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Thread: New Beginnings

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    New Beginnings

    JANUARY 13 29482

    Scarcity looked around Lumen Orien's communications hub. This really wasn't the job she had hoped for.
    Llesa, her prospective employer, swept a hand across the room.
    "I want all of this ripped out and replaced."
    Her new boss peered at her over amber shades
    "Do you think you can handle it?"
    Scarcity sighed, she needed the work though and this org president looked like she could pay at least.
    "Like I told you, I can do anything comms"
    Scarcity really could, this job was way below her particular talents but she needed a start.
    She had come to Rubi-Ka believing there was easy money to be made here, boy was she ever wrong.
    The young fixer shook her head slightly.
    She needed to get the hell off this rock...

    ************************************************** ***********

    July 07 29462

    Perrin swore at the console.
    "Dumb ****ing robot!"
    Perrin Hanratty, skipper and sole crew of 'The Pony Express' was having a bad day.
    As if plying the outer reaches of civilisation for salvage wasn't stressful enough. Now he'd have to suit up and go over to the derelict he found himself.
    He had figured this for an easy job too. Send the robot over, check for any valuables, tag the ship for the authorities to retrieve and he would collect a fee.
    The fee was rubbish, just about covered maintenance on the ship but the rare finds could be something else.
    Rare indeed though after the pirates had been through the place.
    Pirates were generally in a hurry and frequently drunk so every so often they missed something, or he found some good tech on board to salvage or sell.
    The wreck itself was too far out for him to get back with his salvage boat. Not very cost efficient.
    Still it was the best pickings out here, just had to steer clear of scumbags.
    Now his robot had frozen up and he had to go get it back.
    How he hated leaving his ship in space...

    ************************************************** ***************

    "So I want all the latest tracking...radar..."
    The Lumen Orien president waved her hand around vaguely.
    "You know, all that...stuff."
    Scarcity wondered just how rich the metaphysicist was.
    "All that 'stuff' costs you know?"
    Looking at Llesa she went on
    "I don't usually do such small jobs but I will take this on, I do have some free time."
    The 19 year old had way too much free time but wasn't about to let on.
    "Right, it will take a while for all the new equipment to arrive. But of course you don't want to be blind and helpless in the meantime."
    Scarcity smiled
    "I will put together a plan so we can do the switchover smoothly. First of all..."

    ************************************************** ***************

    He felt naked without his ship. And he could really do without the bodies. Especially looking as fresh as these did. He hoped it had been quick for them at least.
    The derelict's power was still on and the emergency lighting was giving everything a dark and sinister tone.
    Hanratty carefully made his way to where his robot had frozen.
    "There ye are, ye crock of ****!"
    A loose power conduit had fallen on the robot's shell and the surge had scrambled something inside.
    "Something expensive I'll wager!"
    It wasn't too bad, he could easily patch it up enough to get back to the 'Pony' for proper repairs.
    Well he'd have to fix it after he checked the rest of this wreck for something to make it worthwhile.
    He'd had a run of bad luck lately so he could really use a break.
    Grumbling and swearing to himself he went on through the ship...

    ************************************************** ***************

    Llesa was glad all that technical talk was over.
    "Please, stay in the org while you do the work, we have everything you might need right here."
    She smiled at Scarcity
    "Though I suppose you would prefer to be nearer the parties? Hmm?"
    Scarcity nodded weakly.
    "Yeah sure, all, parties."
    She turned away towards the door then stopped and looked back at Llesa.
    "Oh, I will need the numbers of everyone's comm to link them into the new system."
    Llesa scrabbled for her comm
    "Of course, mine is..."
    Scarcity cut her off
    "No, nearer the time...I have your number anyway silly..."

    ************************************************** ***************

    Hanratty had almost done with the ship. The pirates hadn't left much worth salvaging.
    Just one more room with a busted door. It was jammed almost shut and he figured it for a sick-bay or something.
    He could even see some type of equipment still functioning through a crack.
    Might be something sellable if he could just get that door open...

    "Aye, yer still useful then."
    Closing the access plate on his robot he switched it back on and checked his repairs.
    "Right then, come open this door and I may even let ye back aboard!"
    The robot went through, ripped the door out and stood aside. Hanratty approached a large metal humming unit, lights blinking across the surface.
    He looked inside and for once in his life he was lost for profanity.
    Amid this mayhem...floating through space in a virtual slaughterhouse...
    Looking right back at him was a baby girl...

    ************************************************** ***************
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    The Smuggler's Tale
    New Beginnings

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    Interesting and well written. Post more plox!
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    ((More! More!!))
    Anamelle Marecki, adventurer, leader of Lumen Orien
    Llesa Varela, MP
    Alossa Laurence, beaurocrat, director of Newland News
    Erissen Altaire, doctor
    Vektria Ervasse, fixer
    Daeranne Smith, engineer, Last Ditch Academy scientist
    Lumen Orien

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    Somewhere to belong...

    ((This episode(and the next) uses actual logs.))

    ************************************************** ******************
    March 21 29482
    Fireplace Room, Reets Retreat

    Scarcity: hello
    Hadrensen looks over
    Anamelle looks up
    Anamelle: Hi Scarc
    Anamelle smiles
    Hadrensen: Hello Scarcity
    Anamelle: How are you doing?
    Scarcity: yeah, I am good
    Anamelle: How's the project going?
    Scarcity waves a hand dismissively
    Scarcity: oh thats ok, easy in fact
    Hadrensen's gaze returns to the fire
    Anamelle: Good.
    Scarcity: Most of the equipment is arriving now
    Anamelle nods
    Scarcity: I'll be hiring an assistant
    Anamelle: Let me know if you need anything extra. I have a supplies company you know.
    Anamelle: An assistant?
    Scarcity: someone to do all the boring stuff
    Anamelle: Laundry?
    Scarcity: wiring
    Scarcity: I don't lay cable
    Anamelle frowns for a moment
    Anamelle: OOOH!
    Anamelle shakes her head
    Hadrensen chuckles softly
    Anamelle: I had an image of wires in a washing machine for a moment
    Anamelle giggles

    ************************************************** ******************
    July 8 29462
    The Pony Express, The Galactic Rim

    Eight days...then he would be rid of this latest passenger.
    Hanratty glanced over at the incubator, thankful he didn't have to lift a finger.
    The unit he'd found her in was self-contained and provided for every possible need a newborn could have.
    Good thing too...last time he'd been around a baby was his little sister...long time ago now but the pain of loss was still there.
    He shook his head "Yer better off in there than out here."
    The incubator looked pretty expensive, virtually brand new, once it was empty he could maybe sell it on.
    He considered the odds of him finding the baby alive. That far out a wreck could drift for years before discovery.
    It was a fancy unit he'd found her in but recycling only went so far, that type of device still needed additional raw materials to operate efficiently.
    In any case, the wreck's power wouldn't have lasted much longer and once life support was gone the unit wouldn't have been enough.
    If he hadn't turned up when he did...
    Poor little mite didn't have a clue about any of it. Well, in just over a week he would be back in civilisation.
    Or at least what passed for civilisation this far out. He figured he could find somewhere for her, any system with a sizable population would have facilities he was sure.
    Maybe some kind of charitable institute or hospital could take her off his hands. Bring her up, educate her, look out for her.
    For some reason, he couldn't help it, every so often he would go over and check on her. She always held his gaze through the clear panel on the top.
    He found it quite disconcerting how alive with intelligence her eyes seemed, despite her tender age.
    She would smile up at him...and he'd feel his heart melt, poor thing had no idea the kinda universe she was born into...

    ************************************************** ******************

    Scarcity looks at Joe
    Scarcity: So are you a native too?
    Hadrensen: Native? Yeah, I was born in Hope.
    Scarcity nods
    Scarcity: and how are you about animals? Do you have them at home?
    Anamelle looks at Scarcity
    Hadrensen: Not as a rule.
    Scarcity: hmmm
    Scarcity: Ana led me to belive it was what you did
    Scarcity:, cuddles, talking, can't remember the rest
    Hadrensen: Animals? Well in pie maybe..
    Scarcity: well I can understand that ok
    Scarcity giggles
    Scarcity: only good animal is a cooked animal
    Anamelle: hey!
    Hadrensen: Well I wouldnt go that far.
    Anamelle: I didn't say everyone had pets...
    Hadrensen chuckles
    Hadrensen: I know too many advis to say that.
    Scarcity looks at Ana
    Scarcity: yeah
    Anamelle glares at Scarc
    Anamelle: So, apart from eating animals, what do you do, Scarc?
    Scarcity: electrics, nanotech
    Scarcity: small stuff
    Anamelle: Nanotech?
    Scarcity: what do you do exactly?
    Anamelle: Who? Me?
    Scarcity nods
    Anamelle: I run a small company: Reet Trading Inc.
    Anamelle: That and do stuff for the org now and then.
    Scarcity: yeah
    Scarcity: me too
    Scarcity: the org part
    Scarcity: I don't run a small company
    Anamelle: Administration... contacts, help with parties... and generally whatever any of the org officers bugs me for.

