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Thread: CoT Has Fallen...

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    Post CoT Has Fallen...

    This link to the AO main page...

    says it all. A coup? Who performed the coup? Where is Radiman? Will Omni-Pol bring forces into Tir to scour the Clan capital?

    I'm as curious as you are...
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    Looks like Tir really will fall. The news article mentions how the council's armed forces have been withdrawn from Tir. What is to stop ICC and Omni-Pol from taking Tir? Soem glanners and a handful of Guards?

    Nasty, nasty. As for Radiman, he's probably long dead. This should make things interesting!

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    *gloats and snickers*
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    Lock and Load

    It's on now kiddies. Omni is coming, and there is nothing to stop us.

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    Omni-Tek is coming?
    Ha. Clanners you should be so lucky. With ICC troops now in place, its clear to me that Sol Banking Corp will be your next keeper.

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    You really don't think we'll oppose you?Guards will be up in no time and a crowd of pissed of clanners waiting the second you enter.

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    This is exactly what people have been asking for, a changeing enviroment. With such a shocking event, I wonder whats going to happen next.

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    I will fight and fight against both ICC and Omni, until they pull the plug on my reclaim. Tir beeing neutral just like that? With no response from the clanners? BS! Everyone I know would fight to keep their town Clan only.
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    I'm sure that after a small stint at Omni-Reform, you'll understand. Omni-Tek is not your enemy, ICC is. We at Omni-Tek are only here to help you through these troubling times. We at Omni bring Order out of Chaos. Let us at Omni-Reform help you to understand the truth behind the lies. Once your with us, you'll understand that Omni-Tek is your friend, and there to help you.
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    I'm sure that after a small stint at Omni-Reform, you'll understand. Omni-Tek is not your enemy, ICC is. We at Omni-Tek are only here to help you through these troubling times. We at Omni bring Order out of Chaos. Let us at Omni-Reform help you to understand the truth behind the lies. Once your with us, you'll understand that Omni-Tek is your friend, and there to help you.
    Let me be the first Omni-Tek contractor to warn you people that this guy may not be entirely on the level. Sounds like they've been shoving him through the propaganda machine too long.

    That said, please do consider that many of us like the ICC being present about as much as you do. While I had been hopeful that they would restrict their presence to Neutral areas, the disolvement of the Council of Truth inevitably led to this. At the very least, consider using ICC guards as human shields when the Omni-Mil army tries to storm Tir. People might live longer.

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    Angry You'll never got Tir!

    Tir is ours ! ICC has nothiing to do in Tir... Just kill every ICC representative you can!

    Thanks to all clanners who killed COT by their divisions and taste of power, OT is very glad of your help...

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    Tir is ours ! ICC has nothiing to do in Tir... Just kill every ICC representative you can!
    Talk about self-defeating. This "Kill all corporates" attitude is what got the Clans into this mess, make no mistake. Which would you rather have: The ICC standing at the front gates when Omni-Tek arrives to take the brunt of the damage, or having to take it yourselves? Why not take advantage of these invaders since you have the opportunity?

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    I get the feeling half you guys don't realize that Omni-Tek is a member of the ICC. Just like the U.S. is a member of the United Nations.

    The ICC was formed to prevent another disaster like what happened with Omni-Tek's predecessor, FarmaTek. Omni-Tek would not have been allowed to grow if the ICC was not formed.

    Just as the U.S. has 'issues' at times with the U.N., so does O-T butt heads with ICC.

    But, the ICC at this point is not a 'faction'. It's simply a regulatory body charged with overseeing the stability and fairness of commerce at first on earth and now in the galaxy.

    As for the Clans, there are a multitude of Clans. Always was. The only thing that 'fell' was a voice. The CoT was nothing more than N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). France and the U.S. are both in N.A.T.O. How many times have you seen them two be on exact opposite sides of a difficult decision.

    If N.A.T.O. were to 'fall' (very poor choice of words on the Story site, IMHO) does this mean the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, ..... no longer exist?

    No, just a common 'voice' no longer exists.

