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Thread: Tepamina's Soldier Guide (UPDATED 2/19/10)

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    Tepamina's Soldier Guide (UPDATED 2/19/10)

    Tepamina's Soldier Guide v1.1+

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Breed
    3. IP
    4. Weapons
    5. Armor
    6. Nanos
    7. Implants + Symbiants
    8. Perks
    9. Fighthing as a soldier
    10. Taunting and Aggro Control
    11. LE Research and Specials
    12. Special Recharge Formula
    13. Boosting Your Defenses

    ++1. Introduction++

    A soldier strives for excellence in armed combat. The skill advancement in soldiers focuses entirely on assault and survival. They use unique nanotechnology to protect their bodies, enhance reflexes, weapon skills and their armor. Perhaps more importantly, Soldier are able to create strong damage absorption shields around themselves, which make them partially invulnerable and even reflect some damage back to the attacker.
    -Anarchy Online Introduction Screen

    If you want to play a soldier, be prepared to get your hands dirty. We excel in a large number of fields, and are wanted in many situations. We are tanks, we are reflects, we are damage.

    We can tank anything that an enforcer can. Our add management, is however not as efficient as an enforcer's. Our taunts are not as powerful, and we only have singles, which complicates things when there are multiple mobs. That said, a good soldier tank can handle his adds, with practice.

    We have the best reflects in the game. These are often critical for the success of a team's survival. We also have the command of one of the greatest nanos in the game, total mirror shield, which gives a 75% reflect for a definite amount of time.

    We are also massive damage, both in pve and pvp. We have nice weapons to help us with this, and great perks.

    A soldier is a very fun profession to play. You'll be very useful in teams, so you'll get recruited easily. You'll also have the ability to solo, however, soldier is definitely not the best soloer, but we do alright.

    A few forums posts have been asking for a guide such as this one for a while now, and I had been working on this one for a while, so I thought that I should finish it. I think an updated guide for soldiers was long overdue. Poweredge's guide, which I really enjoyed, and to be honest, saved my soldier from total IP wasting (yes, before I read his guide, I was putting IP in swimming, which I still have, wtb full ipr ), is long outdated. For example, it still mentions that it's a good idea to at least think about putting IP into WS and EE, for an Extreme Low light Targeting Scope, which I did at my low levels while following his guide, only to realize a long time after that this item no longer drops. I did however use his guide as a reference for this one, at least in form. I found that it was very well made, and I especially enjoyed how his IP spending section was made, and I have used the same format for this guide. I hope those reading this who are going to play soldier for the first time, will enjoy the profession as much as I did, and I really hope that this guide is of at least some help.

    I welcome any comments/corrections/suggestions. This guide is definitely not the final version, and I will probably add sections, or beef up some sections, especially if I get some great suggestions, or if people point out stuff that I missed (and I'm 100% sure that I've missed tons of stuff, especially in the weapons, armor section) At this point, it was finished enough to post, and, will probably advance way faster with people's suggestions Post suggestions here, or you can always /tell me in-game.


    Tepamina, Clan, RK1

    Spartan’s Notes: Due to Tepamina leaving, I will be taking over the guide and providing my input as necessary. Feel free to nitpick at any new things that I may miss or not.

    ++2.0 Breed++

    The most important first decision that you will make in your AO experience is breed. Breed affects things like abilities and perks. Choosing the right breed can mean the difference between an easy experience and a hard one. Mind you, and it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, it is possible to make any breed work, if you know what you’re doing. But it goes without saying that certain breeds will have a much easier time. Below I will try to point out the pros and cons of each breed. I will also put the max abilities for each breed, as found on

    2.1. Solitus

    Solitus is the middle ground for all breeds. They basically have the same potential for all abilities. None are too expensive to increase, but none are really cheap either. This breed will have the most expensive cost for abilities of all the breeds. Solitus is the preferred choice of many soldiers, because of nice health, with nice intelligence. The intelligence especially will make it much easier to equip endgame symbiants, compared to the Atrox. Solitus soldier will also have access to some very nice pvp perks.