    ************************************************** ******************

    Planetside. He hated it, it was always too hot, too cold...the air was full of dust, it was noisy and worst of all: the people.
    Way too many of them, brushing past him as he went along the street. It was crazy, how they could stand it he had no idea.
    Hanratty needed a break. He'd been all over the principal city on this planet and now he wanted a drink.
    He spotted a sign. "Ah, there we go, no matter where ye go ye can always find a bar" He smiled to himself he as entered the place.
    "Whiskey! Or as near to it as you got"
    A nervous looking bartender placed a glass in front of him.
    "The finest Whizgee this side of anywhere!"
    Hanratty took a drink and pulled a face.
    "Ugh, this has got to be some local muck!" He peered at the bartender
    "I'm not a tourist you know"
    "No sir! Of course not sir!" The bartender reached under the counter and pulled out another bottle.
    Hanratty took a small sip "Better than the first one at least"
    " So..." the bartender smiled knowingly at Hanratty, "is sir a merchant perhaps?"
    The barkeep looked him up and down "Buying or selling? Hmmm?"
    "Neither...I'm, on business of sorts"
    The bartender nodded. "I see"
    "Tell me, what happens to orphans on this planet?"
    "Orphans?" The bartender looked at Hanratty curiously "Well the state looks after them for a while I guess. Why do you ask?"
    "Oh, nothing important" Hanratty took another drink
    "Course once they are older they are sold"
    "Sold? How d'ye mean?"
    The bartender smiled, "Well not sold exactly. Some nice company comes along and offers to take an apprenticeship you might say."
    He smiled again and continued "Oh its all quite legal, the company pays the state for their cost of raising the child."
    "Then, at 16, the 'apprentice' goes to work. We get recruiters here from mines, brothels...its hard to get good staff I hear"
    The barkeep chuckled to himself and winked at Hanratty "So is that it? You want to buy yourself a 'companion'?"
    Hanratty shook his head in disgust
    "Great planet ye have here"

    ************************************************** ******************

    Anamelle: Maybe you should.
    Scarcity: should what?
    Anamelle: Run a small company. It's fun
    Scarcity sighs
    Scarcity: yeah
    Anamelle: Well, unless you get to deal with stubborn atrox farmers...
    Scarcity: I would if I had the start up capital...
    Anamelle sighs
    Scarcity: it doesn't matter anyway
    Scarcity: I won't be around that long
    Anamelle: You're not planning to stay?
    Hadrensen: Oh? Why not?
    Scarcity: I will be off this...
    Scarcity pulls a face
    Scarcity: ...dust bowl soon as I can
    Anamelle: You don't like it here then?
    Scarcity: ugh
    Scarcity: no offence, I know you don't know any better, but this is a horrible place
    Anamelle chuckles
    Anamelle: Why so?
    Scarcity laughs a little
    Scarcity: how do you even need to ask?
    Anamelle: Because I actually prefer this place to the rest of the universe
    Scarcity: you mean apart from the civil war, the alien intrusions?
    The social injustices....but above all, the single lack of an easy way to make money to get off THIS ROCK!
    Anamelle observes Scarc for a moment
    Scarcity: I need a drink
    Hadrensen chuckles
    Anamelle: You do
    Hadrensen: I hate to say this but few places do much better.

    ************************************************** ******************

    Back on The Pony Express Hanratty was drunk. He didn't know what to do. He had seen what the mines did to people, miners had a pretty short life expectancy, though given their poor quality of life that was probably a blessing. He grunted.
    This little one would more likely end up in a brothel, one of the Pleasuredomes you found in the trade hubs.
    "Aye, its a bad enough start ye've had" He was sat on the floor, his back resting against the girl's incubator.
    "I don't wanna be the one to make it any worse" He could hear her gurgling away to herself inside, it was quite soothing actually.
    It reminded him of his baby sister. Well apart from the skin colour that is, for from head to toe his little guest was grey.
    He hadn't noticed it on the wreck, the emergency lighting had cast a deathly hue everywhere and the faces of the victims hadn't much looked like faces anymore. Shuddering he finished the bottle off.
    "Damn, this stuff goes down too fast" It was the real thing though, proper whiskey. He'd found half a case some months before.
    It would fetch a decent price in these parts but there were some things you just couldn't sell.
    Hanratty got up and took the last bottle from the case. He took it back over to where the incubator hummed busily, sustaining its precious cargo.
    There were lights flickering from inside. Some kind of display, designed as a sensory stimulus he supposed.
    Putting the bottle down he reached across the top of the unit and typed on the control panel. There was a hiss and the top of the incubator slid across and down.
    He reached inside and picked up the baby, tiny in his large hands. She was cooing gently to herself, totally relaxed with him.
    "Sure ye weigh not a thing" He thought about his sister again, and his mother, both lost long ago. He sighed to himself.
    He couldn't let this one go, couldn't just leave her and forget. He looked around his ship, it was no palace but it was certainly big enough for two.
    It was big enough for more than that truth be told but he liked to hoard a lot, tinker with stuff. He'd need to clear up a bit, finish a few projects, lay off the drinking too.
    "Well yer no miner, thats for sure"
    Placing her gently back and unhooking her tiny hand from one of his fingers, he closed the incubator safely.
    "Sleep well little one, rest easy"
    In the morning he would set a new course. Right out there, somewhere peaceful.

    ************************************************** ******************
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    The Smuggler's Tale
    New Beginnings

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    Hide and Seek

    ((This episode again uses actual logs, editted this time for length...fixers talk like they run...))
    ((The following two posts should have been a single one but it was too long...fixers again!))
    ((I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged(pestered ) me here and in game. After this episode there will be a longer break as I am shortly going back to Ireland for a couple of weeks))

    March 27 29482,
    Lumen Orien Headquarters.

    Vektria: hey
    Scarcity: Hi
    Scarcity smiles shyly
    Vektria: How's the upgrades?
    Scarcity: sorry, did you want to use the lab?
    Vektria: It can wait.
    Scarcity: these tests will be running all night
    Vektria: Was gonna melt something
    Vektria: Ahh, ok.
    Scarcity: I can do them later though if you like, they aren't urgent
    Vektria: No, go ahead.
    Vektria: I'll get more stuff to melt in the meantime
    Vektria chuckles
    Scarcity: hmm, actually if you just want the smelter go ahead, I am not using it
    Vektria: Was just bored
    Scarcity: these tests are just using the computer
    Vektria: k
    Scarcity: I have a few components which need...persuading to work well together
    Scarcity: so I am using the main computer to give them simulations in tandem and I can analyse the results to check for errata
    Vektria opens her pack and starts pulling all sorts of stuff from it: jewellery, odd pieces of wire, strange unidentifiable objects and
    puts them on the table
    Scarcity watches the growing pile
    Vektria: going good so far?
    Vektria mutters something looking into her pack
    Scarcity: so...are you building something?
    Scarcity: oh, my tests?
    Vektria: yup
    Scarcity: yeah
    Vektria: Not building, more like putting apart
    Scarcity: I have a few problems
    Vektria: Problems?
    Scarcity: stuff that doesn't do what it should
    Scarcity: and Llesa wanted everything
    Vektria pulls something that looks like a bunch of copper wire out of her pack and adds it to the pile
    Vektria: Need any parts?
    Scarcity looks at the pile of junk
    Scarcity: no thanks
    Scarcity smiles sweetly
    Vektria: No, I mean, I could get you parts
    Vektria: For your work
    Vektria: this...
    Vektria nods towards the pile
    Vektria: is just junk
    Scarcity: ah
    Vektria: Soon to be melted junk
    Vektria grins
    Scarcity: no, Llesa has given me a big budget and I don't need, shady
    Vektria: Hmm
    Scarcity smiles again
    Vektria looks at Scarcity
    Vektria: You're weird, girl.
    Vektria: Anyway, let me find something... hmm
    Vektria looks around
    Scarcity sighs

    ************************************************** *********************************************
    May 10 29463
    Gracie IV, Cindall Free Trade Hub

    "So what size do you need sir?" The trader looked up at Hanratty.
    He scratched his head "Er...small, I guess."
    Despite how much he hated it, docking in these places was necessary. Most large stations were independantly owned, managed and defended.
    The licences they issued to traders and ridiculous taxes were how they made their money. In these outlying regions a person needed a safe place to trade unmolested.
    From time to time he needed various supplies, equipment replacements he couldn't scavenge.
    Now, embarassingly, he was shopping for childrens clothing. He didn't have the faintest idea about sizes or styles.
    The little girl had been with him for just over a year now and was starting to explore her surroundings a bit more.
    His old t-shirts just weren't suitable any longer, she needed proper fitting clothes...which was a nightmare in itself since she
    was growing, albeit slowly.
    "Like this?" The shopkeeper gave Hanratty an amused look and held up a tiny jumpsuit.
    "Its tough wearing, easy to clean...they do like to get themselves in a mess don't they sir?"
    Hanratty sighed. He had cleared up most of the more dangerous stuff aboard The Pony Express, locked it all safely away.
    Good thing too, the little one seemed incredibly agile, climbing in and around the bigger structures on board.
    He had to admit though, despite her explorations she never seemed to hurt herself. It was uncanny the way she avoided harm.
    "Ye better give me five of those then, in whatever colours it comes in." He thought for a moment
    "And five more of the next size up"
    The shopkeeper gave a broad grin "Of course sir! Now, what about the feet?"
    "Feet?" Hanratty sighed again, this was becoming more complicated than he had hoped.