    "Tir is ours ! ICC has nothiing to do in Tir... Just kill every ICC representative you can!"

    With players spewing nonsense like this in the Story forum, it's no wonder FunCom doesn't work harder at it.

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    Your comparison of NATO and the CoT is severely flawed. NATO controls no territory, nor does it have the jurisdiction to enforce political or economic treaties among any or all of its member nations and any state not party to the NATO Pact. NATO is a military organization. It has no capital city, and is composed of sovereign states who possess 100% de jure (as a matter of law) control of their respective swath of territory.

    The CoT is (was) a legislative body charged with overseeing all affairs within clan territory. This not only included military security, but social, economic and political affairs as well. It was never 100% de jure sovereign because OTRK possessed exclusive and ultimate access rights to supplies of notum under the Tir Accord, as well as an exclusive option to enter Clan territory at any time for investigative matters. Furthermore, each individual "Clan" lacks its own dedicated territory, confered to it at law or otherwise, and as such cannot be seen as "sovereign".

    With the demise of the CoT, FC has essentially altered the structure of former Clan-controlled areas to that of Anarchy. The only people mediating disputes within Tir are ICC Peacekeepers, so it's more or less free-for-all therein.

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    Well, at least you got a clue and piece together a sentance. You still gotta realize that the individual Clans got a hella lot power. At least some do. They have multiple thousands of members in some of them as I recall.

    The 'alliance' may have broken down. That doesn't mean that Sentinels, The Knights, Eco Warriors, New Dawn, have no pull. They were strong before CoT was formed and are even stronger now than before the last war began. They have infrastructure.

    The apparent dissolution of the CoT was not a 'victory' by O-T in several senses. First there was no 'war' to win. Secondly, O-T (as far as we know) didn't do a single thing to cause the unravelling. The internal bickering amongst the Clans and probably some serious cloak and dagger maneuvering behind the scenes basically killed it at the core.

    As far as how this works into the 'Story'? Well, I would have to say the obvious plot mechanism has now been primed to let loose. What would be more Hollywood than the Clan's 'savior' David Marlin (now in orbit around R-K) to swoop down in a glorious light upon his chariot of fire and Unite the Clans once again to embark on their journey towards securing the future of freedom for humanity? Kinda corny. But, if the Clans aren't all dishevelled and without focus, how can the Messiah come and fulfill his destiny?

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    I agree that the various clans do have a great deal of power individually. The only problem with them now being factionalized is that, for each individual clan, they now face not only one enemy and one bystander (OTRK and the neuts, respectively) but the possiblity of multiple enemies should the disputes that shattered the council manifest themselves into open conflict.

    Think the neuts are going to align with ICC? If the ICC Peacekeepers continuously find themselves as aimed shot fodder, they might need to make a few friends, and OTRK won't help them. Clans won't want to commit to something that OTRK is a (controlling, more or less) part of, so that leaves them little choice.

    I think that, if anything, the dissolution of the CoT was a LOSS for OTRK. Now, instead of one centralized, civilized, and above all controllable variable, OTRK has to deal and negotiate with multiple factions, each of whom is pursuing its own interests. Should the interest of two or more of the larger clans diverge, OTRK will be faced with miserable strategic dilemma; namely, with whom to unite? Which side to choose? Ultimately, notum will be the deciding factor (so, if we as players have ANY ability to shape the politics/events of the game, then the faction that controls the greatest number of mines will want to guard them VERY carefully).

    I think it's still too early for David Marlin to hit the planet. If he does, you won't see him emerge for a while. As was mentioned before, there is a four year time frame in which this story is scheduled to evolve, and as such I don't believe anyone will notice his presence until late in the third or early in the fourth.

    Here's my take on the integration: the CoT dissolution and the arrival of the ICC will precipitate war. Think about it. The capital city of the old CoT is guardless, with the exception of the ICC. OT people know this, so they increase their presence in Tir. This will exacerbate existing frictions, leading to small, sporadic conflicts. The ICC will intervene, but will inevitably be slaughtered.

