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Thread: [ALL] OTPC: Who is Omni-Tek? #Omni-Pol

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    [ALL] OTPC: Who is Omni-Tek? #Omni-Pol

    Who is Omni-Tek? #Omni-Pol
    March 15, 29483 - Eto Demercel [Global]

    OTPC - Eto Demercel face to face with Ivan Sergeyich.

    The most visible department is undoubtedly our police force, Omni-Pol. Everyone has seen their troopers patrolling our cities watching out for every last one of us. Those troopers, officers and first of all Director Ivan Sergeyich tirelessly make sure that no harm will come to us.

    Omni-Pol´s main directive is a pretty clear and straight-forward one. This department is here to enforce our laws, to maintain order and to keep our cities clean and safe. Many important buildings are directly under their protection assuring that the employees are able work in a secure and sound environment. Other tasks include the investigation of the low number crimes that are committed. Omni-Pol´s experts are able to reconstruct the crime´s complete sequence of events from even the most minuscule trace of evidence left behind on the scene. The results and the almost 100% conviction rate speak for themselves. Once the picture becomes clearly visible it nearly always shows that the de****able crimes are committed by terrorists or madmen and practically never by loyal, but momentarily errant, Omni-Tek employees.

    Thanks to that a shift on the streets is normally fairly event less and serene and the personnel enjoy and appreciate that. Thus they always have time to chat with passersby and to help someone out with directions or information. Still, one should never underestimate even the friendliest and low-ranking trooper will react fast, decisively and without remorse to any imminent threat to citizen or equipment. Every last one of them is trained in many different fighting techniques and is a formidable fighter, even if encountered unarmed. One could even go as far as calling them indomitable fighting machines which cannot be stopped by anyone, especially not by criminals or terrorists. Of course the troopers seldom have to rely on their bare fists as their arsenal encompasses the most up-to-date blasters, rifles and pistols and believe me when I say that they are more than able shots.

    Now, if one thinks that Omni-Pol consists of a bunch of petty thugs who go out to mob and to rough up everyone they can the one is as far from the truth as one can be. Courteousness and restraint is Omni-Pol´s way to handle things if there is no threat present that has to be dealt with. Civilized and good-mannered, that´s the image that Omni-Pol has and, of course, wants to preserve. Their belief is that Omni-Pol is here to serve and protect the citizen and not to abuse their power by instilling fear. As long as you obey the laws you will only see Omni-Pol´s good side.

    Such a powerful and important department has to be led by someone who has a firm grasp on the laws and whose main motivation is to weed out crime at the root. Director Ivan Sergeyich is this someone. Though, I have to shamefully admit that I was cautious at first when I was led into Director Sergeyich´s office as I had heard all those unwarranted and deceitful rumours about his presumed cruelty and brutal ways of solving matters. Let me assure you that none of those accusations, circulated by the envious and criminals, are true. The only true fact in them is that every last criminal on Rubi-Ka is scared of this man´s purposefulness and resourcefulness to stop crime and to bring all criminals to justice. He is not "Ivan the terrible" or "Ivan the gruesome" as petty crooks call him with a hushed and fearful voice. I would rather call him "Ivan the just" as he is an indomitable and unstoppable force that makes sure that the law is being upheld. Perhaps one could call him a crusader.

    Where does he draw his power from? What fuels his conviction? These were the two questions that directly came to my mind when I heard him talk passionately about fighting crime. The story he told me is nearly unfathomable for everyone who was brought up here on Rubi-Ka where we live in relative safety.

    He was brought up on another planet in a large metropolis where the police force was crooked, the politicians bought and the crime organizations in charge. The populace lived in constant fear and danger as fights between the organizations happened on a nearly daily basis and reclaim technology was, of course, not available there. Neighbour turning against neighbour just to get a good standing with the criminals, so-called friends ratting out those closest to them for a sliver of power. Making it through the day alive on a daily basis was a victory.
    Luckily his parents were able to leave the planet when his father was hired by Omni-Tek to work for Omni-Mining. It was a definite case of culture shock for the young Ivan when he came here and saw that police officers were actually doing their job, being friendly and helpful to everyone instead of looking the other way and exploiting the populace. For a while his family thrived and all was well until tragedy struck in the form of an unforeseeable and unpreventable accident in 4 Holes which took his father´s life. He and his mother were shaken and crestfallen, but they learned to cope as many of us had to. After a while it all turned out well for him when his mother met and later married an Omni-Pol officer. His foster father saw what Ivan was capable of and had him enrolled in the academy where he displayed great aptitude, devotion and talent. After the academy he served in all of Omni-Tek´s major cities, preventing crime where he could and bringing in many criminals himself, swiftly rising up to the position he holds today. Making sure that the situation on our beautiful planet can never deteriorate to what he had to live through as a child is what drives him. This is what he lives for, law and justice are his mistresses and Omni-Pol is his family which he rules with a firm hand.

    Ivan Sergeyich, a man who has stared into the abyss of crime reigning unchecked, a man who will do everything in his might to make sure that our laws are upheld keeping us safe, a man thanks to whom sleeping soundly at night is not a dream for us.

    Eto Demercel for OTPC

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    Uhh. No.

    I can personally tell you from years of experience of brushing with Omni-pol, that aside from a handful of them (and not Ivan) that Omni-pol is run by monkeys that laugh at their own poo flinging.

    Seriously. You need to fire 99% of them and hire the mentally handicapped. You'll get so much further.
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    A very good, 100% correct article.
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    As an Omni citizen i find myself getting pretty sick of this attempt to show the Corp as a Benevolent father figure, i also find my intellect insulted.

    We are a corporation, profit is our driving force, no-one gets very far without a a solid streak of ruthlessness in this or any other major company.....look at what we are fighting against after all...This attempt to show our directors as kindly uncles and Aunts, well i doubt any clanners will buy it, neuts wont care and employees will either feel insulted or have a good s******.

    Seriously grow up, we know we are run by hard men and women and we understand and appreciate how thats both nessecary and inveitable.
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