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Thread: Who Remembers?!?!

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    Who Remembers?!?!

    Who remembers all the fun times... Of FT PVP!! [Omni OCC] Random Omni: somebody get me in team for there GS!!.

    Or back when Killbyte would go in Old school OA and start warping Omnis in lol.... to take it over. Back when soldiers at towers battles could tank over 20 people... side not when omni had a wall of solja on the field lol....

    LOL everytime Fixychong would get banned for the dumbest reasons haha! Just like Tsucks*

    Will never forget the battles between Ferg and Skankman great times.

    Post more memories if you would like to share!! fun to read.
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    I remember fun tl5 tower wars where both sides had atleast 20ppl-blobs

    nerf OS
    Shumarte 220/30 enforcer

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    If someone thinks he can win by dirty tricks - he totally wrong.

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    I remember old good WA PvP.
    since 2005
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    FYI: Cola burns when it comes out your nose...I now know this because of you.

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    I remember when I died faster then attack message appeared.
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    You won.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klod View Post
    I remember when I died faster then attack message appeared.
    Lies yesterday was new years and noone remembers that (sorry couldnt help myself)
    Alamica 220/22 MA *account closed*
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    I give this poster a special /fail badge, wear it proudly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskarin View Post
    I remember old good WA PvP.
    That was always my favorite pvp too. Well, that and MMD.
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    See? It all starts with you doing something stupid. Maybe if you were not so stupid, you would have less problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aratink View Post
    That was always my favorite pvp too. Well, that and MMD.
    I think the crater camping is boring. I miss the times when people actually missed fixers.
    Taranide 220/30 fixer RK2 and now also RK1! Wait a second...
    Might have other characters too but I'm not so sure, always leave them camping something and there they are for few months.

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    The Good Ol Days

    Anyone remember the awesome clan leadership/brotherhood? R.I.P Revelator, you are greatly missed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Revelator View Post
    Well, biggest problem is that a lot of clanners use their own inferiority complex as an excuse to not fight. "I am small and gimp, and won't make a difference, and anyways I will just lag and die, so I don't bother showing up."

    This stems mainly from having a hero mentality, where if you can't be Aragorn with the shiny sword and the amazing elven hawt babe, pwning the ev0l mosters and saving the day, there is no point of participating.

    However, resisting the omnis isn't at all a matter of heros, it's a matter of pebbles. The thing with pebbles being; one alone doesn't really matter at all in the greater scheme of things, throw one at someone and they barely notice, but one pebble as part of 5000 metric tons of avalanche roaring down a mountainside does matter a great deal indeed.

    Unfortunately, for most clanners the idea of being only one pebble in even the biggest of avalanches is intolerable, they find the very concept revolting. It's basically hero or nothing, and so they choose to BE nothing, even though they COULD very well be something.

    Personally I was always proud to be a pebble, proud to be part of something bigger than me, however little my contribution really was in the greater scheme of things (and joining the big ppls wars as a tl4 advie pre-SL was very little indeed ), because I knew, in my heart of hearts, that SOMETHING, however small that something is, is better than NOTHING.

    I have done my part, as I do now my part, as I will continue to do my part in the future. What other do, something or nothing, they must choose themselves.
    Based God.

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    Fixer tag teams in WA <3 Was the best thing ever.

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    Nuff said.
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    Liek Omg Lasers Pew Pew!1!!
    Electronite: FFA also destroyed Clan hegemony when it comes to tower wars. Ironically the downfall was started by the most active pvpers. Another ironic thing is that the downfall happened due to pvm conflict. Silirrion: (We have pretty good anti-troll filters by now though) Means: Thong-wearing troxes will always be a part of this game and a point of AO pride. Keldros: Obviously reall trolls don't use conditioner Marlark: If this forum was Swedish in it's language .. id pawn you any day. 220 NT: tl7 is a joke most of the time. 90% of the people are double double dead. some are worth debuffing tho. Mastablasta: you guys are right and I'm wrong. Ebag: No. You alpha me'd due to the stat bug. More Ebag: I don't have any twinks currently, nor do I participate much in mass TL7 PvP (though I do go occasionally, usually just to watch). Questra: an MP in sneak eNSDed me and did about 20k damage in 10-12 seconds

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    clan arena fights were always fun, not really been avtice for few years.
    Thats right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taranide View Post
    I miss the times when people actually missed fixers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Klod View Post
    The point is, playing an agent needs more skill.

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    fixers use to own before SL slap on some ga 4 and run missions till 200
    Thats right!

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    I remember Trystar meeping almost every fight =/. Athx 'attempting' to kill me. Being highest Omni at one point (around 190). Killing Tara with 3-4 people before bots were setup for all (also having tons of living dragon parts before they did anything). Lagging so bad in tower wars that you died and had no idea how. Having pocket MAs 24/7 for crit buffs (in PvM)! Waiting at Tir arena for hours everyday just to get a few fights. And some of my closest peeps: Supersolid, Shytlez, Grontha, Cocio, Berthumper, & Meyra.

    And finally, actually being a decent soldier (jackthis/army).

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    when we had quality drama
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskarin View Post
    I remember old good WA PvP.
    Definitly. I miss it
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    Anarchy Online without LE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psythe View Post
    I have learned that most of the community is, for lack of a better word, dumb.
    R.I.P. Breyers

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    bor FT pvp, when bor was still 100% gas. lots of good fights in there.
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    Evolgenius tanking 4-5 omnis at borealis without by huging nerf him.
    Edis/Harios/Marb/Hameleon ganking flaged clans at OA.
    NinjOO oO
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    Nhaundar 216/16 Trox enf <3 equip

    * <3 ty, how some ppl can be
    * S*rovi1: cant log in game funcom not responding Mrdex: they're translating Mrdex: give em some time.
    * Phante: whining is directly proportional with incompetence imo the more you sux the more youll cry and ask for stupid stuff.
    * [Provision]: 500m if you can even dent me You gained 103 PVP Solo Score.

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