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Thread: Remove the level requirement to TRADESKILL rebuilt perennium weapons

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    Remove the level requirement to TRADESKILL rebuilt perennium weapons

    This request is about the following weapon:

    Superior Rebuilt Perennium Blaster
    Quality level: 200
    Must have expansionset: Shadowlands
    Assault Rif from 1001
    Burst from 751
    Full Auto from 901

    Clearly it is usable by a title level 5 character, as are the other Superior Rebuilt Perennium weapons. There is nothing about this weapon which suggests that it can't be used at TL5, in fact, the requirements imply that it was aimed at TL5 soldiers. Weapons aimed at TL7 characters generally have 2000+ skill requirements.

    These weapons are built as follows:

    1. Obtain the Superior Perennium weapon, these sell for about 20 mil in GMS, or you can farm the components. Either way it's a common item that most soldiers would be using by TL5, twink or not.

    2. Complete the Inferno Spirit Quest. This can be done by a TL5 character. There is no level lock which prevents TL5 characters entering Inferno or obtaining and completing the quest.

    3. Obtain the appropriate weapon from The Beast. Again, there is no level lock which prevents a TL5 character from doing this. It can be done with the help of a healer to overcome the Pandemonium environmental DoT.

    Steps 2 and 3 are quite a lot of work. Step 3 required the help and support of a TL7 raidforce. It's therefore quite an unpleasant surprise that the first TL5 to do this hit the following brick wall:

    It is theoretically possible to combine "Perennium Blaster Rebuild Kit" with "Lord of Anger". But you need at least 195 in Level.

    Wow! None of us saw that coming. Nothing about the quest or the item suggests that it's for level 195+.

    Please remove this hidden requirement. TL7 players have better weapons than the rebuilt perenniums. The regular Superior Perennium Sniper is usable by TL3 agents, I'm not sure about the Blaster since I don't have a soldier twink, but it's certainly usable at TL4. It would make sense that TL5 twinks who have put in the work should get a step up from these weapons.

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    Well said, Bump.

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    Bump to allow twnks to have something else than a blue dildo, and work to be original and better than others.
    Double bump because if you intended to make it 195+, you should have done so with the quest at the very start.
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    big phat bumpage erm hello funnycom was this justa cruel joke to destroy the will of the first person to achieve this on their tl5 twink?

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    Bump for good suggestion
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    remove that lock it's pointless , let the people who are willing to put all the work to build one of those guns enjoy it also.

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    Pointless if you ask me, if im right in thinking LoA drops extremely rarley. But if you must have it - then so be it and remove the 195 lock.
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    Bump to get lag noticed and fixed!

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    Well... At least it MUST be specified somewhere...
    But bump for removing weird level lock...
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    daamn you are crazy for taking tl5 to farm pande for the right lord weapon!! Still your points are valid and there shouldnt be a level lock!
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    Bump for pushing the limits of twinking even higher.
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    Bump for unlock.

    Who got it, btw?
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    Bump! That was a huge amount of work to run into a hidden requirement at the last second. I think the poor guy's hair about caught on fire.

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    The fact that the item needed to properly (ie intended) survive in pande where you get the item should have shown that the weapon was not for TL5s.

    Superior Rebuilt Perennium Blaster
    Attack rating cap 2500

    QL 300 Kyr'Ozch Carbine - Type 12
    Attack rating cap 2400

    Was clearly meant for TL6/7, where there was a gap in damage from AR capped peren weapons and AI weapons that produced better damage.
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    Twinks have always used items beyond the reach of a normal player of that level. There are TL3 twinks with pure novictum rings, which requires crossing inferno without boots since they're locked to TL5. Isn't that the same situation as a TL5 going to the Beast without a HHAB? There are also TL3 twinks with spirit infused yuttos NCUs, which are made with items from Inferno.

    Ian Warr drops a nodrop item that is easily equipped at lv81. Show me the team of level 81s who could even spawn Otacustes, let alone kill Ian Warr.

    Twinking is about pushing the limits, often in ways that couldn't be done without the help of higher level characters. There was every reason to believe that this would be difficult but nevertheless possible for a TL5.

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    I'll bump this.

    Oh, and make the Lord of Envy drop more than once every 2 years.
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    bump for this

    @ Lupu
    I wasn't there but I think it was Soljapip
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qualinas View Post
    @ Lupu
    I wasn't there but I think it was Soljapip
    It was.

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    Car, thanks for posting this. and bump

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    Agree with this suggestion
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    Bump to remove such a retarded req

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