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Thread: How to get credits.

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    How to get credits.

    Tip 1: Look on the market.. Whats selling good and whats easy to get your hand on.
    Don't look on items that's worth 100m+.. That comes later on.
    Look for on basic items.. for example: Morphing memory from Subway.. they are easy to get your hands on.. and they sell for what.. 200k-1m/piece? They are probably used by 80% of all players 150+.

    Tip 2: Don't aim for the rarest items you can find.. they are costy for a reason.. (Hard to get). Sure.. it don't hurt to kill bosses that drop them.. that's totally up to you.

    Tip 3: Do services.
    When you have come to the level where you can do services for another person.. Do it. you can easily get 1-10m per item depending on what item it is.

    Tip 4: Buy and resell. Buy cheap things.. and sell it for a higher price.(I'm usually against this cause it ruins the market.. but its up to you.)

    Tip 4: DO NOT SELL YOUR ITEMS! When you buy it.. keep it. For all you know you might be needing it 1-3 months later and the price might have risen 20%. you lose creds that way.. when you buy.. keep it if you are going to play for a while. Sure.. you might have to farm more creds.. but you don't lose anything from it.( This does not go for all items but for some of the rare pieces worth 100m+)

    Basic tips on how you get credits.
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    Tip 0. Find out what you want, find out where it drops, pick it up. Costs 0 credits this way.

    Tip 6. When finding stuff you want, sell the stuff you don't want.
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