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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    ((woooha..Love that one!))
    “You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let fate do the rest.”
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    "I trust these things weren't too tough to procure. Shipment loads up in 4 hours. I need two people. One driver, and the other riding shotgun. I had a scout check out the new site, but with checkpoints being so far away I need a second pair of eyes watching, preferably armed." Bubba nodded as he spoke into his com channel. "Thanks Stan. This is an important run, and I can't afford rookie moves. Yeah, pick someone you trust. Bubba out." He clicked the panel a final time, scrambling his frequency into static.

    He took a deep breath. It was a bold move, and the money invested wasn't small. It seemed only a few short years ago, when he proposed the Ranger plan to the Council of Truth. The evolution of which, was not going as rapidly as he wished. The time was now to solidify the power base, and get the infrastructure set in motion. Contracting was a pain, but luckily a contact from the ICC property office was putting in the good word. After insulting the ICC representative publicly, there were going to be words, he was sure of it.

    "Honey, are you coming to bed?" Ahava groggily glided over the sheets, putting her arm over her husbands shoulder. "Whats got you so worried?"

    "Oh.. if it was anything other than work, then you'd prolly worry too, darlin'." He looked back, smiling dismissively. With a small nod he took off his boots one by one, setting them smartly aligned to the floor covering that accented the bedroom. "I think I am going to make the biggest move I've ever made. How do you feel about it?" She looked somewhat concerned, but in a slightly supportive yet su****ious way. Typical of her. "I think you should do what makes you happy."

    Bubba took a deep breath, stretching his arms up over his head, yawning like a lion basking in the sun. "As long as I got the basics, I am always happy." Sliding back, he leaned into her, giving a rich embrace usually meant to be an apology of some sort. "I think you should sleep on it. The world isn't going to end tomorrow, yanno? You got plenty of time."

    Time. Time was the enemy. Ticking about against the clock, while the Alien menace swarmed overhead. Sometimes at night, you can almost see the Battlestations firing on them. Time was most indeed, the worst of all enemies.

    "We'll see. I don't wanna loose my ass off on this move." She smiled back at him. "What, and then you'll be forced to spend the day with your family?! Wouldn't that be just a shame." She wryly added. The sarcasm swept over her face, but soon was replaced with drowsiness. Sobering thought, he mused. The solution to make less work for himself, was in fact, more work. As he looked up into the transparent metaplast ceiling, out into the stars, he found it hard to sleep so quickly. Worrying about time can do that. At least he had the smell of a woman to get him through that night. Tomorrow would be the start of new plan.
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    Eeod sat by a little fire, where he was roasting a piece of mini-bronto meat.
    Dave was studying a butterfly that coincidentally has chosen exactly the one flower that Dave planned to eat for a resting place.
    Seven years... RUR is seven years now..



    "Since you are the one creature I can talk to about my problems I think that makes you are part of RUR too eh?"


    "Well, congratulations Dave."
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    Happy New year.

    Stan sat looking out from the wall to the desert winds blowing across Tir County and smiled. It's been a good year. As he sat with a handful of sand trickling idly thorough his fingers, gazing out from the wall, he had to smile. New friends, new love, new job, and new purpose and focus for his life .... it doesn't get too much better than that. And it all started with a chance encounter at his campfire many months ago. Little did he know how his life would change when he glanced up and saw that huge trox who suddenly loomed over his campfire, and calmly asked if he could join him at the fire for a few.

    Yes. I can say I am looking forward to the New Year.

    (( holiday blessings and wishes for a great new year to all of my AO friends ))
    Stanimir Borgeski (203/30/48) - General in Clan Stronghold

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    Elleza sat with her head leaned against the window, gazing out over the stars while hugging her green pillow, a smile spread across her lips as her thoughts went back into the past year, a new life with the Clan, a job with the clan Moonlight wich she loved, but most important she had gained what she wanted the most, someone to love and care for.
    What a perfect year, will it be like this next year as well?
    She glances towards the door as she hears the familiar voice shouting "hunny im home", with a bright smile across her face she ran towards him and gave him a big hug while almost shouting "welcome home hunny i missed you!".

    Happy new year everyone and may all your new wishes come true for the next year
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    “You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let fate do the rest.”
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    /flashback... a little over a year ago.

    The night had been a little too chilly for comfort. In the wastelands, there are generally two things to do in such a circumstance. You can either keep moving to stay warm, or you can build a fire. Sometimes, however, you just need to keep on moving to actually find a fire.

