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Thread: [NEUTRAL] Active Org List +75 *NEW*

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    Resolution 1024x768 ?/? Phixels They are the Neut sister org of Athen Paladins. (definitly clan allianced)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mireiawen View Post
    Shoo away from neutral thread if you don't like us =/

    Anyway, bump for neuts
    u help omni @ tara, why u say ur neutral? fake omni^^
    220/30/70 Doc --- Docci

    220/30/70 Crat --- Sadism

    207/30/70 Fixer --- Zooooo0

    203/30/70 Shade --- Hazed

    200/30/70 Doc (Soli) --- Zoo

    200/22/70 Doc (Trox) --- Zoo

    200/15/70 NT --- Zoooooooo0

    170/24/42 Agent --- Devilseye

    170/24/42 Agent --- Headshoooot

    168/20/42 Trader --- Zoooo0

    150/20/42 Trader --- Zzooo0

    150/20/42 Enfo --- Zoo

    118/13 Keeper Devilspower

    75/8 Enforcer --- Zzoooo0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gigo11 View Post
    u help omni @ tara, why u say ur neutral? fake omni^^
    As long as I don't get phats with neut raid, got to go with the ones paying most...
    Mireiawen Rose, 215/30/70 neut fixer, setup RK2
    Mireiwen Rose, 220/27/62 neut MA trader/tradeskiller, setup RK2
    Miraiwen Rose, 220/30/70 neut SMG soldier, setup RK2
    Miraeawen Rose, 220/27/70 neut MP, setup RK2
    Mireiaieawen Rose, 220/30/69 neut tank, RK2
    +bunch of others in Rose family...

    President of Neutral Warriors | Neutnet mod |

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mako View Post
    Can you add a column listing the org's true allegiance? For example, Seraphim Cleric might as well be a Clan org and I'm pretty sure the rest are all Omni. I've tried to joined a couple of the listed orgs above on my neut toons, but they have rules (in small print) that require members to only pvp alongside omnis. Can't sign on BS as Clan, can't hit Omni towers, can't join clan-sided raid bots (tara), etc.

    So some clarification for new players would be nice. Please and thank you.
    Why do Neutral orgs have to be aligned to either Omni or Clan? Can't they just be aligned to themselves?

    PS. I know for a fact you shouldn't have been told you should favor only Omni or only Clan where I am. We actually specifically filter for applicants who aren't only aligned with one other faction besides Neutral (at least, if I'm the one doing the interviews. Others I'm told might have been more lenient in the past). One of the things our president loves to tell org members is to go whichever side on Battlestation they want to, and if another faction starts giving them grief for it then they can take it up with him.

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    Wings of Freedom is an active neutral org, mainly froob oriented. Their President is Shassandrafx and I'm 99% sure they have a website somewhere.

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    Not sure if this thread is being up dated, but there's a new president for Forbidden Fascination. It's Sneakykill69.

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    Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse disbanded. They reformed as the new org Ghandi's Hairdryer, same Prez, but afaik they're not recruiting, nor are they active.
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    -Devil Inside (PvP)

    Quote Originally Posted by jijie2 View Post
    have no make stone to for sword we make sword box for sword to put sword in for sword ?

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    Org name - Members/Avarage - Recruiting - City - President- Active

    The Empire has gone Inactive, for quite a while now!

    The House of Black Star: 741 / 92 - Always recruiting to ensure active members - yes - Lizenglish - ACTIVE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharalia View Post
    Org name - Members/Avarage - Recruiting - City - President- Active

    The Empire has gone Inactive, for quite a while now!
    The Empire still has people around, they're not entirely inactive. As far as I know they're not recruiting anymore, however.

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