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    Vektria comes back with a trash can in her hands, puts it on the ground and shoves the pile into it
    Scarcity: weren't you going to melt something?
    Vektria: I am
    Scarcity: in the can?
    Vektria: I won't be carrying all this stuff one at a time though, I'll just shove it all in the machine
    Vektria shrugs and takes the can, shoving the stuff into the smelter
    Vektria: It'll take a moment.
    Scarcity: so what? do you sell what comes out?
    Vektria: Probably
    Vektria: Or use the reusable stuff
    Scarcity: I need a way to make more money
    Vektria: Don't we all, eh?
    Vektria looks at Scarc
    Scarcity wonders why Vektria needs money
    Vektria: So, how's business?
    Scarcity: well, I have this job here
    Vektria: Which will take you a while
    Scarcity nods
    Scarcity: But thats just small stuff really
    Vektria: I'd take it myself but Llesa won't entrust me with as much as a screwdriver
    Scarcity: I need a lot of money
    Vektria: Oh? You're in trouble?
    Scarcity: Trouble? What do you mean?
    Vektria: Well, like a local mafia being after you or something.
    Scarcity looks at Vektria
    Scarcity: Is that why you need money?
    Vektria shakes head
    Vektria: I took care to be free of that kind of trouble on this planet
    Scarcity: well I don't know anyone here so I haven't had any trouble yet
    Scarcity smiles
    Vektria: I need cash because I need to make a living.
    Vektria shrugs
    Scarcity: well thats just incidental
    Scarcity: its a given you want to eat
    Scarcity giggles
    Vektria: Yeah, if I wanted to hunt my own food I'd become an adventurer
    Scarcity: I am living pretty cheaply right now, using the org facilities mostly
    Scarcity: saving every cred I can
    Vektria: Oh? What for? If I may ask
    Scarcity looks away
    Scarcity: you'll just laugh
    Scarcity: the rest
    Vektria: The rest who?
    Scarcity: anyone I tell it to
    Scarcity: they don't believe me or they think I am stupid
    Vektria: Oh. Well, I can't promise anything if I don't know the reason people laugh
    Scarcity: they don't think I could pilot it alone
    Scarcity catches herself
    Vektria: Pilot what?
    Scarcity: damn
    Scarcity looks at Vektria
    Vektria raises a brow
    Scarcity: a spaceship

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    Back in the hangar Hanratty sealed the entrance closed behind himself. He went through The Pony, looking around for her.
    "Grey! Where are ye?" He really would have to give her a proper name. Naming her after his sister had been his first thought...
    But it didn't seem right, too much pain was still associated with it. No, this one needed a name of her own.
    Damned if he could think of one though.
    Where was she now? He chuckled to himself, never had he met anyone able to make themselves so scarce before.
    "I have yer new clothes, come and see!"
    Nothing. Not a sound. Usually he could find her that way, her little voice making various sounds.
    He wasn't sure if it was some other language he didn't know or if it was just the noises a baby makes.
    Oh well, he could just scan the ship and find her that way.
    Sitting at the main console he set the ship's scanners to pick up bio signs and started the scan.
    Looking at the screen he raised an eyebrow...several small traces and his large blob.
    "Critters!" Bloody things were a nuisance, busy stations like this were full of them. But where was the girl?
    He paled...some of the vermin you picked up had pretty sharp teeth. Taking a hand-held scanner he went through the ship.
    As the device picked out each one's location he eliminated it, growing more and more unsettled. They had nasty teeth indeed...

    He felt sick, that was it, he'd been through the whole more life signs, not a trace. He sank to the floor distraught.
    It was all his fault. What had he been thinking? He wasn't able to raise a child alone on a ship.
    He leaned his head against the wall beside him.
    So stupid, he should have given her over to proper authorities somewhere...any life was better than no life at all.
    Suddenly he heard a soft noise, coming from behind the wall, as far as he could tell. He brought the scanner round and scanned the wall...nothing.
    He waved his hand in front of the device, it beeped, registering the bio signature as it should.
    He heard the noise again. Throwing the scanner aside he started opening a nearby access hatch in the wall.
    There wasn't a whole load of room in these spaces but different refittings and customisations left nooks and crannies in most ships, normally utilised by smugglers and the like.
    Sliding the hatch aside he poked his head through and gasped...

    ************************************************** *********************************************
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    New Beginnings

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    Hide and Seek cntd...

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    Vektria: You want to buy a spaceship?
    Scarcity: not a big one
    Vektria looks at Scarc incredulously
    Scarcity: I just don't feel at home planet-bound
    Scarcity: this was only meant to be a short stopover to make some creds
    Scarcity: heh, three months later...
    Vektria: Okey... Sounds insane. I like it.
    Scarcity: I grew up out there
    Vektria opens her bag again and pulls two cups
    Vektria: Coffee?
    Scarcity: and I mean really far out there
    Scarcity: where its empty
    Scarcity grins
    Vektria: Sounds lonely and void of opportunities
    Vektria: But hey, to each their own
    Scarcity: I know space is relatively empty generally, but I mean the outer reaches
    Vektria pours coffee into both cups and takes one
    Scarcity: I...I never was used to lots of people
    Vektria: Lots of people is good. You can hide in the crowd
    Scarcity: It was just me and...
    Scarcity trails off and looks sad
    Vektria frowns
    Vektria: You lost someone?
    Scarcity bites her lip and looks away
    Scarcity: Its...nothing...nevermind
    Vektria: ok, drink your coffee
    Vektria drinks hers
    Scarcity looks into her coffee cup and takes a sip
    Vektria: It's coffee
    Vektria: Not spiked
    Vektria grins
    Scarcity smiles weakly
    Scarcity: its good
    Vektria: Made it myself.
    Scarcity glances at the computer screen
    Scarcity: excuse me one sec...
    Scarcity reaches over, fingers dancing over the keyboard
    Scarcity: I just need to adjust something...
    Scarcity: there, lets see how that runs
    Scarcity looks back at Vektria
    Vektria picks up her cup again and drinks
    Scarcity: It has to be just right
    Scarcity: its like devices...computers...machines
    Scarcity: they can strike a harmony together
    Vektria: I rarely do that stuff anymore
    Vektria shrugs
    Vektria: Spend most of the time running from someone or to someone
    Scarcity: but its so fascinating!
    Vektria glances at the console
    Scarcity: its like they are speaking
    Scarcity: or singing rather
    Scarcity smiles
    Vektria smiles to herself a bit
    Scarcity: you can tune and tweak them to be even more harmonious
    Vektria: You're good at it I think
    Scarcity: and the more interconnections, the greater the chorus
    Scarcity: this is small stuff...I want to be working on a whole orchestra!
    Scarcity sighs and looks faraway

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    There she was!
    But different somehow. She was wimpering to herself, obviously distressed.
    He reached in and gently lifted the frightened little girl out of her hiding place.
    All over her little head were brightly coloured blueish bumps. He shook his head, this was something new.
    She had always had the bumps certainly, but previously they had been grey, same tone as the rest of her skin.
    Hanratty carried her through to the lab, which was the closest thing he had to a sick-bay.
    He carefully checked her for any injuries but she seemed completely unharmed.
    "So ye were scared by the bugs and hid away. Aye, yer a clever wee thing!"
    The sound of his voice was calming her somewhat but she was still clearly upset.
    He carried her through to the ship's main console and placed her on the chair in front of it.
    He switched the ship scanner on again and still she didn't show up.
    "...Now thats just weird."
    Flipping through the whole spectrum of settings he was unable to pick up any sign of her sat right there in front of him.
    "Well its picking me up fine so its not the scanner...its you"
    Shaking his head in bewilderment he turned to the shopping he had brought back with him.
    "Well lets see if these'll fit ye" rummaging through the bags he glanced up at her and winked.
    She started smiling back at him and suddenly the scanner beeped and she appeared on the screen.
    He roared with laughter "Well I never!"
    Hanratty dressed the now giggling little girl and sat her back in the seat where she stroked the fabric, cooing gently to herself.
    "Its a bit big for now but I'm sure ye'll grow into it"
    Nodding to himself he prepared The Pony for launch.
    "Lets get away from the nasty little bugs eh?"