    The binoculars swayed side to side, scanning the desert wastes. Set to thermoscopic, he studied the features of the land. There were the usual bits and pieces here and there, dotting the dry landscape. A rather large scorpion, pottering about with something in the scrag. A few clicks west, a tight circle formation of cyborgs, stationary as if on guard. Bubba would veer slightly away from them, but easy to loose them in the night. Cyborgs general don't attack unless either ordered to, or you are within their territory. Their hive-minded ways don't allow much flexibility that fits outside of whatever mold their plans involve. Sometimes they can be so damn smart, other days.... not too much.

    The fire he saw in the distance, to the south however... was a good spot. Even with the flame going, he was certain that the Borgs had actually seen it. But, still, they did nothing. Whomever had placed it there, was either pretty brave, or pretty naive.

    Pulling the lenses down around his neck, he decided it was best to find out.


    Several yards from the fire, there must have been a incident before he arrived. The occupant of the fire was nowhere to be seen. There were a pair of boots, a large thermal blanket, a pack, but no sign of anyone.

    Looking left and right, and then behind him, he spoke, "You can come out now. I aint here to start a ruckuss."

    A low growl came from Bubba's flank. A rather large double headed wolf lay perched on a stone, concealed within a deep shadow. The eyes gave it away.

    "The names Bubba. Come to set a spell with your fire, if you are willing." Bubba looked out into the other shadows that were cleanly made due to the fire in front of everything. There were a set of near concentric stones that formed a half circle.. You could see their edges, but the obsidian made it difficult to make out anything past that.

    "You picked a good spot." Bubba said.

    The wolf looked down, and then leaped from its position, onto the thermal blanket in front of the fire. It circled it twice before settling down onto it, all the while rotating back into human form. He was somewhat tall, blonde haired, dressed in tribal leathers. On the right side of his shirt, was a rather large patch that looked like a worn symbol of the Sentinels.

    "Yup," Was all he said.

    "Set a spell? No sense in wasting a good fire for one, when two can serve."

    The blonde man motioned to the ground in front of him. "Much obliged," Bubba added.

    There was a rather brief period of silence between the two. It was a way of feeling the other out. After the two seemed somewhat satisfied, Bubba took out a small bundle of hides, laying it over the smallest of the standing stones. He leaned back.

    "You know you got a small pod of 'borgs over about two stretches yonder?" Bubba asked.

    "Yup," The man replied, unmoving. His face wore a mask of neutrality, almost a blase smirk scrawled across his lips. Bubba smirked in return. The man seemed somewhat fearless. It was endearing in a way. The man was obviously raised a clanner.

    "What bring a solemn man like yourself out this far? This isn't exactly vacation land." Bubba asked, with a slight hint of sarcasm. "Not near often you get a wanderer out here just for kicks."

    The blonde man paused a bit, taking a short drink out his canteen. He wiped his lower mouth, before answering. "I like the quiet."

    For a moment, he chided himself. Quiet and talk do not often go hand in hand. "Apologies," He comprehended, and nodded.

    The lone man shook his head and shrugged. There was another silence, this one not so awkward as the first. The burning cracks of the dried wood and heated stones met the silence evenly, creating a mystique that only the lonely understand.

    There was a howl in the night, raising in octave like the moons over the horizon. It died, but not before it completed it crescendo. The night air tasted good, almost dewy. It must have been later than Bubba had gathered. With a short roll over onto his shoulder, he picked up his own ruck, and began to throw together a moderately sized kit. A tripod, a 10 cup kettle, and a leather bag that smelled rich with something that couldn't be confused with anything else.

    "Coffee?" Bubba asked... Stan nodded.
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    ((Been a while since ive tried to write but heck its something of an excuse of why Andie havent been around hehe.))
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    andie walked out of the omni-med building, holding a folder tightly to her chest as she walks,
    she looks up at the clouds as the rain pours down over her.
    she sighs as she pulls a face as she covers the folder under her robe and runs quickly towards the grid and pulls out her employee card and lets the scanner read her card, a loud beep comes out of the mashine and a huge sign of "ERROR" blinks on the screen.

    Anderral: Typical my luck!

