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Thread: Digi´s New Suggestions List

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    Digi´s New Suggestions List

    Here is an accumulation of everything decent ive suggested over the years.

    1. Seasons - Would be nice

    2. Improve on the Jetbike Idea

    3. New nano line for ma.

    4. 1he For keepers, shields for keepers

    5. Org Emblems.

    6. Alternate Bs gameplay.

    7. ShadowLand Manipulation

    8. Vp missions (Solo)
    Cant find my thread.

    9. Strategic missions
    Cant Find My thread

    10.New Mech System.

    11.Resistance BRacers

    12. More Rk bosses. Like tarasque, more of them, more cults, more reason to Raid on RK, more phatz.

    13. More Non-player City Ai raids - Ive been to one in ICC was rediculously fun.

    14. More armours to compare to Ai armor. All u hear these days is CC this and CSS that. kinda sucks when one armor set conquers all level ranges. I say would be nice to nerf it abit or give other armors comparable Mods. <---- (This point is gonna be a Flamming target for all pvp twinks) but im making a points. I would like to see a twink wearing something else.

    15.A storyline quest. Some people (not me) arent wanting to read the book but want to know the story would be WONDERFULL. seriously awsome. IF the next line of quests Released was a Historical Story threw the Perish of mankind on Planet earth, the Sufferances of the Deadly nanobot plague and how Humans came to Rubi ka.
    I know its on the site but it would be sooo much better to have a reason to be reading it all.
    I could get into a quest line like that.
    Maby similar Quests for The knights of avalon, The temples of 3 winds and IS (explaining why these cults came to surface and what brung upon the reuturn of Aztur the Immortal (if he has returned).

    16. I was thinking about a new Idea for a Dungeon. Omni-Tek did all these experiments on Creatures and all these strange mutations came (as in the wilderness) So what happened to the rest of them, the ones to Dangerous and horrific to be simply let out. then i thought that a really cool idea for a dungeon would be a Mutants Dungeon. With a really strong final boss (end game boss level) like the king of all mutants and the origen of the continous ammount of them on RK. Possibly underground of Mutant Domain. if such a dungeon exists it should be made better. MUTANT PHATZ PLZ .

    17.PHatz on your chars B-day, like i made my main on the 1st of january. Would be kool if u got something Phat on that day. Maby not literally phat but something u could make fun off. Novelty items, things that are exclusive to birthdays. Costumes, Fun nanos, Wierd armor peiced like third arms and stuff.

    18.More Sl quests. the ones uve added are awsome. WTB more higher lvl and lower lvl ones. and FC do everyone a favor and remove the Blade of Khione and the Shield From rewards for keeper and add something usefull. A new nano, A good weapon that uses 2he, Keeper only armor peice or something. TO put it this way by putting that shield and sword in are quest rewards while everyone else gets shiny new nanos is seriously taking the piss.

    19. Low fat ball of pudding that make you fly :PP xD

    20. Novelty Titles
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    rofl :P bump for all, wtb improvements!
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    Added some more to list..
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    indeed some nice ideas Digi ^^

    just give them the time to realise it as they already do.
    I just feel, improvements are going well on coding, it really needs its time ...

    Dont stop to throw ideas like yours ^^

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    I like adding to this thread every once and a while,
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    I can see why
    Quote Originally Posted by Perfekt View Post
    HEALTH WARNING: This reply was made on equipment that also produces sarcasm. Reply may contain bits of sarcasm as a result.
    Go go Godzilla! (Please)
    Please give us solo LE missions, FC
    Xaun's Big List O Suggestions

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