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    Vektria: like a starship?
    Vektria drinks more coffee
    Scarcity: a ship? Well yeah, if you know what you are doing the same applies
    Scarcity: its all one entity, but as with most kit, things can be stubborn...
    Scarcity: the different components, teach them to speak to each other
    Vektria: Have you been to Fgrid?
    Scarcity pauses
    Scarcity: I have heard of it...its something I am looking into actually
    Scarcity: what do you know about it?
    Scarcity looks at Vektria
    Vektria: Basically, it's some old transportation system you can hack into
    Vektria: You can hack *yourself* into
    Scarcity looks thoughtful
    Vektria: And from different rumours I heard there's more than two grid systems
    Scarcity: thats the draw, why I want to learn more
    Scarcity: imagine it...being part of that chorus!
    Vektria: being inside a machine, on the wire!
    Vektria nods
    Scarcity looks hungry
    Vektria: I heard about a fixer who got stuck inside
    Vektria: Two, actually. You can still meet one of them. He's still human.
    Scarcity: stuck?
    Vektria: Yeah. I heard rumours of one fixer who became one with the grid permanently
    Scarcity: wouldn't be such a bad thing...
    Vektria: For me it would, I always take care inside the grid
    Scarcity: I always take care everywhere
    Scarcity: especially on such a strange planet as this
    Vektria nods
    Vektria: It is weird
    Vektria: Has its advantages though
    Scarcity: well, its not the place for me...
    Vektria looks at Scarc
    Vektria: You never know.
    Scarcity: sooner I get off this rock the better
    Scarcity yawns
    Vektria: why do you hate the place so much?
    Scarcity looks at Vek
    Scarcity: you a native?
    Vektria: nope
    Scarcity: so why do you have to ask me?
    Vektria: Because I like it here
    Vektria: Omni Pol are incompetent enough
    Scarcity: oh boy, I hate to think where you were before
    Vektria: Clans can be easily avoided
    Scarcity: the whole planet can be avoided, which is my plan
    Vektria: And you can basically use all the factions and groups to your advantage
    Vektria: You'd be surprised.
    Scarcity: factions and groups mean nothing to me
    Scarcity: I am not from here, I couldn't care less about their silly wars
    Vektria: I guess, for you. I work with people though.
    Scarcity: I just want to make enough to buy my way off this planet to somewhere they can afford my talents
    Vektria: And the alien blockade and Omni-Tek keeping all trade routes has its... advantages.
    Scarcity shakes her head
    Scarcity: there is a ship somewhere I will make my home
    Scarcity: go somewhere away from wars, away from factions
    Vektria: You'll never get away from them
    Vektria: Unless you isolate yourself totally, but even then you will have to get supplies somewhere
    Scarcity: somewhere the stars sing to each other unmarred by the static and noise generated by so-called civilisation
    Vektria: oh please
    Vektria: You're a hippie
    Vektria shakes her head
    Scarcity looks at Vektria
    Scarcity: you were born on a planet?
    Vektria: Yeah
    Scarcity: you grew up on a planet?
    Vektria: Yeah, I did
    Scarcity: then you don't understand
    Scarcity: out there is serenity, here is madness
    Scarcity yawns again
    Scarcity: I need to go rest, these programs can run overnight
    Vektria: Ok, I'll get the stuff I melted
    Vektria puts away her cup
    Scarcity: It was nice to talk to you
    Vektria: Same
    Scarcity: I don't much like crowds but this is ok
    Vektria: You'll get used to them
    Scarcity: I don't need to, I won't be among them for long enough
    Scarcity: See you later

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    A few hours later and they were outward bound again. He was always more relaxed when he wasn't docked.
    "There we go...finished." He glanced down at the little girl playing on the floor.
    The blueness of the bumps on her head had faded a little now but they were still unmistakably different.
    There must be some connection to her being undetectable on the scanner he mused.
    It was a big galaxy, he had been all over the Rim systems and seen lots of different races.
    This little girl wasn't like anything he had encountered before.
    All over the Milky Way huge corporations colonised vast swathes of systems, tailoring the genetics of their colonists for survival...and for commerciality.
    There was a multitude of variations, specialisations for various ecosystems and tasks.
    However the giant melting pot that resulted meant for every intended genetic blueprint there were many different offshoots, hybrids.
    Despite tight controls on the seeding of colonists there was no real practical way to stop them from breeding themselves.
    Nature had a way of taking back what humanity tried to control.
    The little girl was in a world of her own, playing with some random electrical components. Picking each one up in turn she held it by her ear.
    Chuckling to himself over what she might be listening for he picked her up and sat her down on the workbench in front of him.
    "I made ye this" He took her wrist and attached a small device on a strap
    "Lets see if ye can get it off easily" he watched her for a while as she pulled and played with the new toy.
    Hanratty figured it was a good idea to have a quick way of finding her again.
    She was increasingly more mobile now and he couldn't keep an eye on her every single second.
    The device was a powered chip, a simple echo circuit tied into the ship's systems. She had it next to her ear, head cocked to the side.
    He smiled at her, she looked so happy.
    "So what am I gonna call ye, eh?" He needed a name for her, 'Grey' wouldn't do at all.
    Hopefully he would find her more easily from now on but she would be speaking soon too, best to have a name for her to learn.
    "Can't be calling ye Grey next time ye make yerself scarce now can we?"
    Wait...that was it...Scarce...Scarcity!
    "Aha! The perfect name for my little disappearing pixie!"
    Hanratty's eyes twinkled as Scarcity smiled back at him.

    ************************************************** *********************************************
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    Out of Plain Sight...

    ((Huge thanks to all who helped with this one, the raid happened, the logs are true, slightly editted for length and spelling heheh. <3 you guys!))

    19 August 29482

    Lumen Orien HQ

    Scarcity was worried. She didn't like the look of this one bit. Poking around in the back of a panel she had found a strange device.
    This section was full of such gadgets, all doing their various jobs in keeping Lumen Orien's members linked together.
    Connected to each other and the larger planetary and system-wide channels. The device she had found just didn't belong.
    It looked too 'homemade' and while it was reading data from the other devices it wasn't sharing any back.
    She called Llesa's com

    Scarcity: Hello Llesa?
    Llesa: Yes?
    Scarcity: I am at the org HQ, got something a bit weird. Can you come over?
    Llesa: Sure. I'll be right there.
    Llesa: Everything ok?
    Scarcity: Ok, I am upstairs in the Comms hub.
    Scarcity: I found something...can't really indentify what it is ...or why its here
    Llesa: Oh? Interesting.
    Scarcity: I want to show it to you before I remove it.
    Llesa: I'm on my way. I'll be there soon. Going to grid

    Llesa gridded into Lumen's city and smiled as she waved to some Lumen members in the org cafe.
    Kate, the leet which seemed to have adopted them all, was jumping around them as they were chatting.
    From what she could see Ughers was relating some kind of story to a few others.
    She hoped he'd finished the painting
    "I'll be right down again!"
    She went up to the communications hub to see what Scarc was talking about.

    Llesa: Hi
    Scarcity: Heya
    Scarcity smiled
    Llesa smiled back
    Llesa: What's the problem?
    Scarcity: well its over here, behind this panel
    Scarcity showed Llesa a small device tucked away behind some cables in the wall
    Scarcity: It just doesn't belong
    Scarcity looked at Llesa
    Scarcity: Any idea what it is?
    Llesa adjusted her glasses and peered in the general direction where Scarcity was pointing
    Llesa: err
    Llesa adjusted her glasses again
    Llesa: I'm not good at this...
    Scarcity: Its been there a fair while too
    Llesa: You mean there's something that's not supposed to be here?
    Scarcity: yeah, its connected to the rest but not part of the rest
    Llesa: Hmm, any idea what it does?
    Scarcity: It seems to transmit data
    Scarcity: From your systems
    Llesa frowned
    Llesa: And it doesn't belong here? Hmm, not good.
    Scarcity: All the comms, mainframe, tracking, radar
    Llesa: It transmits all that?
    Scarcity: What about Dal, would he help? He knows about this stuff
    Llesa looked at Scarcity
    Llesa: Great idea, I'll call him.
    Scarcity: cool, we can even show him the...whatever it is on the comm
    Llesa: No
    Llesa: If this thing transmits everything...
    Llesa looked at Scarcity
    Scarcity: Not absolutely everything
    Scarcity: it seems to be selective, not always on
    Llesa: Do you know *what* it transmits?
    Scarcity: No, I haven't managed to unscramble it yet
    Llesa typed on her comm

    Llesa: Hey Dal? Are you busy?
    Dalonte: No, I can talk

    Scarcity shouted at Llesa's comm
    Scarcity: Dal?
    Llesa jumped a bit
    Dalonte: Yeah?
    Llesa: easy there
    Scarcity: we got something to show you, some kind of device
    Llesa: Mind coming to the headquarters?

    Scarcity: here, show him over the comm
    Llesa: That's not a good idea...
    Scarcity: well its been here for quite some time anyway...
    Llesa sighed
    Llesa: Alright
    Llesa moved the comm so that the device tucked away among cables in the wall was visible
    Llesa: Can you see it?
    Scarcity: can you make that out ok?
    Dalonte: Yeah, its not very clear...
    Llesa: Do you know what it is? Have you seen it before?

    Llesa: I'm not good with this technical mumbo jumbo
    Scarcity sighed
    Dalonte: I don't know what it is, but I think I seen it before.
    Llesa: Really? Where?
    Dalonte: It was on one of my old jobs. I was told to destroy it after I cleared the whole building.

