Massive Online Gamer's 2008 Reader's Choice Awards are here! Anarchy Online is up on the block again for 'Best Sci-Fi MMO'

Who will take home the gold?

2008 has come and gone. To give a fond farewell to an impressive year for everyone involved with MMOs, Massive Online Gamer is holding their 3rd annual Reader's Choice Awards ceremony! Alright, so it's less of a ceremony and more of a fun little way to let us, and your favorite MMOs, know exactly how much you love them.

Once we've tallied the votes, the results will be featured in Issue 18 of MOG! The voting will end at the end of January, 2009.

There are seven different categories. They include the following:

  • Best New MMO Release of 2008
  • Best MMO of 2008
  • Best Fantasy MMO of 2008
  • Best Sci-Fi/Historical MMO of 2008
  • Best Expansion/Addition of 2008
  • Best MMO Trailer Released in 2008
  • Most Anticipated MMO

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