Dark Ruins - Solo / Team Experience instanced playfields:

- A New XP-rich story driven playfield aimed at Title Level 5 players with the Shadowlands expansion.
- Entrance located in Adonis City.
- First entrance into this area will be locked as a single-player quest.
- Once the single-player mission series has been completed, a repeatable team experience will be available within the same area.
- The initial solo experience is available for all levels, the repeatable team experience is available for levels 150-200.
- Includes new armour set designed for Title Level 5 players.

Halloween Celebration:

- Uncle Pumpkinhead will soon be out and about once again, up to his old tricks but with tons of new treats to collect.
- His nastier cousin, the Griefing Uncle Pumpkinhead will also be appearing in full-force, both across Rubi-Ka and even in the orbital battlestations. His treats are different from the regular Uncle Pumpkinhead, so make sure to find both!
- Take missions from the Frankenleets and Draculeets in major city areas to try your hand at gathering some oldskool phatz so rare they only drop once per year.
- A new, limited-edition Phasefront vehicle has been added to the Paid Point vendor. Purchase the "Phasefront Wraith X2-45 - Nosferatu" quickly before it disappears forever!

Other Changes:

- A new line of Phasefront hoverboards, the Chimera, has been added to the Paid Point vendor. Two varieties are currently for sale: The "Standard" and the "Violet" editions. These varieties are not limited-edition and will be sold in the Paid Point vendor beyond the Halloween season. These are currently unavailable in any bundled form.
- Kill-Bonus VP Rewards will now spawn in the Battle Stations. On killing another player, there is a random chance that a "VP Reward" item will spawn beside the player's corpse. Using this item will give the player an amount of VP based off of their level. Three such items exist, each giving a differing quantity of Victory Points.
-"Sealed Inner Sanctum Pass" should no longer vanish when used incorrectly on the Inner Sanctum Portal.
- Tarasque has been given additional health.
- Aliens should no longer repeatedly break charms.
- Fixed various exploits.