    Llesa glanced at Scarcity
    Scarcity: thats probably what we should do
    Llesa: Yeah...
    Dalonte: Ok I'll be there in a few minutes to take a closer look
    Scarcity: Ok, Dal, see you when you get here
    Dalonte: Ok

    ************************************************** *******

    7 July 29477

    The Pony Express

    Hanratty was restless. He kept pacing up and down the control deck checking the time.
    All the viewing hatches on the ship were sealed closed...he wanted it to be a surprise for her. of the surprises.
    Today was Scarcity's birthday. It had been many years now she had been with him, fifteen to be precise.
    He had no idea what her actual birth date was but he always counted it from the day he had found her.
    She couldn't have been much more than a week or two old at the time. Fifteen years...had it really been that long he mused.
    It hadn't all been plain sailing, that was for sure.
    He remembered one time she had run away, a few years before while they were planetside for major repairs.
    He had thought then that he'd lost her forever. They'd had a silly fight about something
    and she went off leaving him a note saying she was old enough to look after herself.
    After two days of frantically looking for her she had just appeared back, rather subdued.
    From what he gathered later she had spent two cold, hungry nights sleeping rough.
    There had been other disagreements, periods of sulking but their father/daughter relationship had steadily grown over their time together.
    He felt truly blessed that after his years of solitude before he had such a little angel in his life.
    He used to think of her as his pupil too, now however he had nothing left to teach her, she was way more advanced than he was.
    These days it was often the case that she showed him a new trick or idea, she was a true natural with anything technical.
    The intercom buzzed and Scarcity's sleepy sounding voice came through
    "Ratty? Ratty! Why are all the hatches sealed?"
    He chuckled
    "Just get up here birthday girl and ye'll find out!"

    ************************************************** **********

    Llesa put her comm away
    Scarcity: I don't think he has any idea what it is either.
    Llesa: Well, can you safely remove it?
    Scarcity: Lets find out
    Llesa nodded
    Llesa: Be careful
    Scarcity stuck a large screwdriver behind the device and prised it off the conduit it was attached to
    Llesa observed curiously
    Scarcity examined it all over, adjusting her eyepeice, she selected a small powered screwdriver
    Scarcity: I think I can get the cover off...
    Llesa: you think it's safe?
    As she spoke the device began to vibrate and started emitting a single low-pitched tone
    A console nearby started beeping urgently
    Llesa looked nervous, as if afraid the device would bite her
    Scarcity: Whats that now?
    Llesa: uh oh
    Scarcity checked the readout on the console and her eyes grew wide
    She started tapping buttons all over the console frantically
    Scarcity: Er...the city cloak just switched itself off!
    Llesa: What??!
    Llesa: What's going on?
    Scarcity glanced at Llesa guiltily
    Scarcity:, I don't know
    Llesa: Any alien activity?
    Scarcity: Its jammed somehow...I can't get it back onlin...
    Her voice was cut off by a high pitched keening noise and then...
    A massive explosion which rocked the entire building knocked them both to the floor.

    ************************************************** ********

    Scarcity giggled as she quickly threw on some clothes. Headed for the control deck, she wondered what Ratty was up to.
    He really was a sweet old man, she owed him everything. He had taught her so much, from cooking to piloting a ship.
    She was better at the piloting than the cooking mind you. Well that suited her just fine. Above all though he had given her a home.
    There wasn't a feeling to compare to flying through the far reaches of space.
    That sense of freedom, your journey only limited by imagination. Scarcity shared Hanratty's disdain of planet-dwellers.
    As he always said: 'Why choose to live in one place? We have the whole galaxy to call home!'
    The control deck was the hub of the ship and had been converted by Ratty to show as much of the surroundings as possible.
    He had fitted the upper half of the hull with panels which could be opaque, could display sensor readouts or made transparent for a viewing gallery effect,
    Where they were right now the sensors wouldn't work properly at all but once he made them transparent...
    Scarcity rushed in
    "Well?" she looked at him expectantly
    "Happy birthday my little space monkey..." and he pressed a button on the console in front of him.
    As the walls and ceiling disappeared Scarcity gasped. The control deck was flooded with colours, greens, blues, golden hues.
    "Oh...! Oh my!...Its so...beautiful!"
    Hanratty chuckled at how wide her eyes were
    "Tis playing merry hell with the scanners but I reckoned right in the middle of a nebula would be a good place to have breakfast"

    ************************************************** ******

    Llesa and Scarcity picked themselves up off the floor. The Lumen Orien president looked fiercely determined as she made for the exit
    "See if you can get it back online again, I am going to organise some defences."
    She ran out and went back down to the cafe to collect the others.
    With her hands trembling Scarcity picked up her screwdriver and desperately started trying to bypass the blocked circuits.
    There was another even more massive explosion which threw her to the floor again.
    She felt dizzy as she sat up shaking her head, tasting blood and coughing and spluttering.
    As the smoke and dust cleared Scarcity's heart missed a beat and she froze.
    The last salvo had blasted a hole in the roof of the building and staring down at her on the floor from the gap in the ceiling was an alien!
    She looked around for her beamer and a whimper escaped her lips...she couldn't see it anywhere amid the devastation.
    The bug started weaving its head from side to side then, making a horrible screeching noise it hopped inside.
    "Llesa sent me back in to see...HOLY ****!"
    Redesine was standing in the doorway, his mouth gaping in shock
    His eyes darted from the hole in the ceiling back to Scarcity's horrified face.
    Redesine froze as he saw the alien creature start to advance on the terrified girl. The alien paused, glanced over at Red, then back at Scarcity.
    There was a timeless moment when the creature seemed unsure who to attack first.
    Then, in what felt like slow motion, Red drew his weapon, took aim and opened fire.
    The bug immediately switched its attention to Red and screeching in pain and fury it charged him, blasting him with hostile nanobots as it closed in on him.
    Red frantically gestured for Scarc to get out as he led the enraged alien away from her.
    Stumbling around the piles of rubble he continued emptying his weapon into the approaching alien.
    The pain from the nukes seemed to be someone else's pain for now...he had no time to think about it.
    He wasn't sure if he got off a lucky shot or not but it finally stopped dead just a couple of meters away.
    Red collapsed, suddenly very aware of the damage the bug had inflicted.
    As he faded from conciousness the last thing he saw was Scarcity frantically calling for help on her comm...

    ************************************************** ******

    Scarcity hugged Hanratty tightly
    "Its the bestest birthday present ever!"
    Hanratty smiled. They had seen nebulae before, but never like this one and certainly never this close.
    "There was also this wee thing I made..."
    He gave her a small device
    "Its an eyepeice, it should fit over yer right eye just fine."
    She put it on and looked all about
    "What is it supposed to do? Where are the controls?"
    Hanratty grinned
    "It views the whole electromagnetic spectrum...and the controls are in yer head of course!"
    Scarcity blinked and looked puzzled
    "What do you mean in my head?"
    "Well, to have buttons and controls on it would make it too big and clumsy to wear comfortably. Would look silly on such a small head like yours.
    This works by direct control."
    Still looking puzzled she shook her head
    "I don't get it, I can't see anything"
    "It uses feedback from yer brain have to learn how to control it by thinking and focussing."
    Scarcity looked at Hanratty with admiration
    "Thats so clever!"
    The old pilot blushed and shook his head
    "Oh its not that difficult to make...its more tricky to control. I had some success but I have a feeling you will fare better with it."
    He tried not to laugh as she started pulling faces of extreme concentration.
    "Oooooooh! I got something!"
    She pointed to an area of the nebula
    "Whats that? Like a fuzzy shape."
    Hanratty looked where she was pointing
    "You must have it working then, I can't see a thing."
    He didn't mention it took him three weeks to finally see something with it. She really was amazing.
    Hanratty peered closer. Hmm, now that she mentioned it there did seem to be a strange flicker.
    Proximity alarms started going off as suddenly, right before their eyes a ship decloaked. A large ship, bristling with turrets.
    It was headed straight for them. They glanced at each other in fear, only one thing such a ship could be...


    ************************************************** *******
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    Good story.
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    ((Just wanted to say that inviting everyone to org city and switching the cloak off for RP purposes felt great hehe.))
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    here is madness


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    thats not what the man in miniskirt said!

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    ((I know the episode 5(final) is late, been soooooo busy. Bear with me ))
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    ((Logs from in game not long after the attack. Posted for some background and explanation heheh. Episode 5 is finished and will be posted very soon ))

    25 August 29482

    Reet's Retreat, Fireplace room.