    Andie kicks the grid mashine and tries to scan the card once more, still the same crap of an error shows up, she starts growling loudly as she starts running quickly towards the wompahs to ICC and right into her appartment. she bangs the file down on the table and shouts "IM HOME!"

    a tall man walks into the livingroom and raises an eyebrow as he looks at her and asks "hey, you seem to be in a hurry", Andie looks at him and smiles alittle "well ive just been running around in the rain to get back home so i could show you that file there hun" she sais and takes a deep breath, the man takes the file and looks trough it, she smirks as she sees his jaw almost drops down " serious?", Andie chuckles and nods with a huge grin across her face "im serious, its really going to happend, you think we can handle it hun?" she asks curiously..the man nods eagerly and hugs her tightly "im sure we can, im sure its about the right time for us to try it hun, together we can do it im sure"
    “You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let fate do the rest.”
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    Kisaria had taken off in the middle of the night to get her fill of a special hobby that she acquired while under foster father's care... Archeology. While out in Wartorn Valley, deep in the ruins, she sought after any relics of what happened to the outskirts of what was once called Omni-2. After a few hours of searching for clues of the past, she stumbled into a dilapidated shanty, finding trash mostly but more so, she found a hidden door int he floor, a feint light illuminating from the back of it. Curiosity gets the best of her and after looking around her, she enters the hidden tunnel, unknowing that a hidden entity was closely following her. As she went deeper, she began to find drilling equipment, small explosives and other trinkets of the past that she couldn't help but shove in her backpack, but not all was well as she didn't expect to stumble on a small Omni-Tek Reconnaissance group.

    Kisaria, to the best of her ability, snuck close to the room where several OT personnel talked of the current situation they were in. As she leaned closer in to get a better spot to listen, she makes a rookie mistake and knocks some rocks over, alerting the Omni team and a chase peruses. Not that far after, she hits a dead end and panic sets in until she remembers what her foster father taught her as she unholsters her 2 pistols and aims for the corner as two Omni-Tek personnel run to the dead end only to catch a hail of bullets from the young opifex. All the bullets miss as these weren't your everyday static targets, but did hit the canisters marked clear as a summer day... "HIGH EXPLOSIVES"

    The planet around her shook as the canisters began to ignite, blasting holes into the caves walls and the ceiling starts to cave in. Kisaria tries her best to make her way out of the collapsing hallways but gets trapped under a wooden beam. From a small distance down the hall, a figure phases into sight, sniping off the last of the escaping Omni remnants. As the Kisaria screams in pain for help, the person ran into sight, showing herself to be an Agent of her organization. As the Agent tries to clear the rubble off of the young opifex, Kisaria mutters the question "mother...?" and passes out.

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    Meanwhile, on Omni-Prime...

    A small flash of light draws his eyes, peering up patiently from behind thick, black glasses and toward the night sky. Deep off in the simulated atmosphere a white pulse streaks downward, almost too fast for the eye to see, burning brightly as the meteor begins to break apart from the friction. The sight barely registers in his mind, attention turned toward the sight only out of idle distraction. Anything, after all, has to be better than his current focus.

    Raising his hand slowly he brings his fingers up to his nose, lightly rubbing against the bridge as his glasses slide further down from his face. A deep-set frown crosses his lips as he listens to the rather agitated voice on the other end of his comms relay, his patience stretching thin with every word that passes his ears. Composure. Composure is the key to all things. And his composure, near-infinite though it is, slowly begins reaching its limits.

    "I see," he says, the words calm as they leave his mouth. He is known for that - Being calm, being controlled. He is also known for the edge punctuating everything he says, the famous hard-line tone which constantly touches his voice. A sound that says 'I'm better than you, and can crush you like a bug.'

    "You have to realize, of course, that neither I nor our mutual employers are very thrilled with your performance so far... quite frankly, to call it a disappointment would be as large an understatement as I could manage...." A pause. A quick rebuttal. "I see. And you claim no responsibility for any of this? You do, of course, realize that any lies you might try to pass off will be discovered." A finger idly traces along the transparent steel that forms the larger wall of his office, lazily playing an impromptu game of connect-the-dots with the bright skylights of the city nearby. He listens, as he is paid to do, processing each sentence as it comes through. He had been playing nice. He had been playing quiet. But then the wrong words reach his ears - The wrong thing said at the wrong time. And Korbensen decides he has heard quite enough.

    "No, you're quite mistaken on that point. You weren't hired to 'do what you think is right'. You were never hired for that. Allow me to remind you of why you were hired, to clear up any lurking confusion you might have." His hand-tailored suit moves gracefully as he began to walk, the sharp 'click' of each footstep resounding through his office as he paces - no, stalks - across the marble floor.

    "You were hired to take control of a situation that was very quickly spiraling out of control. You were hired because even in our best-case projections, we still saw massive financial losses ahead of us; the worst-case projections were never even discussed publicly based solely off how dire they were. You were brought in to take control of the situation, to turn the tide around and then stabilize during an upward trend. You were brought in because, unlike your predecessor, you are military - Not only an appropriate tool for fixing the... shall we say 'hostile' climate but also someone we knew we could easily control."

