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Thread: Unique/Rare/Uncommon/Common Mobs & their drops list!

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    need info...arrr !
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    Zibell the Wanderer does not give any quest. The advent quest starts out in DAV by a npc called Kendric Kuzio and is located about at 1532, 999.
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    Tirbo Frickin Ratcatcher

    . . does *not* give out a suit of metaplast post 3rd tail.

    I gave him 7. No suit.

    Please correct your posting.
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    Changed it to "Some reward including metaplast armor" because everyone is telling something else about the quest
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    Bump for a sticky. Awesome thread, good job
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    what exactly do you have to say to bobic

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    what do you have to say to commander brock i never did any quests so i dont know exactly what to say

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    All these drop in Cyborg Barracks:

    Eradicator Demios:
    Bastion of Demios
    Deimos' Bio-Enhanced Feedback Rifle

    General Severus:
    Severus' Fusion Sprayer
    Severus' Void Spinner

    I wear the Bastion and my teammate got the Rifle. I have the Fusion I can confirm these 3. I have not persoanlly seen the Void Spinner.

    EDIT: oh you were asking about Dmg Types , well at lvl 73 I was soloing the front rooms, but had to team with a higher lvl because of the adds in the rest. For instance, General Severus was hitting 100+ dmg, with 3 attacks, including fire and cold, I got hit down there with energy, chemical, disease, nano poison, etc... The Cyborgs use some of the best guns in the game: novaflows, flamethrowers, kerans smgs, and even a melee staff that "shot" fire explosion it was a blast! Hehe, some of the most challenging and graphically interesting fighting in AO I have had. However, the exp sucks, the cyborgs have massive hitpoints, just go there for fun and loot. After 2.5 days there in order to get a full cyborg suit, I did not level up once.
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    Lunati: Try "hello".
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    Lunati check these links :



    Shenhiroko, thanks for your input. I have modified the dmg types used by npcs in that dungeon =)
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    great post!!!!!

    I didn't see any info about: "The One" which is one of the new mobs..... He drops the spiritual brestplate & head piece I hear My guild assisted someone else in killing him, but I think they lost, but while talking about it i did a mistel and someone in the group I was levleing with mentioned taht his guild had killed him........

    soooo thats all I know
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    and a lvl 160+ sold...


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    The One is there, right at the top of the 14.5 Encounters post.
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    Yes, The One mob is in the 4th posting from top where the 14.5 Patch mobs are listed =) Didnt add them in the uber encounters list yet cause they are new and didnt want to mix them with the old ones =)
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    The one and babyfaces

    I hear 'the one' drops the cerimonies armour but its the engineer only. In your post you say the babyfaces drops the other spriritual armour. Do you mean the babyface 'followers of the one' mobs ? because I have camp that area before 14.45..found 'the one' on patch day release, and been killing babyfaces and every other thing out there hoping it drops some new stuff. Nada zip. Plus the regular babyfaces are grey to me...and this armour is maybe your first post is a mistake ? can it be confirmed ?
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    I took the information about Babyfaces from another thread in these forums. Not sure whose it was but someone was asking for em and some other someone (lol) told that someone that (mind boggling text =/ ) the babyfaces in SFH dropped them..I will update as soon as I get new info about it. But as for now *some* babyfaces seem to drop them. prolly not the grey and rather some lvl 200+ ones.
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    Update :

    NPC in clan castle : Daedra Iberra
    Clan castle location : PM 1510, 720
    Inf : the npc is on the last floor of the tower. Access to the tower is on first floor of the castle (lateral door)

    Npc for Crat quest : Nolan Deslandes
    Ananais : Doc RK1
    Seranis : Trad RK1
    Meccano : Engi RK1

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    added&edited, thank you =)
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    Regarding The One Drops

    Can anyone verify "The One" Drops"These...

    Breastplate of Spiritual Rites

    Helmet of Spiritual Rites

    someone had mentioned this to me in a different thread.

    Edit: Whoops I can see your working on that already
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