    Scarcity: oh heya guys!
    Anamelle looks up and chuckles
    Hadrensen: Hello there Scarcity
    Scarcity smiles
    Anamelle: Hi there
    Anamelle: fixers...
    Hadrensen: can be as sneaky as some agents.....
    Hadrensen smirks
    Anamelle chuckles
    Scarcity: heheh
    Anamelle: How's it going?
    Scarcity puts her gun away
    Scarcity: its going ok
    Scarcity: i am concerned we still haven't found...
    Scarcity looks at Joe and pauses
    Scarcity: its going ok
    Hadrensen smiles slightly
    Scarcity: have you seen Vek?
    Hadrensen: I'll head on out. Could use some sleep as it is.
    Hadrensen smiles and leans over and gives Ana a kiss on the cheek.
    Anamelle smiles at Joe
    Scarcity: see you Joe
    Hadrensen: See you guys around
    Anamelle: see you later
    Anamelle: I haven't seen Vek lately, no.
    Scarcity: she is good at disappearing
    Scarcity shakes her head
    Anamelle: I have an odd feeling we're on some sort of a timer
    Scarcity: timer?
    Anamelle: yeah. Well, just an ominous feeling something bad's going to happen
    Anamelle shrugs
    Scarcity: i truly hope not
    Scarcity: that raid was enough
    Anamelle nods
    Scarcity: I never want to see an alien that close ever again
    Anamelle: There are worse things to see in close up
    Scarcity: heh
    Anamelle: Like giant spiders...
    Scarcity: you weren't there
    Anamelle shudders a bit
    Scarcity: if not for Red I wouldn't be here now
    Anamelle frowns
    Anamelle: You're pretty young, aren't you?
    Scarcity: yeah...what of it?
    Anamelle: It's just... insurance...
    Scarcity: heh
    Scarcity: I am too young
    Anamelle nods
    Scarcity: its another year and a half before I can use it
    Anamelle: Well, I don't know what's going on but I think we all might be in danger.
    Anamelle: So... I'd get insured... it usually doesn't work but if there's even a slight chance....
    Scarcity: well the systems were compromised but the main goal was siphoning off the creds
    Anamelle: what do you mean?
    Scarcity: it was linked in to the tax system
    Scarcity: shop sales and org tax was...compromised
    Scarcity: a percentage was filtered off
    Anamelle: damn...
    Anamelle: so we were being robbed.
    Scarcity: a very small percentage, but after two years...
    Anamelle nods
    Scarcity: the org bank has suffered as a result
    Scarcity: not the members
    Scarcity: but of course they rely on the org bank too
    Anamelle: It's the same thing really. The org bank belongs to us all
    Scarcity: also you can consider any conversations held over comm to be not a secret
    Scarcity: but that's more a personal concern
    Scarcity giggles
    Anamelle thinks for a moment then blushes a bit
    Scarcity: anyway
    Anamelle: If I get my hands on whoever did it...
    Anamelle: ok
    Scarcity: I am going to find Vektria
    Anamelle: Be careful there.
    Scarcity: oh I think I got her number
    Scarcity smiles
    Scarcity: see you later
    Anamelle: See you later Scarc


    Lumen Orien HQ, Org laboratory.

    Scarcity: hey
    Scarcity looks stressed
    Scarcity: come over and sit down, we can talk
    Vektria opens a bag and starts looking for something
    Scarcity glances over at a screen and checks some data
    Scarcity: so, are ok with 'Vek'?
    Vektria nods, still digging in her bag
    Scarcity: ok
    Vektria: HA! There it is.
    Scarcity: what is?
    Vektria offers Scarcity a Club-Beer Can
    Vektria: Looks like you need it
    Scarcity: heh
    Scarcity: ok sure, I could use a drink
    Scarcity takes a long drink
    Scarcity sighs
    Vektria: So, what's the job Ana told me about?
    Scarcity: we would be talking in the comm center but theres a big hole in the roof
    Scarcity: I need an assistant
    Vektria: Oh?
    Vektria raises a brow
    Scarcity: the work I had already done was ruined
    Scarcity: in the attack
    Scarcity: and I need to replace that, I also need to spend more time analysing the systems
    Scarcity: for breaches of security
    Vektria nods
    Scarcity: so I need another pair of hands
    Scarcity: that's where you come in
    Vektria: I don't know if I like the term "assistant" but... what exactly would I be doing?
    Scarcity: well the design work is all done
    Scarcity: its just installing it
    Scarcity: but I have very high standards...
    Scarcity looks at Vek
    Vektria: You mean like... working and stuff?
    Vektria makes a face
    Scarcity: maybe this is a bad idea
    Vektria chuckles
    Vektria: Why did you ask for me in the first place then?
    Scarcity: first time I met you
    Scarcity: you were using the equipment in the lab
    Scarcity: you seemed to know what you were doing
    Vektria: Yeah, it's useful sometimes
    Scarcity: but I am not sure
    Scarcity: its not just knowing how it works
    Vektria: Show me that design
    Scarcity pulls out some scrappy drawings
    Scarcity: er...well
    Scarcity: that's another thing
    Vektria looks at Scarcity and smiles
    Scarcity: what?
    Scarcity: I know what I want
    Vektria: what what?
    Scarcity: I can see it in my head
    Vektria: Well, I can't see it in *your* head...
    Scarcity: its not difficult
    Scarcity: you just need to do exactly what I say
    Vektria: Let me see those drawings.
    Scarcity: the equipment is very sensitive
    Scarcity passes over the scraps of paper
    Vektria takes them and studies them for a while
    Scarcity: you won't understand most of it
    Vektria smiles to herself
    Vektria: Ok, I'll do it
    Vektria passes the drawings back to Scarcity
    Scarcity: did you understand any of that?
    Scarcity looks doubtful
    Vektria: Maybe
    Vektria: Do you want help or not?
    Scarcity: i do
    Vektria: Then I'll do it
    Scarcity: but I really need you to follow my specifications precisely
    Scarcity: I have run many tests on this stuff
    Vektria: Don't worry, this thing will work
    Scarcity: I can see how it works together more than you can know...
    Scarcity: we will see how it goes, I could really use the help
    Scarcity: you may even find it interesting...
    Scarcity: we need to salvage what we can from the debris in there first
    Scarcity: then the roof will be fixed...not by us of course
    Vektria: It's not what I usually do but I'll manage
    Scarcity: well we can start right now
    Scarcity: or rather, you can start right now
    Scarcity smiles
    Vektria chuckles
    Vektria: Sure, let me get a hammer
    Scarcity sighs
    Vektria grins
    Vektria: just kidding
    Scarcity: ok, I will let Llesa know you are working on this so you will get an allowance of sorts
    Vektria: thanks
    Scarcity: if you do well I will give you a bonus
    Scarcity: its only fair
    Vektria laughs
    Scarcity: whats funny?
    Vektria: Sorry
    Vektria: Thanks for the bonus, but I'm not doing it for money
    Scarcity: well if you don't want it...
    Vektria: Where do you want to start?
    Scarcity: ah right
    Scarcity: come with me into the comm center...
    210/18 Solitus Ranged Advy RUSTINEL * GARRZ Soldier Solitus 166/21
    145/18 Solitus Engineer DROIDAGE * AVYLORAN Keeper Solitus 161/14
    97/10 Solitus Metaphysicist MEHFIS * ZHERE Nanotech Nanomage 85/9
    Operator SCARCITY Fixer Opifex 49/5 Only TL2 Fixer solo title 7, all servers
    The Smuggler's Tale
    New Beginnings

    Advisor of Shattered Dreams and Lumen Orien

    Co-founder of Lumen Orien

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    [[*applauds* Nice job Rusti! ]]
    Tresa "Cylie" Burke

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    The End of Innocence...

    ((The final episode. This whole story would have been impossible(and nowhere near as much fun) without the kind help of all the people who appear in it )

    17 September 29482, Lumen Orien HQ

    Scarcity picked her way through the stacks of building materials.
    She watched Vektria hungrily eyeing up stuff for 'salvage'.
    "The workmen will be moving all this out tomorrow, I am sure they have it all inventoried."
    Vek looked evasive
    "I was just thinking what a mess it is and all..."

    Scar wondered what she would have thought of the mess if she had seen it first hand. It was still giving her nightmares.
    "Well, we are here for the important stuff. No point in fixing the building if its prone to more attacks.
    I do NOT want to go through THAT again!"

    She wondered how much of the work she could leave to Vek.
    The new assistant seemed good with tools and anyone who could understand the 'schematics' she had drawn up must have some talent at least.
    Scarcity looked around and shivered, this place was full of bad memories now. The more she could leave Vektria unsupervised the better.
    It would free her own time up to make creds on other jobs...safer jobs.

    Like everyone else on Ka she needed to increase her income, it felt the longer she stayed here the more involved she was getting.
    She didn't like the growing feeling of being 'trapped'.
    It had been her 20th birthday the month before and she certainly didn't want to be here for her 21st.
    That would drive her mad if she was here another whole year.


    7 July 29477, The Pony Express

    Searing pulses of light came hurtling towards them, breaking on The Pony's limited shielding.
    Against the background maelstrom of colours from the nebula it was strangly beautiful.

    "Scarcity!" Hanratty's shout broke her reverie
    "Get on the Nav and plot us an evasive course. We're too far away from any safe havens for protection!"
    Ratty wished he'd mounted some decent weapons on this boat. All he had were countermeasures and they wouldn't hold up for long against such a powerful ship.
    Too late now of course and anyway, what did he know about combat? At least the Pony was fast.

    He glanced over at his terrified companion. This wasn't just about him. He'd seen a fair few years himself,
    he'd be damned if some pirates were gonna stop her doing the same... Or worse.
    There had to be something they could do...
    "Think damnit!"

    He continued dropping countermeasures and sent out an emergency distress beacon. He tried not to think about the fact he had found that very same beacon alongside the gutted hull of a transport ship...
    The ship rocked as the relentless pounding slowly ate away their shields.

    10,000 miles and closing...

    The captain of the pirate vessel smiled to himself. He loved this part most of all, the chase...
    "Keep wearing them down. Make them believe they have a chance"

    He chuckled to himself. He didn't really care what was aboard, they'd had a couple of good runs lately and their current quarry
    didn't look to be worth a lot.
    Well, he'd play until it bored him, then in for the kill. Anyway you never knew what you'd find, appearances could be deceptive.