    "No. No, you had your time. Now I'm speaking. You'll wait."

    His hands fold gently behind his back as he continues on, the darkness of his unlit office practically swallowing him whole, only the occasional glint of light reflecting from the lens of his sunglasses any sign of a presence there at all. "You were brought in as a replacement for a situation going bad, with the expectation that you would at least attempt fixing said situation. Our hopes of stabilizing were at least met... though only because of your direct and utter inaction. Inaction which, might I add, is slowly threatening to create a very large mess for those positioned above your rank."

    Excuses come. He's used to hearing excuses by now from nearly everyone he interacts with - How it isn't their fault, how someone had forced them to do it, how it was the one-armed Atrox... in a position such as his, excuses are something he hears on a very regular basis. The voice rattles on, a nervous anger in its tone, like a petulant child caught slacking on their homework. Korbensen allows himself a small smile at this, amused by the tiny, almost-imperceptible hint of fear on the other end. Like music to his ears.

    "The situation is breaking down. To be perfectly frank with you I'm unsure at this point that damage control will even be possible. Right now we aren't even entirely clear what they're planning, though I'd be willing to wager it's nothing that any of us want to even acknowledge as a possibility. If you don't do something to address the issues...."

    His sentence cuts off as a hurried spiel of words come barreling through the relay. The smile on his lips widens, a shark smelling blood swirling in the waters. "Of course. Though, you understand our situation... the reports will be coming out soon, you know; after that, there will be little we can do to stem the tide. Even granting you this small bit is quite the burden... we will be expecting very, very positive results from this course of action. Unless, of course, you want me to return to help oversee our little operation...?"

    The conversation devolves. A series of 'understood' and 'naturally' cross both ends of the line, conversation which has very little value or interest to Korbensen. Satisfied, Korbensen nods to himself, pushing his sunglasses further up to his face. "Very well. We'll initiate the contract proceedings tomorrow. I'll make sure the money is placed where it needs to be, and we should start seeing results very shortly."

    Agreement. Terse, and quick, but an agreement to the plan. That's all Korbensen needs at this point - Just the acknowledgment that the plan is understood by both parties. Goodbyes are said, both men quite eager to end the call for vastly differing reasons.

    "But before you go... something which our employers wished to remind you. You've heard this from others before, so you'll forgive me if I paraphrase their statement - I've no interest in wasting either my time or yours. But the events of the last eighteen months have left us quite, quite displeased with your services, Tarkhan. You'd be wise to remember what happened to your predecessor... and take precautions to ensure you don't end up the same."

    "... pleased to hear. Good day."

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    OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTO|||||||||||||||||||||Serve Omni-Tek

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    (( ._. *hides* He's baaack! He's baaack! Eeeee! *runs away*))
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    Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly...Suddenly I awoke...Now, I do not know whether I was then
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    May 25th, 29484 - Sunrise Station

    Ken heaves a sigh, resting on his back in his cozy bed nestled among the stars, staring at the ceiling...

    His home is empty, his life even more so....and he is bombarded by constant reminders of the life he can never have.

    He had just come home from a 'date' with his 'friend', Falikos. She was such a wonderful person...such a good friend, to get presents for his 30th birthday, despite it all. A small pack filled with various nick-knacks, a valentine card given months too late, a broken camera and a set of Yutto-crafted devices designed to let him live even briefly in the lethal cold of Penumbra.

    Even with such nice gifts, he reached for her, and was a heartbeat away from sinking his fangs into her neck, using her to quench his springtime urges. He knew he'd scared her; scared himself.

    Why can he never get close to someone he loves, without that damned beast putting him in his place? An apple here, an apple there...all bitten into, to draw the venom from his jaws, to sate his desire to infect. Good thing he had one when he met her that night, or else things...might have turned out differently.

    None of that matters now, even as a lone tear sheds down Ken's face...glinting in the distant light of countless billions of stars...

    " sssenssse getting upssset....overr the one thing you jussst can't have..."

    He made the hardest attempt he could, just to smile and carry on. Once again, he made an attempt to lift his own spirits, as he had done countless times before....and as he will do countless times to come.
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    220 Finalizer (FINALLY, after 3 years without a single ding!) Nulion, Squad Commander (And Council of Truth Clerical Staffer) of Alpha Omega

    Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly...Suddenly I awoke...Now, I do not know whether I was then
    a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming that I am a man. - Chuang Tzu

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    Wandering down the streets of Omni-1 Entertainment district he couldn't help but let his thoughts wander to his favourite seat in Rompas and a nice large glass of his finest vodka and accompanied cheese and pickle sandwich, he could feel it was going to be a good night, perhaps he could finally sort out some of the older paperwork.

