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Thread: Unique/Rare/Uncommon/Common Mobs & their drops list!

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    awesome info guys =) I will edit the posting so it reflects what you posted now. Oh Svpernaut I assume the dynamic spawn you are talking of is named "The One".

    Now to find the other armor dropper...

    Svpernaut your TC.jpg link is broken =) May want to fix that one =)

    Heavypacker I was wondering about the same thing. Can someone who has made the quest after the downtime yesterday post if they still got a full set of metaplast ?
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    Darxy, the Tech Cerimonies and the Spiritual Rites armor both drop form the same "The One". I have seen him killed 3 times and once he dropped the Spiritual Rites Helm. "The One" that I am speaking of is the babyface one. Also, I can confirm that the Metal Armlet of the Quartet does drop off the Mobs at the old ACE camp. The Diamond Matrix Mesh, though it has not been seen and confirmed yet supposedly drops off the Diamondine Trainee in EFP. One of the DEV's said that it does drop in another thread recently.
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    Toytd I did send you a private message. Take a look at it once you get time please.

    Nivenyrral thank you for the input =) Added/changed "the one" information and added the drop info on the Diamond Matrix Mesh..Keeping it as unconfirmed for now tho till we actually get it to drop =)

    Was going to add the Metal Armlet of the Quartet but you just said "mobs at the old ACE Camp"...Which mobs ? any names ?


    Edit: Bah toytd...You disabled private messaging can I contact you private ?
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    ah crap heh, email me at

    <added>Private Message Also enabled</added>
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    Supporting Carbonan Holster also drops off nugget
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    Originally posted by Darxy
    Lord Ghasap - Avalon Dungeon, Avalon - 2092 x 3822 - Melee Damage

    Fork of Ghasap
    Also drops a Dreadful Pitchfork. He dropped one two of the three times I have killed him... the other time he dropped the Fork of Ghasap.

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    Originally posted by Darxy
    This drops from the smuggler pilot, don't remember the excact name, in smugglers den, not in cyborg barracks.
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    ty! corrected.
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    Augmented Hellspinner


    Any new info on who drops the part for this ?

    and a whole litter of bearcubs ...

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    No, to my knowledge... Everything I know is listed here I am afraid =/ I am trying to follow the prof boards but naturally may be missing this or that posting so have a look at the other boards, maybe there has someone found more info about it.
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    found in Steps of madness

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    Question Worm Control Band

    Does anyone have any info on where or who the Worm Control Band might drop from? It has supposedly been ingame since 13.50.

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    Ack, no idea which mob at the old ACE camp drops the Armlet, I know they drop, because I have seen my teammates drop it in chat at least 3 times, but things are always moving so fast when I am there, that I have never gotten a name on the mob. I will try to pay more attention next time I am there and one drops.
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    bump...still missing most of the 14.5 drops info !!!
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    I use the metal armlet of the quartet, found it off a quartus mob at mercenary/ (former ace camp) in efp.
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    must....get...sticky...I...hate...bumptrashing.... the...posts....
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    my little addition

    The commandar in the bord D. He drops a implant that goes in the waist that adds 20 dmg to energy and radation. I killed him several times to get this drop. 40+

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    Hello Minerbob =)

    I searched for what you mentioned but could not find it..Could you supply me the exact name of the boss mob and the drop maybe ?
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    Another 18hr mob

    Here's another one:
    Clan modified A-4000, spawns at aprox 1105 2520 in Avalon.
    1k+ of radiation damage

    Verified drops:
    Modified A-4000 NCU-sheet
    Modified A-4000 Sensory Panel
    * July 9, 2001 :: + July 29, 2004

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