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Thread: IMPORTANT: Keeping On Topic

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    Funcom employee IMPORTANT: Keeping On Topic

    Please find below the rules that users are expected to follow on this 'Balance Discussion' forum.

    • The Forum Rules, [AO] Rules of Conduct and [AO] End User License Agreement all still apply to this forum. If you have questions about these and how they apply to behaviour on the forums, please PM myself, Venachar, or Anarrina.
    • If you do not have anything constructive to say about an issue, do not reply to it. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not speak at all. This will be enforced rigidly. Your opinion is welcome provided it is constructive and pleasant. I have absolutely no qualms about banning people who are disrespectful to other users.
    • Topics and posts should, in general, follow the same rules for the Game Suggestions forum. They should be ontopic and constructive [as above].
    • Decisions by Forums Guardian/Coordinator [Venachar/Anarrina] or CR Assistant Director/Director [Verony/Yarkona] or a Funcom employee should be considered final. However, all moderator decisions can be appealed by PM'ing the Forums Coordinator [Anarrina] or, ultimately, e-mailing
    • Bumping threads is only acceptable where content is added. Simply giving it 'bump,' 'up' etc is not, and will be moderated.

    Please PM me if you wish to discuss or contribute to these rules.


    As the Balance Discussion forum grows in population, I'm noticing more and more that people are starting to slip from the intended point and purpose of this area - Contentless, barely-disguised 'bump' posts, threads containing nothing to do with game system balance and instead speaking about other areas of game development that are better suited for the Game Suggestions forum, and more than a bit of bickering.

    This needs to stop.
    This forum has a very specific set of rules, as noted above, put in place by the ARK Forums Moderation team and endorsed by the development team of Anarchy Online. Those rules are meant to be followed. Not adhering the rules of this forum will result in your post (or thread, depending) being moved to another section of the forums or deleted, and may potentially result in an infraction being placed against your forums account.

    Means, Genele, myself and the rest of the design team are all keeping watch over this forum on a constant, regular basis, just as we do the rest of the forums. Posts which do not adhere to the forum rules are disruptive and only hinder our feedback-gathering process. The more cluttered this forum becomes with spam, bump posts, in-fighting and the like, the less likely we are to see and receive your suggestion.

    The work of the ARK Forums Moderation team has been a huge boon to us in ensuring that the valuable feedback of the playerbase reaches the right ears - With their help, we have been able to keep a fairly good standard of conversation in this forum, and we will be encouraging them to ensure that the rules of the Balance Discussion forum are enforced in full. We ask that everyone who wishes to participate in the rebalancing process for Anarchy Online keep the rules of this forum in mind when posting, to ensure the highest quality of feedback available.

    Thank you.
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    Simply because this forum has moved, does not mean that it's purpose or rules have changed. Please, remember to stay on topic, and keep it focused on the rebalance.
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