    Ability Breed Caps

    Strength 472 / 772
    Agility 480 / 780
    Stamina 480 / 780
    Intelligence 480 / 780
    Sense 480 / 780
    Psychic 480 / 780

    HP per point in Body Dev = 3
    Nano per point in Nano Pool = 3

    Total IP cost 3 633 132

    2.2 Atrox

    Atrox is also a very nice breed for soldiers. They will obviously be very nice tanks because of their increased health. They have a cheap cost for strength and stamina, which are key abilities for a lot of soldier armors. They have the cheapest cost for overall IP in abilities, which is really nice at endgame, when IP starts to get tight. Also the boosts in stamina and strength will help with a lot of your other important skills like full auto, and assault rifle. However, Atroxes are not the smartest bunch. They lack in intelligence and psychic. This will make it hard to get into many symbiants, and also make it difficult to cast up to date nanos, including total mirror shield. However, with shadowlands and Alien invasion, this have become less of a problem. If pvp is your thing, the atrox breed also has a very nice perk, Mongo Rage, which is one of the main reasons why people build atroxes.

    Ability Breed Caps

    Strength 512 / 912
    Agility 480 / 780
    Stamina 512 / 912
    Intelligence 400 / 600
    Sense 400 / 600
    Psychic 400 / 600

    HP per point in Body Dev = 4
    Nano per point in Nano Pool = 2

    Total IP cost 3 055 545

    2.3 Opifex

    The opifex is the master of evades and speed. As an opifex, you’ll benefit from much higher agility and sense, which to be honest, are not the usual stats for a soldier. An opifex will have slightly lower health and nano than a solitus. They will also have expensive strength and stamina, which like previously stated, are key abilities for soldiers. There are benefits to being an opifex however. You’ll have an easier time equipping many symbiants, not to mention combined sharpshooter. Opifex is a perfectly viable choice, although not seen as much as the first two mentioned. You also have a very easy time installing the highest Exterminator Occular Enhancement as Opi, than you would other professions.

    Ability Breed Caps

    Strength 464 / 764
    Agility 544 / 944
    Stamina 480 / 680
    Intelligence 464 / 764
    Sense 512 / 912
    Psychic 448 / 748

    HP per point in Body Dev = 3
    Nano per point in Nano Pool = 3

    Total IP cost 3 277 475

    2.4 Nanomage

    Nanomages are the masters of nano-technology. They have the highest intelligence and the best skills required to excel with nanos. This, for obvious reasons, is not the best choice for soldiers. While some of our nanos are really good, all other breeds can cast them just fine. While this breed will get to cast them at earlier levels, this is not really necessary to our survivability. They will also have the second highest cost for abilities. They will have a certain advantage with certain symbiants however. Also, casting a higher TMS earlier can definitely help in some situations. However, this breed should only be chosen if you really want a challenge, and to break the mold.

    Spartan’s Notes: After recently looking, the Nanomage may be a viable choice given the items given in 17.0-17.6 patches. With no real good AI genome perks, allowing you to perk Champ of Heavy Artillery/Champ of Nano Combat without losses in genome perks and access to a Dreadloch Nanomage 5k absorb and coverage of the strength/stamina loss with new buffing items, I’m pretty sure that they can hold their own.

    Ability Breed Caps

    Strength 464 / 664
    Agility 464 / 664
    Stamina 448 / 748
    Intelligence 512 / 912
    Sense 480 / 780
    Psychic 512 / 912

    HP per point in Body Dev = 2
    Nano per point in Nano Pool = 4

    Total IP cost 3 317 676

    2.5 Which to choose?

    The following statement is personal opinion only. Like I said previously, you can make any breed work, if you try hard enough. However, the best breeds for soldier would be solitus and atrox. These two, in my opinion, are pretty equal, and whichever you choose will be for personal preference. Atrox will have a bit more weapon skills, due to increased stamina, solitus will excel a bit more in nanos and symbiants. Opifex is a close third however, and if you don’t want to be like every other soldier, and not have the hard experience of a nanomage, then choose opifex.

    For additional info on the stat differences among each breed, check out the thread posted by Hellfire. It shows how breed affects each stat at endgame.
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    ++3.0 IP spending++

    IP points are what you use to increase your skills. You get a certain amount every time you level up, and you’ll get more as you progress towards the end.
    In Anarchy Online, once you spend ip points, it is very hard to get them back. You can always reset skills, thus getting your ip back from that skill, this can only be done a limited amount of times. So it is easy to see why it is important to spend your points right.

    Spartan’s Notes: In Patch 17.3, FC introduced buyable IP resets for 50k Victory Points (obtainable in BattleStations, Lost Eden Expansion required) or for 250m Credits in Jobe.

