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Thread: Unique/Rare/Uncommon/Common Mobs & their drops list!

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    just to let you know i camped T.I.M. in Foreman's and it took 7 kills for me to score the HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M. So I'd say your 10% drop estimate is right on the money. If you get it right away... trust me, you got lucky.

    btw, awesome list keep up the good work.

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    Tirbo Ratcatcher

    There is a lvl limit on who he gives quests to.

    Depending on who you ask, its either below 31 or below 21 that you can get armor out of him.

    All armor ql matches your lvl. There is a 25% chance of getting the quest for full suit of Metaplast at your ql/lvl. You can delete and reroll the quest till you get the suit if you want, but be prepared to be yelled at by anybody else standing around.
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    Cyborg Barracks Coords are 3200x2300 in Greater Tir County... NE corner of zone.

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    Commander Jacosta -- radiation dam
    Eradicator Deimos -- projectile dam
    Ghasap's Minion -- melee dam
    Lord Ghasap -- melee dam

    Quintus Romulus -- NPC inside Forema's Office

    edit> and theres small typo in Shades of Lucubration ref.
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    NT NPC Quest

    The name of the NT NPC Quest is Robin Raag, yes he is behind Ash, coords is 21x217. I got the quest from him yesterday.

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    okay here is all the info you need on the Engineer Quest.

    Head to Cyborg Barracks, Coords are 3200x2300 in Greater Tir County. Once in there you will find Janella Gheron, located in the basement crying in the corner. /tell her the following in Vicinity Chat.

    Hello Janella Gheron.
    Who are you?
    What do you do?
    I will help you.

    At that point you will receive a mission... and your mission is to retrieve Remains of a Long Lost Pet from Jack The Leg Chopper. Once you have the LLP, trade it back with Janella Gheron to recieve the ring.

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    Originally posted by Darxy
    added those two =) Weird that noone has noticed it after a total of almost 10000 views =)
    hehe, I was thinking the same thing. I guess no one cares about the friendly adv

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    Stickity stick stick stick! Very helpful.
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    The pest

    i haven't seen it, but it seems there is mob named "The pest" in
    DAV 1360, 2300 who drop 4 objects
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    Wow lots of new info and corrections. Thanks all of you

    -Left time drop rate same. I guess its a matter of luck=)
    -Incase there is 100% info on the lvl limit I will add it, for now will keep it as it is =)
    -Added Cyborg Barracks loc in ENG ring quest
    -Added the 4 dmg types in the appropriate spots.
    -Added NT quetgiver name.
    -Thanks about that info Ananais, I added those drops as unverified.

    MissMaul I already sent Cz a PM about the posting but it either got forgotten or landed on deaf ears, I dont want to trouble him with trivial stuff so will just wait and see if he makes it sticky at some point. =)

    Edit: Corrected the spelling on the shades =)
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    Re: Tri-Plumbo's new ring

    Originally posted by Rhumak
    Tri-Plumbo's new ring:
    Corroded Ring (Unconfirmed)
    Consider it now confirmed. I have one. Killed him in 3 shots.
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    Added new section in 1st posting. "Patched but not found" . If you found any of these items please drop us a line here so its common knowledge and can be taken out of the list and added to "14.5 Mob drops" =)
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    Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats add those little babys to the "Patched but not found" spot plz . I don't think if someone found the mob who drops em would say, but you never know.

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    The armor of Varmillion Rose, anyone? Quest item?
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    Ill check once I get ingame but I think I found a:

    Metal Armlet of the Quartet

    off of a Quartus mob in the old ace camp.
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    The One

    Found "Harbinger of The One" at the coords 2250x1810 as i found posted by someone. Question is where is the other "one" and also which one drops which breastplate?

    Keep up the good work Darxy, the site looks great so far

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    I am still trying to get more info about "The one" group.

    We know there are 2 the drops the eng armor and the other one drops the spiritual rites armor...But I STILL dont have the full names of these "the one" mobs...

    Is one of these Harbringer of The One ? If yes which of both drops is on its loot hoard ? Additionally whats the name of the other ?

    So many questions...!
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    The One

    I haven't actually killed any of "The One's" yet. I think I will make a go at him this weekend when I can get some guildies together.

    What I do know is that "Harbinger of The One" is at the coords 2250x1810, and surrounded by four "Followers of The One." I have not found the other one so I can't provide any info there.

    I will let you know if i manage to kill the thing, as well as a little more scouting to try and find the other one.

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    Tirbo Ratcatcher

    I think they fixed his loot tables. I spent quite a while with him and didnt get any full suit of Metaplast.
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    as far as i know (see my sig i am now the happy owner of a set of Tech Ceremonies armor) the one is a dynamic spawn... which means he only spawns if you kill enough of his followers and minions. i was there this weekend for an omni raid and we had quite a few people out there (20-30ish first spawn, 30-40ish second) and on the first kill he dropped ONLY the healmet of technical ceremonies, and on the second death he dropped both the helmet and breastplate. it took quite a while to take him down both times because he casts pets that look like ofal worms. the trick is to get a couple brave souls to pull him west of the ruins so you miss the other follower's spawn and to have people ransack him so he can't cast pets (this was done the first time and made it ALOT easier).

    good luck!!!

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