PvM and PvP is concerned, making SD a viable choice, instead of trading some root/snare resistance/removal for a heavy nerf elsewhere.
    • Move everything Reaver gives to the Street Samurai line and remove Reaver from our Group tab. The nerfs to the perks in the perk proposal documents aren't needed for Keepers, at all.
    • It'd be great if Devotional Armour worked on target instead of just self. It'd fit our protector role really well if we can apply it to the tank (if we're not tanking ofc) much like Guardian for Soldiers.
      Change made in the pdf file.
    • Purify. The taunt part should apply regardless of whether the stun lands or not. With mobs not being stunnable renders it largely useless.
    • Do not remove Mark of the Unclean. Mark of the Pious shouldn't replace it but be additional.
    • Weapons range increase added to Street Samurai
    • Give us access to Brawler perk line (thread)
    • Align the recharge timers on Cleave & Transfix... Cause you can cleave twice for every transfix.
    • Align timers with Bio Rejuvenation & Lay on Hands. Drop LoH recharge by about 15 seconds.

    3. Nanos
    • Brawl added to our fervor line
    • Sanctifier/Reaper line extended
    • TL 7 versions of our self buffs:
      • Evade line
      • Fervor line
      • Parry/Riposte line
      • Fury/Wrath line
    • Run speed added to our evade buffs
    • Melee Init on our lower 2he buffs or in another line

    4. Specials
    • Reduced Dimach recharge
    • Keeper only shield specials
    • TL7 version of Fury/wrath
    • Fury/wrath nano line extended with different effects
    • Keeper only Fast attack. Once we get over 1000 fast attack skill, fast attack would do 1 extra hit. Over 2000, 2 extra hits.
    • Add Parry/Riposte to Keeper LE/Xan content. Research, AI perk line, Ofab, etc.

    5. Weapons

    6. New abilities
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