    Once you open your skill window, you will see that every skill has a certain color, from light green, the least expensive, to light blue, to medium blue, to dark blue, the most expensive. It is important to keep in mind that just because a skill is light green (cheap), it is not required or advisable to keep it maxed. This guide will attempt to explain which skills should be raised before others.

    You will notice that as you approach new title levels (levels 15, 50, 100, 150, 190, 205), you will start to cap your main abilities. This is the perfect time to put ip into the important skills that you couldn't max before this.

    It is also important to mention that you don't necessarilly need to use all the ip you get when you level. IP that you don't use will not get wasted, and will still be there at the next levels. This means that if you don't see anything that really needs to be raised, don't feel obliged to use your IP just because it's there. This becomes especially true when you hit your breed ability caps (about level 160). From 160-200, you'll have tons of IP to spare, but don't waste them on useless skills. Save them, as you will need them for your shadowlevels (200+). Believe me, IP get tight at the end, and we need all that we can get. Although, when you hit those caps, those are the times to max all the usefull skills that you might have been ignoring until then, like evades or nanos. That IP will not be wasted.

    I will use a 1 to 5 numbering system, 1 being useless to raise, 5 being very important to max.

    3.1 Abilities

    With the 16.3 patch, abilities can no longer be reset.


    Strength is just that, your physical strength. It will be a very important skill to raise for most of your armors, implants, and symbiants. Keep it maxed.


    Agility affects affects any abilities touching speed. It will touch your evades and many weapon skills. Like strength, it is important for some armors, implants and symbiants.


    Stamina is probably the most important skill for a soldier. It affects your health, which you will need as a soldier. Many weapons, as well as armor are dependant on stamina.


    Intelligence is the main ability for nano skills. It not as important as the first 3 attributes, but important nonetheless. You will need this to cast your best TMS, as well as your other nanos. Some symbiants are dependant on intelligence as well, so you’ll want to have enough to put them in.


    Sense affects your ability to sense things around you. Like intelligence, it is not the most important ability, but it is important nonetheless. You’ll see this ability in many implants, and symbiants.


    Psychic mostly affects your nano pool. I wouldn’t raise it much at first, as you’ll need the ip for more important things. But it will eventually need to be raised, like all other abilities. However, save this one for last. Raise it if you need it (implants), or if you have IP to spare, at least from level 25-150. You eventually want to have at least 780 in this attribute, as it will give you the 2 second nano delta to keep your nano pool maxed off

    Spartan’s Notes: You may have to raise this if you use a Ranged Energy Weapon at the start, since Ranged energy is dependant on Psychic by 40%, it will have an impact on how much you can raise it.

    3.2 Body

    Body Development

    This directly affects your health. The more health you have, the less you’ll be sent to reclaim by angry mobs. Keep this stat maxed at all times.
    Affected by 100% Stamina

    Nano Pool

    It’s good to have a bit of nano to cast TMS. If you can cast it twice without having to stim your nanopool you should be fine. I wouldn’t put more into nanopool than that. It’s perfectly acceptable, if not wise, to ignore this skill.
    Affected by 70% Psychic, 10% Sense, 10% Intelligence, 10% Stamina


    You will first need 150 adventuring for the elysium map nano. This shouldn't be hard to achieve. You'll also need 300 Adventuring for these : Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses. These are the glasses needed to walk inside penumbra. Only start to raise adventuring for these glasses when you're close to level 160. By then, you'll have plenty of trickle down from abilities to only have to put a few IP in this skill.
    Affected by 20% Strength, 50% Agility, 30% Stamina

    3.3 Melee

    All the skills in Melee are useless for a soldier. Soldier is a profession that uses guns, and if you‘d like to use melee weapons, roll an enforcer or adventurer. They all have a 1 rating.

    3.4 Misc weapons

    Sharp Object

    Useful for PvP. You'll want it 321 for Kizzermole Gumboil, and 680 for Lava Capsule. Only to be raised if you wish to pvp.
    Affected by 60% Agility, 20% Strength, 20% Sense

    Heavy Weapons

    With Patch 17.1, FC introduced Anti-Mech Rocket Launchers, mostly used for Battle Stations, allowing infantry to take down Mechs. While it isn’t necessary to actually IP this skill, as we are mostly covered in our buffs, it is vital if you are missing some points from the top rocket launcher you can use at the time i.e. no point in maxing the skill.
    Affected by 60% Agility, 40% Strength

    3.5 Ranged

    Here is where it gets interesting. As a soldier, you will have to choose a weapon line to adhere to, for most of your career as a soldier. While it is always possible to switch, it is advisable to do so as little as possible, because, as previously mentioned, there are only a definite amount of IP resets.

