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Thread: Friday with Means - July 17th, 2009 - Questions?

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - July 17th, 2009 - Questions?

    I am currently on Vacation! (This means of the five workdays this week I managed to not be in the office for two of them!) With the exception of the few known issue-fixes (+ ever present exploit fix work...) we are sending to TestLive right now not a great deal else was worked on by me this week. SO...this guys ask...and I'll try to answer as many as I can when my kids go to sleep. (My wife just gave them some chocolate..this could take awhile...)

    Who has the first question this week?

    ps. All Hail Macrosun!
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    first, now i'm famous !
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    Question: The Ogre engine had something like 3-4 people working on it(including Enno) at peak, how many people have you been able to apply to getting the Dreamworld engine up to speed on AO, now that you have the AoC staff close at hand?

    Question: When you discussed the German server, you said something about a 3 month evaluation - surely you won't attempt to make any serious decisions about that server until you see how it fares under the above-mentioned graphics engine?

    Question: Is there anything in the works that might encourage orgs to only grab and hold low-mid tower land they can actually defend? 90% of the tower activity (outside of TL7 towers) is offense-offense-offense and virtually no defense. Perhaps some org-wise debuffs (AAO/AAD?) that last a day or so if an org loses a tower site might motivate them to make wiser choices in land grabs and more concentrated efforts to defend...

    Question: Any chance of letting The Cup expand to include a dance floor in the warehouse chamber to the east? Omnis and Neuts got clubs with actual dance floors, Clan got tiny bars with no real room for a party... Would also help clan entertainment establishments hold some ground against the upcoming orbital club/bar. Oh, and The Cup desperately needs some restroom facilities.

    Question: You mentioned an upcoming feature, a sort of 'Daily Mission' thing. Would this perhaps be a mission available once each day(24h) that gives a great deal more XP/rewards than the typical missions pulled from mission booths? (Might be a cousin to the 20 high-XP kills players get on AoC each day)

    Question: You've had AO on the AoC server farm a few months now, how has that evaluation gone and has a decision been made as yet as to whether AO will continue to live there?

    Question: Are you likely to change the intro sequence so as to make more sense and be more than having your butt plopped down on a beach?

    Question: LE mission on starter island - good prospects for that to be in place by the time the graphics engine comes online?

    Question: Categorized Friends list on anyone's to-do list? Ability to create categories and place names there would be a huge help to those of us who want a lot of people tagged in a friends list but not in the primary 'Friends' category.

    Question: Smarter AI for NPC's (guards, mainly)? Some other games are showing NPC's who don't all run the same routines. While pathing seems to be gradually getting better, maybe teach some guards to not be easily trained away from their guard posts and such? Dealing with aggro NPC's should be more unpredictable than has been the case for years...

    Question: The new Orbital apartments have some big screens with nothing interesting on them. Any chance of a feature to allow us to direct video to them, ala Second Life? Does channeling a feature movie to your in-game screen in your apartment where you and a few friends are watching ('Private viewing in your home' such as it were) generate any copyright issues?
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    Means marry me pl0x?
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    MEANS: whats up with triples/as?
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    Obligatory Graphics Engine Question:

    Since you guys had to almost start from scratch on the new engine when you decided to scrap Ogre and go with Dreamworld, has there been any good progress made in the last few weeks on that front? You have implied that you are still hoping for a release by the end of the year, but does that still seem possible? Was any of the work you guys did with the Ogre engine "portable" to Dreamworld so that the process might be a little faster than expected?

    EDIT: By the way, I used to be a journalism student. Can you tell?
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    Means: Do you have a wet towel you can slap Fam with so that we can get the prof program going again, or you yourself do it since Famine seems unable to at this current time.

    PS guys lets make the questions easy for him to see by putting "Means: " infront of your question so he can search the thread for them.
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    no lifer, first page
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    Is it within the realm of possibility to have the orbital apartment key right clickable (or equivalent) for easier access, so people will use the apartment more frequently? For more info, see the feedback thread I made on orbital apartments.

    The reason I'm giving so much attention to the apartments is because they are cool and the concept of them is cool but they aren't frequently used by most people. Which is a shame, plain and simple
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    Means: will you give us advance warning on what the next pvp style of choice after AS will be?
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    Means :

    What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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    Because there is nothing to do in apartaments, perhaps?

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    Another question:

    Are there any professions that you are mainly focusing on for the next round of "profession balance work" in the next big patch?
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    When will Nanomages get afro's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCookie View Post

    When will Nanomages get afro's?
    This, this , this, PLEASE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCookie View Post

    When will Nanomages get afro's?
    +100000 Internets for you.
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    damn. 7th again this week.
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    MEANS: Will additional character creation slots ever be made available? This could really help with veterans helping new players.

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