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Thread: [RK1] IRRK Freelance: The Leetles returning to Rubi-Ka!

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    [RK1] IRRK Freelance: The Leetles returning to Rubi-Ka!

    The Leetles returning to Rubi-Ka!
    October 02, 29483 - Miss Lucetta Phoenix [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Rumours have been circulating that the famous band may be returning to Rubi-Ka some time in the near future. Luckily for fans, this appears to be true.

    The Leetles are famous across the galaxy, with flocks of hundreds of screaming fans close behind wherever they go. With the band members Paulon McPhasefront, Georj Hairyson, Johnar Lemon and Mornin Starr, the band continues to be a success hitting the charts with singles such as "Eight Dings A Week", "It's A Rollback", "Yellow Yalmaha" and "I Saw Her Twinking There".

    After their galactic tour, the band members have finally agreed to return to Rubi-Ka for a series of concerts. Get your credits ready, and your feet steady, because they may just leave you swooning for more!

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    W00t the Leetles are back!! I can't wait!

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    Oh Yeah! Im gonna be ordering tickets asap!
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    Kaelde: "Like, really. Are you guys seriously going to be seeing these losers? Rolling Hecks are soooooooo much better."
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    Anyone know when the tickets will be out for sale?
    I hope they play something from the Sergeant Gunfytr's pepperband album.
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    Cool. Wonder if they'll play the ICC Hall. That'd be an awesome gig.


    Who's your favourite Leetle?
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    Once again, Omni-Tek is bringing only the highest quality of entertainment to its hard working employees as a small sign of gratitude towards those who made our family strong and wealthy. We all should take a moment to thank our wonderful employer for all the benefits and wonders they have gifted us with.

    Thank you, my dear family, for bringing The Leetles to Rubi-Ka.
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    People, don't make me call someone in to lock this thread, this is no place to be bickering about things.

    Fact is the reporter program is open to the entire player base allowing articles from the most serious reports to light hearted tabloid news.

    So while yes, theres plenty where its aimed at the hardcore players, we also allow for the roleplayer lites to get a chance to do what they want, or for people to cater to such. If you dont like it, then you dont like it. Complaining and making derogatory remarks about it or the author is not going to be tolerated.

    If you want to see stuff that you like then its mostly upto you to make it, rather then complain that others dont see the world as you do. The RSS system is open to everyone and we give each and every report its own checks and as long as theres nothing majorly wrong (such as trying to crowbar player names in for no reason, using OOC terms constantly or trying to put false words and actions into legacy characters and organizations and such) with it then we will most likely approve it.

    In this case it was deemed nothing wrong with it, sure its taking from real pop culture but theres nothing inherently wrong with that, sure its not the most hardcore roleplay thing to do (as Im sure all hardcore roleplayers are 100% original and never use anything thats happened in real life to base things on) but if they have fun making their band and roleplaying with it I see no reason at the moment to be against it.

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    I guess I was just between the craze and the comeback. But frontline fighters need good music on their work. In fact, we have never enough good music in AO at all.

    Now to make some place for a concert, we need a barman, a party mixer, we can strike a deal with Bronto Burger... just add some chairs and tables and...

    Oh yea, outside Neuters.
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    Coolest story of the year, and I am not even a fan!
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