    There will be no 1 - 5 rating for this section, as it does not necessarily apply. It is important for this section to raise only what is needed for your current weapon line. I will instead attempt to explain which lines will work best. Weapon lines not mentioned are assumed useless.

    It is assumed that your current weapon line, and specials receive a -5-

    3.5.1 Assault Rifle

    Assault rifle is the soldier weapon line. Almost all of our guns are AR based. You simply can’t go wrong if you choose this line, at any level. For a beginner, or advanced, this is the way to go.
    Affected by 40% Stamina, 30% Agility, 20% Sense, 10% Strength

    Guns : Perennium Blaster, Cooperator/Collaborator Assault Rifle, Spastic/Spasmodic Assault Rifle, Ofab Shark MK6, Dreadloch Modified Shark, Division-9 plasmaprojector,

    3.5.2 Pistol

    You will certainly want to consider using pistols as an end-game setup only. The pistol setup is now considered to be the most powerful damage dealing weapon line for soldiers at the moment. Definitly nothing to sneeze at. If you choose to go this route, you will couple it with either Ranged energy, or SMG. However, this is not a weapon skill to start out with. It will be less powerful than assault rifle.
    Affected by 60% Agility, 40% Sense

    Guns : Jobe Portal Guard Personal Pistol (JPGPP), Jobe City Guard Personal Pistol (JCGPP)

    3.5.3 Ranged Energy

    Ranged energy will be very useful as a pvp soldier. Almost all of our main pvp guns are ranged energy based. So if you want to do any pvp, at endgame especially, you’ll want this skill maxed. If you don’t currently have a use for it however, especially at lower levels, you won’t need to put ip in it. The only exception is that if you don't have expansions. Division 9 plasmaprojector and a few others will be very nice gun for you, and many need Ranged Energy. Ranged Energy is also required for one line of our most useful PvP perks, the Power Up line, however if you plan to use them, best save IP until endgame levels.
    Affected by 40% Psychic, 40% Sense, 20% Intelligence

    Guns : Kyr’Ozch Energy Carbine - Type 3, Supernova MK VI, Division 9 Plamaprojector

    3.5.4 SMG

    SMG is currently the top damage dealing weapon line for the end-game soldier. It is not extremelly useful before level 210-215 however, before you can put a decent level SMG pistol on. It is possible to make a solely SMG soldier, thoughout your soldier career. He will not OD an assault rifle soldier however, but it might be fun. The problem with this weapon line is that a soldier does not have a SMG buff, which makes it extremely difficult to put a good ql weapon on at any level, or have a decent attack rating.
    Affected by 30% Strength, 30% Agility, 30% Stamina, 10% Sense

    Guns: Kyr’Ozch Machine Pistol – Type 5

    3.5.5 Shotgun

    This has been experimented with a bit. It is not the absolute best choice at the moment for a soldier. But with knowledge and gear, you can make this setup viable. It won't match Assault Rifles/Pistol+SMG combo however. If you don't want to be the same as everyone however, you can try it.
    Affected by 60% Agility, 40% Strength

    Check out this thread for suggestions on the shotgun soldier :

    Special weapons abilities

    Always max whichever abilities you are using on your current gun. Below are the main ones.

    3.5.6 Full Auto

    The main soldier special. This skill will empty your entire clip on an opponent, and will be the core of your damage. Assuming that you have a weapon with FA, and you should, always max this skill, as it will increase the accuracy of your FA, and lessen the time between each of them. Very important.
    Affected by 60% Strength, 40% Stamina

    3.5.7 Burst

    Also a very important skill. This will shoot 3 bullets on your opponent in one shot. A very nice dose of damage. Most of your weapons will have burst. Max it.
    Affected by 50% Agility, 30% Strength, 20% Stamina

    3.5.8 Fling shot

    Fling shot is basically a bonus shot. This skill is less important if you go the perennium blaster route. It will become important with the pistol setup however, as with the pvp energy carbine. You’ll want this maxed, but only when you will be using it.
    Affected by 100% Agility

    3.5.8 Aimed shot

    As of 17.7, you can get by without having to spend IP here. However, if you wish to max it, one viable weapon choice for Aimed shot would be the Kyro'Zch Energy Carbine - Type 3. Most of the time, you can live with Supernova if you need an AS hotswap.