    Sporadic tussles between clan and OT boil into large-scale conflicts, including raids on OTHQ. The ICC sends more peacekeepers, aligns with the neuts, and makes existing neutral territory their base of operations. Peacekeepers are mandated to enter Rome and Omni-1 to keep OT people in and to keep Clan out. Coincidentally, the Dust Brigade (can't forget them) sweep into Tir, eliminate all Omnis and ICCs, and claim the city yet again as the capital of the Clans (with them in charge, of course).

    Phew. A bit improbable, but I think it's an interesting go-forward. Anyone else have thoughts?

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    One thing I think is that the Storyline is being accelerated. Financial pressure I think is forcing a premature release of the Shadowlands. That's essentially endgame if you ask me. Marlin's backers vs. Drake's backers with humanity as the kickers on the foosball table.

    If they put out Shadowlands May of 2003, that's 2 years since Retail. Think they can drag out Armageddon for 2 yrs and still keep the kiddies occupied?

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    Good point. I think they're also more than a bit worried about Galaxies coming out in early 2003. They'll lose at least 15% of their player base outright and another 25% will be less active in AO. That doesn't bode well for revenue or for working the story in-game.

    As far as current financial pressure is concerned, I think they're more worried about retaining as many loyal customers as possible. Why else would they have closed development of whatever other game they were working on, in order to add dev staff to AO? I think FC is about to start a major content push.

    Granted, given the chaotic nature inherrent of the MMORPG community, a four year timeline may be a bit too optimistic. But you have to figure, when David arrives, no one (in character) will know who he is. He could be branded a spy for the other side, an ICC insurgent, or any other number of evil things. They will have to alot time for him to rise to power, and then alot time for the grand cataclysmic conclusion of the game. Given that only one expansion is being developed to date, I think AO has at least 1, if not 2, years left (should be up to patch 1.4539 x 10^51 by then).

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    People have always speculated about how much longer AO will last. Nobody has any idea what FC's financial situation is.

    Shadowlands was originally coming out this Christmas. This means that any storyline they had planned out ahead of time would have to be stretched out over quite a few more months after the delay. They probably just reworked the story to fit nicely with the new release schedule.

    The current mix of politics means that anarchy will be relatively common. The ICC is slow moving and heavy-handed. After their initial push to maintain a situation on RK, they will probably become more docile to avoid a major confrontation with OT. This will lead to wide-spread conflict in the northern territories as clans fight clans and omni for control of various areas a la booster pack. After months of chaos and turmoil, something amazing will happen and Shadowlands will be released. Perhaps David will show up and the clans will again be united.

    It will be nice, because all the players who have complained about wanting to control their own destiny will be quite sick of it by the time Shadowlands comes out and will probably be more than willing to throw themselves behind a good leader.
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    Once the booster pack hits, the "territorial control" feature will undoubtedly be the primary driving force behind player destiny and the involvement players have in the story. I can imagine that most of the headinlines on the main site will involve changes in control.

    The current political climate has certainly fostered a great deal of speculation and debate, on the boards at least, but this is a severe weakness to AO. Anarchy, insofar as gaming elements are concerned, are ideal for players. It's less regimented and ordered, leaving a player free to essentially do whatever such player feels like. However, the form of "anarchy" currently enveloping the game has little to do with story events - quite simply because of a LACK of story events.

    We're stuck with a big world with tremendous history, yet no real sense of WHY. The player base is much too fragmented socially in game to create any sense of global community, but that's to be expected. Debate rages on these forums because it's the only place where active community members meet to discuss. Yet, discussions in these forums seem completely discontinuous with the game world.

    FC needs content, plainly and simply. Put news terminals in-game, create something akin to "Speaker's Corner" in London, UK, or involve players more in the various governments (i.e., put player docs in Omni-Med, agents and soldiers in Omni-Pol, crats in Omni-Admin, etc.). Right now, players are nothing but passive spectators, for all intents and purposes. REAL involvement and interaction is the only way to appease the masses, and to compete with other games looming ominously over the horizon.

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