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Thread: ****ing up my digital life - the Rubi-Ka scenery

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    ****ing up my digital life - the Rubi-Ka scenery

    I decided to start somewhat of a blog. Just thought id give it a post here.

    Format for now is to show people some of Rubi-Ka. Most people are in too much of a rush to watch the nice and beautifull sights of Rubi-Ka. If you have a suggestion for me to show next, send me an offline tell or post here. I'll see what I can do.

    Hopefully I can keep up posting, enough to see on Rubi-ka anyways. Future will tell.

    Ifyouseeany "Phixels" Thatsme

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    hehe awesome idea

    Might be kewl to get other proffessions to do the same thing :P
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    Thumbs up

    Neat idea Phixels. Kudos

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    Very cool. Nice job!
    Kira "twichy" Lii

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    Mopsel <3<3
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    Hello buddy! Long time since s10!

    Nice bog!
    If you want to please us(me) more personal stuff and less guides please.

    GL filling your bank accaunt.
    Cya around!

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    saw your blog when searching for AO related tidbits on the net.
    very cool.


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    Small update, you can now also add your comments to the posts .
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    at least fixers got fgrid and stuff... haha fgrid, go there, screenshot, meep

    btw pay a visit to the notum cannons in clon****. the first time i was flying there i almost jumped out from my chair when one fired off with a big and sudden BOOOOOM from my 5.1 XD
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