    Affected by 100% Sense

    3.5.9 Multiple Ranged Weapons

    Only put skill in this line if you plan on holding 2 weapons. Mainly useful for the pistol setup soldier at endgame. It's important that you only put the skill that you need to equip the weapon.

    Spartan’s Notes: Very important to look at when dueling weapons. You need only the LOWEST amount of MR on the two guns, example: If one gun has 500 and another has 750, you only need 500 to duel wield those guns.
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    3.6 Speed

    I am returning to my previous ranking system of 1 - 5.

    Melee weapons init

    This only serves for melee weapons, thus useless for a soldier.

    Ranged weapons init

    This determines the speed of which you fire your gun. This is obviously a very important skill as the faster you fire, the more times you have a chance to hit your opponent. As you get to a 1 / 1 (1 second shot, 1 second recharge), you can start to adjust your agg bar more towards the defense side. This will help with your tanking. Eventually, with enough IP in this skill, you’ll be on full defense with a 1 / 1 shot, which is the ideal target.
    Affected by 20% Sense, 20% Psychic, 10% Intelligence, 10% Agility

    The following is a great link, to calculate how far you can set the agg/def bar on the def side, with your current skill Inits.

    Physical init


    NanoC init

    Almost the only times that you will cast a nano in battle is TMS, One More Hit Healing, and taunts. All of these can be easily capped at one seconds with trickle downs from abilities. However, if you plan to PvP, you'll at least some skill in this to insta-cast the anti-complete heal lines. If you plan to pvp, it can be useful to invest a bit of IP in this.
    Affected by 60% Sense, 40% Agility

    Dodge Ranged

    This affects your ability to evade ranged attacks. A higher skill here will mean you will be able to evade more attacks, and will be critted far less. A very important asset for any tank.
    Affected by 50% Agility, 30% Sense, 20% Intelligence

    Evade Close Combat

    This affects your ability to evade close combat, or melee mobs. This is also very important for the same reasons as dodge ranged. It is however more expensive than dodge ranged.
    Affected by 50% Agility, 30% Sense, 20% Intelligence

    Duck Explosions

    This evade skills checks against shotguns, explosion, and most SL mobs. Important to raise as a tank.
    Affected by 50% Agility, 30% Sense, 20% Intelligence

    Important tidbit about evades!

    I wouldn't suggest maxing evades 100%, and would consider going ~80-85% base, as it will get you enough evades to dodge getting chain-critted and in PvP, soldier evades aren't worth a lot(considering we can only get ~1500 maxed). I would advise shaving off some IP in the 3 evade skills and use the IP to something more useful.

    Nano Resist

    This skill determines your ability to resist nanos, ie roots or damage nanos. A useful ability yes, but also a very expensive one to maintain. Don’t feel bad if you have to ignore it at the early levels. Better to IP it at later levels, allowing you to save IP for more important skills.
    Affected by 20% Intelligence, 80% Psychic

    --Please note, you will want to eventually max all evade skills. This can be done easiest though, when your abilities are capped starting in the level 160s.--

    Run Speed

    In the early levels, you'll want to keep this skill maxed. Eventually, you can leave this alone for more important skills. It is however, not a skill that you'll want to ignore too much. TMS can only save you for so long, and sometimes, you'll need to run from tough mobs, and if you can't outrun them, you'll end up in reclaim. Also very useful for PVP.
    Affected by 40% Agility, 40% Stamina, 20% Strength

    3.7 Trade and repair

    Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Quantum F Technology, Weapon Smithing, Pharmaceutical Technology, Nano Programming, Chemistry as well as Tutoring all receive a 1 rating. Soldiers are not tradeskillers. If you want to make armor, roll an engineer or a trader.

