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Thread: Crashing Issues with Win 8.1

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    Crashing Issues with Win 8.1

    Just recently returned and running into an issue. When I idle in the game and my windows screen saver turns on AO crashes and all my GUI settings are lost. Happens even if the screen saver just turns on for a moment, system is not set to sleep or power off drives when idling either. Any ideas?

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    Same in windows 10, I don't think it's a windows problem though, probably a DirectX problem.
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    Fullscreen windowed mode.
    Or turn off the screen saver, unless you're using a crt monitor.
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    I never had any crashes or lock up's till 2 patches ago.

    makes it tough and annoying, when trying to read/search info
    now I spend more time in chat asking, then looking for the answer myself . . for the fear I'm going to lock up or crash
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    Always run in windowed borderless mode, and while turning off the screen saver might help I'm gonna test to see if I can nail down the cause. Crashing is one thing but losing all my GUI settings, hotbars and inventory sorting every is pretty rough. Does anyone know where AO stores GUI info for characters so I could at least back it up until I figure out the crashing issue?
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    C:\Users\Yourhandle\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online\somerandomnumber\Anarchy Online\Prefs
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    Found that folder and it had a number of entries for the same characters so deleted it and the full game and did a complete re-install and tried both new and old engine. Still crashing out when screen saver turns on for more than a few moments but so far my settings are staying so I'm just making a backup of the prefs folder and bumped up the time before the screen saver pops on. May try a fresh OS install this weekend.
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    I've found that the new engine crashes most often when loading new textures. It's not completely consistantr but I can pretty reliably cause a client crash by swapping gear around a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caloss2 View Post
    Fullscreen windowed mode.
    Or turn off the screen saver, unless you're using a crt monitor.
    That's how I've always run the game, and it only prevents screensaver from appearing if AO-window has focus. (Which in my case it doesn't always have, since I have guides and other webactivites on one screen, AO on another, and AO-programs like Item Assistant/implanthelper/aoskills/clicksaver on the third, unless I 3-log for some quest or such)
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