    4 September 29482

    Scarcity entered the HQ quietly, it was late and she was hoping to catch her assistant off guard.
    Vektria had told her she preferred working at night. The work was taking longer than she anticipated and she wanted to find out why.
    A tall silent cloaked figure watched her from the shadows.

    Making her way up to the lab Scarcity tried not to make a noise. She didn't mind if Vek was doing other jobs too, everyone had to make creds how they could.
    She just wanted to make sure her work with Lumen wasn't suffering.
    "So how's it coming along?"

    Vektria jumped. She had been deep in concentration.
    "Look at this, some weird energy signal..."
    She pointed at the readout.
    "Nevermind that, how is the job progressing?"
    "The job is fine" Vek glanced at Scar and back at the readout, "You really should look at this"

    Reaching over to switch off the monitor Scarcity shook her head.
    "Its no wonder you are getting behind if you are so easily distracted. Is there something else taking up your time? Some other work?"
    Vek pouted, "Thats not you have some problem with the quality of my work?"
    Scarcity rubbed her temples, she was getting quite a headache.
    "No, the quality is...adequate. Its the quantity I am concerned about."

    Vektria pulled a face. "Its not like we have a deadline or anything..."
    "You don't get it" Scarcity sighed "The sooner we finish up here the sooner I can take on another big project.
    This could be good for both of us. If you do well I may take you with me."
    Pulling another face Vek replied "What makes you think I want to go with you?"

    "Look I really don't need this hassle now" Scarcity rubbed her temples again, she was seeing strange flashes of light over by the door.
    She turned back to Vektria who switched the monitor back on.
    "Look, its in here now" Vek glanced at the monitor and then pointed at the door "Over there"
    Scarcity blinked, "What... its not just me...?"


    Scarcity was scared witless as she tried to keep the Pony intact. It was taking all her piloting skills to avoid the heaviest fire.
    The evasive manouvres however meant they weren't getting enough distance, despite their speed.

    She glanced over at Hanratty. She'd never seen him look so worried before.
    Hanratty was at a loss. He couldn't see any way out of this for them both. He needed to calm Scarcity too, reassure her.

    "How's the power plant holding up?" He hoped to focus Scarcity's mind, to panic now could be fatal instantly.
    "We are good for maybe 30 mins at this rate...the shields won't hold that long though!"
    The look in her eyes told him she wasn't fooled. She knew how bad this was. He suddenly knew what he had to do.

    "I've got an idea. I think we can fool these guys. Give me a sec, I'll be right back"
    He went aft leaving Scarcity alone at the helm for a few minutes.
    Hanratty came back carrying a large box.

    "Ok, we're going to use the escape pod. I programmed it with the co-ordinates of the nearest outpost"
    "But they'll just catch that!" Scarcity wondered if he had lost his mind
    "No, they will follow the ship till its disabled, then come back for us."
    Scarcity shook her head, "But we'll be defenceless in that pod!"
    "I've set the Pony to self-destruct, there won't be any more pirates after that"

    She couldn't believe what she was hearing "But its everything you own! Your whole life!"
    Hanratty gave her hand a tight squeeze and smiled,"No, you are"
    "Now no more buts! Get this box down to the escape pod, I'll join ye shortly"

    Hanratty took over the helm as she made her way to the escape pod. He watched her on the internal monitors until he saw her enter the capsule.
    "I'm here, what's keeping you?" as Scarcity's voice came over the comm he reached over and pressed a button on the console in front of him.


    Following Scarcity quietly up to the lab the shadowy figure could barely contain herself. It was the one she was looking for!
    The meddler who had ruined her plans... her years of work. Despite being nothing more than a damn kid!
    Well revenge would be sweet indeed she thought as she sneaked into the lab.

    The cloak she was using was painful but very clever. It drained her nano while operating so she would have to turn it off to attack.
    The skeletal figure had checked the data dump her device had performed when it was discovered. Her target was under insurance age.
    This lesson would be brutal and final.

    Oooh, she's got a little friend, what fun! She cackled quietly to herself. This would be twice as satisfying.
    She couldn't wait to see their faces.
    She stayed in the shadows for a while listening to their conversation. She wanted to choose her moment.
    One of them pointed right at her. Oh well, time for action she thought switching her cloak off.

    Zhere Vryst's grinning nanomage countenance materialised in front of them, her hands moving as she started running nanoprograms.

    "Who the f..."

    Vektria's cry was cut off as the Nanotech's area nuke blasted her and Scar against the back of the lab.

    "Hello kiddies! Hahahaha!"

    Nanobots streamed through the air. Ripples of energy coursed through the nanomage's fingers as she rooted the two fixers where they lay.
    The two girls were paralyzed as Zhere bombarded them with hostile programs. Vek was terrified, Scarcity looked unconscious..or worse.
    She called out to her but there was no reply. She started inching her fingers towards her stims. She had to break loose somehow.

    "Sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong!" another searing nuke hit Scar, animating her limp body like a puppet.
    "You wanted to know who I am did you?" Another blast of energy
    " ZHERE VRYST is who I am!! Now you can die happy!" The nanomage cackled wildly and hit Scarcity again.

    Vektria took advantage of the nanomage's concentration on Scar and took a stim. She could feel the effects of the paralysis fading away.
    Her limbs felt like lead as she slowly pulled her gun out. Thanking her lucky stars she kept it loaded at all times she opened fire.

    "Ahahaha!" Zhere easily dodged the terrified girl's clumsy attempts at aiming and rooted her again.
    She took out a scanner and pointed it at Scar. The reading seemed to please her.
    She moved towards Vek a chilling smile growing on her lips.

    "You can relax, the one I came for is dead."

    Vek's eyes widened in fear as Zhere bent over and gently stroked her tear-stained face with a bony finger
    "I think I'll let you live for now, you can tell the rest what happened here. But don't think I won't come back for you one day."

    Vek struggled helplessly against her paralysis as the depraved witch went on

    "You can count on it. I'll be in every shadow, every dark place you go. You won't forget my name now will you dearie...?"

    With a final maniacal laugh the evil nanotechnician activated her cloak and was gone.


    Scarcity put the box down in the capsule. She wondered what was in it, the pod already had vital supplies stowed.
    She flipped the internal comm, "I'm here, whats keeping you?"
    The door of the pod slid shut behind her. She hit the release button but nothing happened.

    "Ratty? There's a problem with the door! You need to open it from up there"
    There was no reply from the flight deck. Suddenly there was a whirring noise and the pod started moving into launch position.

    "What?! No, wait!" Scarcity frantically started beating on the door.
    The capsule suddenly accelerated out of the Pony and she was thrown to the floor.

    "There's an escape pod launched from the target boss"
    The captain of the pirate ship raised an eyebrow, "Lifesigns?"
    "Not too sure, the readings are a bit, er...fuzzy."
    "No matter, track it's trajectory, we'll come back for it." Rats deserting a sinking ship he thought.
    "I am more interested in the ship. Why haven't you caught it yet?!"
    "Working on it Captain, its faster than it looks..."

    Scarcity picked herself up. "Ratty! Ratty! What happened?"
    The comm came suddenly to life, Hanratty's grizzled old face looking at her.
    "Scarcity, listen to me."

    She shook her head, "You can't fight them! We're salvagers, not soldiers! They'll catch you and come back for me too!"

    Hanratty gave a sad smile
    "Scarcity, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. You changed my life, hell, ye gave me a life. Now its my turn to do the same."
    "What do you mean?!" Scarcity sank to the floor, distraught

    Hanratty sighed, as Scarcity sobbed, a tear rolling down his own cheek "I'm sorry, there's no other way, just don't hate me too much"
    "In years to come mebbe you'll tell folk about the crazy old fool ye flew the galaxy with."
    "I love ye Grey..."

    Hanratty switched off the comm. There wasn't much time left. He changed course.
    The self-destruct idea wasn't completely a lie, he just couldn't leave it to chance the pirates would be close enough to the blast.
    There was only one way to be sure.

    "Er Captain, they've changed course"
    "Well they would do, they are trying to get away" He really would have to replace that one, too dumb for words.
    "Actually no, they are headed straight for us, gaining fast"
    The captain laughed hard, "So what are they trying to do, ram us...?"
    "Er...yes Captain"

    There was a silent blinding flash, as each of the two ships' engines went critical, outshining the nebula briefly, then fading to nothing.
    The last image in Hanratty's head was of a little grey baby girl giggling up at him...