    Computer Literature

    This skill is very important for all professions. It affects you ability to equip better belt and NCU, which enable you to carry better nano programs. It also affects your ability to enter certain grid entrances/exits. It will also affects the prices on all Rubi-Ka shops. The higher your comp lit. the higher you can sell your loot, and the lower they shops will sell things to you. Important to raise, but as with nano skills, you can only raise the IP needed when you need it. Once you get a new belt, or new ncu that you want to equip, raise it as necessary. If none are needed at the moment, it's ok to ignore this skill for a few levels, as it won't affect your fighting skills.
    Affected by 100% Intelligence


    Psychology is important for certain taunt tools. This will be important if you’re the main tank for a team. It will enable you to handle adds better, and be able to hold aggro against certain professions. However, a soldier also has taunts in nano form, which should be enough. Only put IP in this if you have some to spare and if you currently have taunt tools. Eventually, you’ll want enough to be able to use a ql 200 Aggression Multiplier (jealousy augmented).
    Affected by 50% Intelligence, 50% Sense

    Spartanx’s Notes: I personally left this skill alone, I found that my damage, combined with taunts served off much better and saved IP.

    3.8 Nano and Aiding

    As soldiers, we have access to a lot of very useful and crucial buffs. What is important with nano skills however is that they don't necessarily have to be maxed at each level. You'll probably want to max the skills with a 4 and 3 rating, until level 25-40. When you're past those levels, start to only raise what you need to get to the next nano that you can use. There's no sense of putting ip in here, if you won't be able to cast a nano for another 5 levels. Instead, raise evades or other important skills. When you're able raise these enough for the next nano, by all means, do so.

    Matter Metamorphosis

    This nano line will enable soldier to cast their add damage line. While not being incredibly powerful at starting levels, it becomes a really great and must have nano line. It is acceptable to ignore this line a bit, especially at the starting levels. There is also a weak, but still semi-useful AC line. Only raise it enough as to cast your desired nano.
    Affected by 80% Intelligence, 20% Psychic

    Biological Metamorphosis

    Previously Soldiers had quite a bad HP line for as long as launch. In patch 17.7 however, FC gave us a very nice HP buff that we have been asking for a while. However, this nano is only usable at 215, due to a HUD item required to cast and hence, should be IPed around that level range. Before that, leave it alone.
    Affected by 80% Intelligence, 20% Psychic

    Psychological Modifications
    You'll want to raise this to cast your weapon buffs as well as any taunts. A very useful place to put IP.
    Affected by 80% Intelligence, 20% Sense

    Matter Creation

    Almost all of the soldier's nanos use this skill, including your reflects, which are the most important nano a soldier has. Make sure you can always cast your top reflect.
    Affected by 80% Intelligence, 20% Stamina

    Time & Space

    Time & Space goes hand in hand with Matter Creation. It also affects Treatment Laboratories.
    Affected by 80% Intelligence, 20% Agility

    Sensory Improvement

    This skill goes with the Psychological Modifications line. You want to leave it at being able to cast Improved Total Focus/Improved Solder Clip Junkie.
    Affected by 80% Intelligence, 20% Strength

    First Aid

    This will be one of the only ways that you will be able to heal yourself, since a soldier has little heals. Putting skill in this will enable you to get out of certain messes, and to live a bit longer. A useful place to put IP, especially at first, although try to only put as much IP as you need to get to the next first aid kit. Eventually, you will want to ignore this skill for a bit, to concentrate on more important skills.
    Affected by 40% Sense, 30% Intelligence, 30% Agility


    Treatment partly what determines what ql implants / symbiants you can put on. For this reason, it is quite important to keep it maxed. It will also be helpful for treatment laboratories, to heal yourself once a battle is over. While it is a high priority skill, as with comp lit, you don't necessarily need to max this one every level. If you're not planning on equipping any symbs for a few levels, it's ok to ignore this one for a few. Keep in mind that no IP spent here will be wasted though.
    Affected by 50% Intelligence, 30% Agility, 20% Sense

    3.9 Spying


    Not very useful for a soldier. It useful to be able to hide if you like to pvp, but there are definitely more useful skills that you can spend your IP on.

    Breaking and entering

    This is the skill that determines how well you can handle a lockpick. It's a nice skill to have if you're planning on doing some missions. You'll find many locked chests, and many hold some very nice loot that you'll be able to sell. You'll only need around 2X the ql of the mission to open the chests inside, so don't go crazy on this skill.
    Affected by 40% Agility, 30% Sense, 30% Psychic

    Trap Disarmament

    Useless. As a soldier, you should have plenty of health to survive any explosion.


