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Thread: Omni RP org [THE SARDAUKAR]

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    Talking Omni RP org [THE SARDAUKAR]

    The Sardaukar RP Org: The new and growing RP ORG is now looking for dedicated hardcore/casual RPers who are online often to join.

    Description: A hardcore RP org who believes in the saying do not let game play effect the RP. Our org RP spot is back of baboons and reet retreat common area. Everything is RP only OOC we have is OOC.

    Objective: We strive to obtain money, power, the world. WE WANT IT ALL! We will use tact, subltey, grace, force, wit, or whatever it takes to obtain what we want.
    /tell Xoulcreator or Xinthra. If you are interested.

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