    Unfortunately as any Police officer can attest your never truly off-duty while outside, its just so easy to see something that will put you straight back on-duty again.

    Such a thing was waiting just down the next alley.

    "Psst fredd..d.d.dy you got any left?"

    Ivan groaned and looked down the alley the rasping speech came from and saw two dirty looking solitus shaking and swaying near a storage container.

    With a sigh Ivan muttering to himself and reaching for his com-unit, "Sometimes I hate being a cop... This is Director Sergeyich requesting transport for two to the turkey tank"

    "Make me miss my vodka will you... damned stim fiends..."

    He reaches to his belt and removes his stun baton and moves into the alley swiftly...
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    (( *blinks* oh...uhh.. *runs* ))
    “You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let fate do the rest.”
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    The Opifex stood looking out the window, down upon the green that made up a lot of the center of Old Athen. There was a slight smile on his face as he noticed the hustle of people in and out of the Freelancer’s Agency building that he could clearly see from his vantage point in the Vanguard Headquarters. Profits always made him smile. Deals done good, made him smile. Even deals that took years to negotiate thanks to the never ending interference of Omni-Tek. He had almost laughed when he found out how quickly Omni-Tek had jumped on the bandwagon to work their own deals with the Freelancer’s after they realized their efforts to block them from Rubi-Ka had finally fallen flat with Jacobi’s manipulations.

    The sound of the door quietly opening behind him, pulled him from his reprieve and he turned enveloped in a cloud of smoke from his ever present cigar, to note the newest of his clerks walking nervously into the room.

    “I’m really sorry to interrupt you Mister Jacobi, I know you were wanting a few moments to relax…. But… erm….”. Alan gives the young opifex a reassuring smile, “That’s alright, what is it Adelle?” “Well, Commander Silverstone is on the comm., wanting.. hum, well actually demanding to talk to you.” Alan almost chuckles as he takes a long puff off his cigar. “Oh, and what is it old horn head wants?” “I’m not really to sure sir. Between the swearing and… well he seems upset about something”. The young lady seemed truly shaken up by her conversation with the Sentinel leader. Well, he did have that effect on people, especially when his dander is up. “Adelle, one thing you need to know about Simon, it is rare when he isn’t upset by something. Or shooting something. But I’ll handle it.” Alan waves the clerk towards the door as he reaches for the comm.unit on his desk behind him.

    “Hello Simon…what can I do for you today?” “What can you do? Well you can start by getting off your ass and…. “ ….. as a cloud of smoke rises around Alan’s head, he calmly listens. Some things never change.
    Alan Jacobi
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    The sun begins setting, fading light cascades through office blinds throwing lines of shadows across the desk before fading to darkness.

    Not moving the man sits there, staring into nothing.

    A small light blinking on the desk monitor is all the illuminates the office as the hours pass.

    Suddenly the man slams his fists into the desk and stands.

    Marching quickly out of the room he yells, "Zeiler! contact the Directors. I want to see them... NOW!"

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    ((So.....epic. ))
    220 Finalizer (FINALLY, after 3 years without a single ding!) Nulion, Squad Commander (And Council of Truth Clerical Staffer) of Alpha Omega

    Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly...Suddenly I awoke...Now, I do not know whether I was then
    a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming that I am a man. - Chuang Tzu

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    (( *sits down and waits for the next director/ltc story* This truly is very interesting!!))
    “You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let fate do the rest.”
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    A large Atrox sits in bed, a heavy book held in front of him, time passes and pages turn.

    A sudden coughing fit interrupts the peaceful scene, once over the Atrox reaches over to a steaming cup of tea on the bed side table and takes a sip.

    More time passes and eventually the Atrox places a marker in the book, carefully placing it on the table and turns off the lamp, lays back and falls asleep.

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    Simon snorted loudly as he just stared out over the city, holding tightly around his weapon in hope that there would be something happening.

    He raised an eyebrow as he saw a dark armored person sneaking around a corner in the distance,took up his
    gun and aimed as he mumbles "dont you think about it scum" and shot towards the person, the body fell against
    the ground and he smirks, walking over to the omni armored corpse.

    "was worth the day afterall then" he says and walks off.
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