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    Here are some kool titles i thought could be added to game.
    Titles would give minor rewards for achieving them.. the harder, the more you will get out of it. E.g. Allmighty survivor is literly impossible so it would give something EVERYBODY wanted.

    Survivor title line: (for not have died until...)(good rewards)
    Minor Survivor - 25
    Major Survivor - 50
    Supreme Survivor - 100
    Ultimate Survivor - 150
    Allmighty Survivor - 200

    Nanofreak - for have used 1b np in nanos. (100 Max NP)
    Meatshield - for have taken 1b hp in damage. (100 max HP)
    Emotional - for 100k emotions.
    Funky - for 10k /disco
    Flamingo - for 10k /flamenco
    Disgusting - for 10k /puke, /spit, /moon
    (Purely Novelty)
    Master Doggy Paddler - for 1 hour in water . (25 swimming)
    Master Breast Stroker - for 5 hours in water. (50 Swimming)
    Master Butterfly Stroker - for 10 hours in water. (200 swimming)

    Marathon runner - 1000000 metres ran. (10 Runspeed)
    Elite Long distance runner - 10000000 metres ran. (50 runspeed)
    World Class Elite Runner - 1000000000 metres ran. (200 runspeed)

    Sneaky - 10 hours spent in sneak without being detected. (10 perception)
    Master of Shadows - 100 hours spent in sneak without being detected. (50 perception)

    Biker - 10 hours on jetbike. (10 vehicle air)
    Motorist - 100 hours on any vehicle. (25+ all Vehicle skills)

    Alien Killer - 1000 Alien kills. (1+ all skills)
    Kyr'Ozch Slayer - 5000 alien kills. (3+ all skills)
    Kyr'Ozch Exterminator - 10000 Alien kills. (5+ all skills)
    Heroin Of Rubi-Ka - 100000 Alien skills. (10+ all skills) (of course by this level it wouldnt help much)
    Alien Vanquisher - Ai 30 (not sure what could go here)

    Metalhead - for have Used 1m bullets (25 Ranged Init)
    Master Swordsman - gotten after 1000000 hits with your sword. (25 melee init)
    Kung Fu master - Gotten after Martial art skills have been used more then 100k times. (25 physic init)

    I cant think of any other..
    Enlighten me...

    AS u can see some titles are purely novelty.
    I mean some people would farm these Titles.
    Just to be Called.
    Metalhead xxx"xxxx"xxx
    I know if love to be called.
    Funky Tonightwe"Digidevil"DineInHell..
    And by endgame u would have accumulated most of these...some.

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    Could be intresting...

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