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Thread: Preliminary Test Live Patch Notes: 18.5.1

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    Funcom employee Preliminary Test Live Patch Notes: 18.5.1

    If you find any issues in this version, please report it via "Report a bug" forum, "Report an Exploit" forum, or on TL (send a tell to a bug hunter/dev if you see one online)

    **Please understand that this is Test Live, there is no surety that Test Live changes will reach live in the current state.**

    ** Please help us testing by using your player shops, leave some items and credits in your shops so we can check what happens to them in the next couple of patches. Thank you! **

    Kind Regards,
    Former Game Director of Anarchy Online.

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    Funcom employee

    Test Live Patch Notes:

    This patch was available on Thursday 28th of June.
    I didn't find time to include patch notes for this patch, so I summed it all up in the patch instead.

    Test Live Patch Notes:

    This patch will hopefully be available on Thursday 5th of July.

    Organization Tax Refund Building
    The Organization Tax Refund Building is not scheduled for the 18.5.1 Live update, but for the 18.5.2 Live update, this is because it's a large feature that may need additional testing. Nonetheless, it will be available by GM's for testing on TL in this update.
    • If you have this building in your city, a large portion of the sales tax will go directly to your organization bank when you sell an item through the market
    • 15x15 in size

    Market (GMI) Updates
    • The "Net earnings" label now displays the unit "credits"
    • The QL Dropdown Box on the Item Info Window is no longer flickering, and is easier to select
    • When you withdraw an item or cash from your market inventory, it is sent to you in a mail. The expiration time on these mails is 48 hours, and this differs from the normal mail (14 days). A message, informing about this is now displayed when withdrawing an item or cash.
    • Some items were mis-categorized in the market search, this should now be working better.
    • A problem with expired items not returning from the market have been fixed and the items should be returning again.
    • "Basic Armor" is now called "Basic Fashion Armor", to make it easier to find the new market (gmi) Searching for "Basic Fashion" will do the trick.
    • We have fixed some data issues with items that got stuck in the mail system. These items should now be possible to send to the market.

    Code Updates
    • Chat window settings/sound settings/item lock settings/hotkey settings no longer carry over between sessions
    • You should now be able to run AO without having "Windows Administrator" rights
    • An empty folder called "Chat" is no longer created on the root of your drive when you close the client
    • We fixed an issue where effects preferences didn't kick in until after zoning once

    Profession Nanos and Perk Updates
    • Agent Perk Tranquilizer again snares both players and monsters. Part of the rebalance work sneaked itself into the 18.5.0 Live patch, causing this perk to stop working as not all of the data made it into the patch. The intention of changing the duration of this snare effect will be bundled with other similar changes.
    • The Keeper Aura "Courage of the Just" is no longer affecting the vicinity, instead it has been converted to a Team Aura. This is a change that is good for letting the user gain control over who they buff, and as part of a larger attempt to stabilize our performance and get rid of some lag. The fear resistance part of this aura will be shared with the team, and the add all def modifier will be Keeper only. In addition to this chance, casting this aura will now remove fear from your team mates, to accompany this we have added a short local cooldown.
    • The Bureaucrat PVP AOE Fear is now a Single Target Fear, using a line cooldown, allowing the crat to do other things instead of being in recharge to make up for losing the aoe effect. We feel like AO does not currently fully support a fun implementation of an aoe fear mechanic, since we have no way of determining how many maximum targets can be hit, and no resistance to it once it has landed. The long term plan is to look at fears more closely as we are implementing the suggested nano changes. As you understand, this change was triggered by the initiative to convert aoe auras into team auras.
    • The MA and the Enforcer Single target PvP fears have also received line cooldowns.
    • The MA proc Disharmony has been converted from a drain proc to a heal proc.
      After reviewing this particular perk action we feel that it needs to see some changes in the next update as the changes done to perks and proc damage being affected by Damage Modifiers, really lifted the MA's ability far more than we anticipated.
      The healing part of the proc will remain and even be boosted a little, but it will no longer cause damage. We however feel like the MA has received a lot of attention from their damage modifiers affecting their perks and this should be making up for the loss of the small drain damage.

    Monster Updates
    • Ice Golem no longer give the Hollow Island reward buff, instead it gives a unique "Chill of the Ice Golem" reward buff for players 160+
    • The Cenobites in Crypt of Home now has a much more reasonable concealment skill, allowing players of the intended level range to spot them.

    • Various items have been created for the Item shop. These items will not be avaiable to purchase until they have been tested properly.
    • New tokenboards have been created for subscriber characters.
    • Existing tokenboards have now gotten perception added to them & Offensive xan merit boards now have nano init.
    • Various armorsets have gotten new shiny textures; Grid Armor, Bureaucrat Suits, Miiir suit, Monitor Smoking Suit.
    • A new fashionable black dress have been added to the clothing vendor as a result of turning the monitor smoking suit in to an actual suit for female characters.

    • Fixed various exploits

    Genele Edit: Patch have been delayed due to some larger issues that had to be addressed.
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    Former Game Director of Anarchy Online.

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    Funcom employee

    Test Live Patch Notes:

    This patch will be available on Testlive Wednesday 11th of July.

    Code Updates
    • Npcs have put their running shoes back in the closet and will hunt you down if you taunt them.
    • The client will no longer crash when opening mail.
    • We have changed the pvp flag so that only items with the Use Hostile and Use Friendly flag will flag players. Some items will still unintentionally flag the user, but the the amount of items with this bug have been drastically reduced. We will fix the remaining items in 18.5.2.
    • Detaunt should no longer pull aggro.

    Items & Nano Prgrams
    • When deleting the Tax Refund Office, the message given to your organization members should now be correct.
    • The tax refund office buildings have now gotten an increased price.
    • Debuffs with break on attack/debuff will no longer taunt and cause themselves to break.
    • The Monitor Smoking Suit now has a new icon.
    • The Clan Basic Startup Equipment now sells the Clan Advancement - Basic Board.
    • The OT Basic Startup Equipment now sells the Omni-Tek Honor - Basic Board.
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    Funcom employee

    Test Live Patch Notes:

    This patch will be available on Testlive Tuesday 17th of July.

    • Fixed the Disharmony perkline. The perk action is now given at the correct level and displays its recharge timer again.
    • We also removed an entry of a new perk action that was not supposed to be in the line.

    • Our cleaning robots have stopped celebrating our 11th birthday.
    • Various npcs have gotten blue names to indicate that they are part of a quest.

    We also fixed another exploit.

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