    210/18 Solitus Ranged Advy RUSTINEL * GARRZ Soldier Solitus 166/21
    145/18 Solitus Engineer DROIDAGE * AVYLORAN Keeper Solitus 161/14
    97/10 Solitus Metaphysicist MEHFIS * ZHERE Nanotech Nanomage 85/9
    Operator SCARCITY Fixer Opifex 49/5 Only TL2 Fixer solo title 7, all servers
    The Smuggler's Tale
    New Beginnings

    Advisor of Shattered Dreams and Lumen Orien

    Co-founder of Lumen Orien

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    Nice work! *two thumbs up*
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    ((I didn't want to post a generic quit thread on LOR. Not sure how many are still left that would remember me tbh.
    To those who are left I thank you sincerely.
    I feel truly humbled to have shared such a wondrous time with you all, (PVPers and RPers alike ) and I doubt I will ever meet many of your calibre again. <3<3<3

    I have not logged in more than half a dozen times in the last 6 months of my subscription. I don't know, maybe I achieved everything I wanted (220 was never really on that list!) but it feels like my time is done. That fact saddens me but it is a fact nonetheless. I fly to Ireland for a few weeks tomorrow morning and my subscription will be finished before I return. Heh, it just dawned on me how fitting that actually is...

    Not going to post a huge big list of names in case I forget anyone and come back some time in the future (never say never, right?) . You know who you are and you and your characters live on in my mind. For that matter it feels like my own characters are still living their lives on Ka and I am saying goodbye to them too.
    Well, apart from Scarcity of course.

    I am playing Eve now, its fun and whilst it doesn't compare to Anarchy's immense social aspect it at least offers new challenges. Look me up if you ever fancy some pew pew in space (Skarcity with a 'k', someone else got this one's spelling)

    So, I wrote this little piece as a farewell. Like a bridge between the past and the future you could say... ))

    04 May 29484, The Grind Nightclub

    Scarcity gazed out of the window at the planet below. It looked almost pretty from this far up. Certainly it looked peaceful.
    What a crazy 24 hours it had been she mused.

    ************************************************** **

    Earlier that day...

    Scarcity slowly opened her eyes, fearing the worst. She lifted her aching head and took in her surroundings.
    There could be no doubt about it, she had spent the night in a prison cell.
    With a groan she sat up and tentatively put her feet on the floor. She felt quite stiff from sleeping on the hard bench
    and her face felt funny. Raising a hand up to her mouth she winced and then cringed as hazy memories started to
    rise to the surface.
    A godamn bar brawl...and she had started it. Scarcity sighed. Well, if it hadn't been for that irritating pilot, what was his name?
    "Pilot? - Hah!"

    The door to the cell opened and a huge trox smirked down at her.
    "So how is the little hellion feeling this morning?"
    "Ugh, don't" She shook her head and winced again.
    "Look, I will pay for any damages - umm, were there any damages?"
    Scarcity rubbed her pounding head. The guard waved a sheet of paper at her.
    "Oh a few breakages, I don't think you will be welcome in that particular establishment any time soon"
    The guard chuckled.
    "Lets get you processed and out of here, I am due a break soon and want to get your paperwork out of the way"
    He led her from the cell to an adjacent office.
    "Take a seat Sparky" He motioned to a chair.
    "My name is Scarcity"
    The guard grinned
    "Oh I know all your details, we took em from your ID chip last night.
    Its not like you were making any sense to bother questioning."
    He smirked again
    "You seemed to think you were a space pilot"
    Scarcity stood up indignantly
    "But I...!"

    She caught herself and sat back down resignedly, hell, he was right, she hadn't piloted a ship now in such a long time.
    She spent her days killing aliens in the Outzones and her nights drinking in some of the seedier clubs and bars in Borealis.
    Before arriving on Ka she had never been drunk, now a day rarely ended with her being sober.
    That pilot with the irritating grin had been right, you needed a ship to be a pilot and she still wasn't anywhere near
    making the money she needed.
    Damnit, what was his name?

    "You work for Lumen Orien according to your data chip, I looked them up."
    The guard stared at her
    "They don't hire pilots from what I could tell."
    Scarcity sighed
    "Ok, just tell me where to sign and how much I owe and I promise I won't be back here again."
    He set her comm and ID chip on the table and indicated where she should sign the form.
    "You don't owe anything, your friend took care of it."
    "Who? Vektria?" Ugh, Vek would never let her live this down.
    The guard looked puzzled.
    "No, your sparring buddy. He said you lost a bet and thats why you were so drunk and angry.
    He paid for the damages and for your fine. Oh, and he left you this note."
    Scarcity took the folded peice of paper and put it in her pocket.
    "Can I go now?"
    "Yes, and I don't want to be dragging your sorry ass in here again, ok?"
    Scarcity nodded dumbly and left.

    Making her way down through the whom-pah to Borealis she looked for a bar open this early.
    She couldn't face the Outzones today and needed a drink to fix her aches and pains.
    "Leave the bottle"
    The barman shrugged
    "Fair enough, you look like you need it."
    Scarcity took the glass and the bottle back to a booth in a corner.
    She took the note out of her pocket, crumpled it up and threw it on the table.
    "Damn smartass pilot"
    She poured a drink and downed half of it.
    She tried piecing together the messed up events of the night before. What a nerve that guy had had!

    She had seen him telling stories to a few patrons in the bar and she had been listening, drinking at a nearby table.
    It had been a long hard day for her and the alcohol was starting to numb some of it.
    He quite clearly thought he was wonderful but at least sounded like the real deal.
    After an hour or so she had unsteadily approached his table.
    "So you're a pilot huh?"
    He gave her a maddening grin.
    "Best you ever met cutiepie!"
    Scarcity restrained the urge to throw her drink in his face.
    "I was looking for some work. You have anything?"
    The cocksure pilot looked her up and down, stroking his chin as he did so.
    "Well now...its not so glamourous as you may think you know. Despite my good looks it ain't no holoreel."
    That maddening grin again.
    She rested her hand on the back of a chair to stop swaying so much.
    "I know, I grew up in space."
    "Did you now? Hmm, well I guess I could use a general, you might brighten the place up a bit."
    He winked up at her.
    "I bet I could find something for you to do..."
    "I am a pilot you *******! And probably better than you!"
    She had shouted this last bit and the bar fell silent momentarily.
    "Ah screw it, wasting my time..." she muttered as she turned to leave.
    "Wait! What do you fly?" He looked at her a little more seriously.
    Scarcity faltered
    "Well guess you could say I am between ships at the moment..."
    The pilot threw his head back and howled with laughter.
    "Ahahahaha! Sure you are! I am a husband too...just between wives at the moment. I have an opening if you are interested"
    He winked at her again.
    That did it. Two years of frustration suddenly welled up inside her. Two years of walking this dust bowl.
    Two years of violence, conflict and pain. Having to learn to fight people and things she didn't know or understand.
    She was never going to get off this rock and it felt like an eternity already.
    With an almost primeval screech she picked up a chair and threw it at the laughing pilot...
    The rest was thankfully still pretty hazy.

    Scarcity sighed, drained her glass and poured another. She glanced at the crumpled paper on the table.
    Another crack at her expense she supposed. What was his damn name?
    She picked it up and smoothed it out, a tentative smile slowly forming as she read

    Honey you got balls!
    Maybe I was wrong about you after all.
    If you can pilot with the same kind of passion you are hired
    Meet me later at The Grind and we'll talk
    Just no chair throwing this time, ok?

    ************************************************** **

    Scarcity moved away from the window and took a seat at the bar where she could watch the entrance.
    She wondered what would come of this. Her plan had always been to make enough for her own ship.
    It wasn't working out so well, living on Ka was not as lucrative as she had thought.
    Maybe flying for someone else would be a quicker route. Certainly she would be happier, she missed it so much.
    She had half a notion it was a trap, some other way of ridiculing her. When she had arrived on Ka originally
    she had hardly been what you would call trusting. Her experiences since had reinforced that somewhat.

    The Opi behind the bar approached and placed a drink in front of her.
    "I didn't order anything...?"
    "Looks like you have an admirer"
    The barmaid nodded towards the pilot on the next level who was of course grinning at her.
    "He looks kinda cute...for a Soli anyway. From this distance he probably can't see those bruises on your face.
    Good luck honey."
    The barmaid patted her hand and went to serve another patron.
    Scarcity sighed. Well, here goes nothing she thought...

    ************************************************** **

    05 May 29484

    As the ship drew slowly away from the station and its surrounding traffic Scarcity was tingling with anticipation.
    Her hands were moving over the controls almost of their own accord as she guided the ship out to safe distance.
    She stole a glance at her new employer. He was watching her again with that grin.
    Not so maddening after all she thought, provocative was perhaps a better word.
    Feelings and memories of her time on Ka were kaleidescoping through her mind.
    Through all the violence and strife she had made some true friends, shared some good times.
    There was a poignant shard of regret mixed in with her joy at piloting again.
    For better or for worse she knew she would never forget Rubi-Ka and her time there.
    Her destiny lay elsewhere though.

    The comm buzzed as the station gave them final clearance to depart.
    With a single bittersweet tear rolling down her face Skarcity engaged the ship's main drive.

    ************************************************** **
    210/18 Solitus Ranged Advy RUSTINEL * GARRZ Soldier Solitus 166/21
    145/18 Solitus Engineer DROIDAGE * AVYLORAN Keeper Solitus 161/14
    97/10 Solitus Metaphysicist MEHFIS * ZHERE Nanotech Nanomage 85/9
    Operator SCARCITY Fixer Opifex 49/5 Only TL2 Fixer solo title 7, all servers
    The Smuggler's Tale
    New Beginnings

    Advisor of Shattered Dreams and Lumen Orien

    Co-founder of Lumen Orien

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