    Can be useful for pvp. However, as concealment, there are better places to spend IP. There are also some scopes that require this skill. However, there are plenty of ways to get the skill without using IP, like adventurer buffs, or solitus ShadowBreeds (SB).

    3.10 Navigation

    Vehicle Airborne

    While this is a very useful skill if you ever want to have a yalmaha, I would advise against spending many ip here. If you search long enough, you'll find a Yalmaha that requires only 81 VA, which can easily be attained with little or no IP spending.

    Affected by 60% Sense, 20% Intelligence, 20% Agility

    Spartan’s Notes: With the vehicle patch of 17.6, you can have a flying vehicle of your own with only a 81 air vech req, allowing you to skip searching.

    Vehicle Ground

    Useless. Don’t IP it for anything, let trickle do its work for you.

    Vehicle Water

    The most useless skill of all. Even worse than swimming

    Map Navigation


    IP spent in map navigation can never be reset, and is permanent. This cannot be stressed enough. It is very advisable to have maps, and the map upgrades. However, try to implant as much as you can before putting any IP in this skill. If you wait long enough, and do it right, you can have all your maps without spending a single point here
    Affected by 50% Sense, 40% Intelligence, 10% Psychic
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    ++4.0 Weapons


    While there are a great number of possible weapon choices, I will highlight the most popular here.

    4.1 Assault rifles

    Anger of the Xan
    Introduced with Legacy of the Xan, this weapon is made from combing a Lord or Lady of Anger that drops from beast with a Xan weapon upgrade. It has the same damage range of the Dreadloch Shark while doing projectile damage like the Ofab shark. It does the most damage in PvM and PvP, replacing the Ofab Shark Mk6. It is situationally better than a Dreadloch Shark, depending on whether or not you want the snare proc.

    Recommened Level: 218-220

    Ofab Shark MK6
    Our Lost Eden weapon. It does come in many qls however, at this time, it is mostly used as an endgame weapon, as the Perennium Blaster line will outclass it in FA till then. You can upgrade it 5 times, to its last form the mk6.

    Recommened Level: 220

    Dreadloch Modified Shark
    It was introduced as a PvP weapon in 17.2, and so far, it’s the best weapon you can obtain pre-220 to do the most damage for Assault Rifle wise. Once 220 and able to cap the Full Auto recharge on Ofab Shark, the D-Shark will do less damage due to procs obtained in Lost Eden. However, it is a quality weapon none-the-less and definitely worth picking one up.

    Recommend Levels: 210-218

    Perennium Blaster
    The soldier's best toy. It is by far the most powerful weapon we have for almost our entire journey as a soldier, which is kind of tiring since you can equip it from level 25 - 220. You can never go wrong if you pick this weapon. It is relatively easy to equip, with rather low requirements and only one weapon skill. It is fast and quite easy to cap at 1 / 1 at full defense. And it has a massive full auto, which you will eventually be able to cap. You can tradeskill this gun.

    Recommended levels: 25-210

    Rebuilt Perennium Blaster
    This weapon is built with a SPB, a lord of anger (which drops off the beast) and an upgrade from the inferno quests. It will outperform the SPB as it has +1000 MBS. It still won't OD the pistol setup however. A nice upgrade to the SPB, but won't come close to the shark.

    Mortiig Blaster
    A very nice alternative to the Perennium Blaster at early levels, it has a faster FA cycle, which is always nice. It will eventually be ODed by the PB though.

    Recommended levels: 80-140

    Cooperator / Collaborator Or Spastic /

    Probably my favorite gun, but it won't OD the Perennium but the sound and look of it is awesome . And it still does nice damage. Froobs can equip this gun, which makes it the best gun for free players. This gun is tradeskilled as well.

    Recommended levels : 175-220

    Kyr'Ozch Carbine - Type 13
    An average alien assault rifle. It has very nice minimum damage, and all 3 specials. It will be hard to get the FA lower than 22 seconds however, which hurts this gun a lot. You can Amplify, by combining it with a part that you can get at APF, which is either auctioned really cheap, or even raffled.

    Division 9 Plasmaprojector
    A very good and popular gun if you don't have expansions, or if you can't afford the perennium blaster. It has very nice damage, and a fast burst. It lacks Full Auto however. It also uses ranged energy skill. You can find this weapon off of RK mission boss loot, or relatively cheap on GMS.

    Recommended levels: 15-150

    Another nice weapon if you can't afford Perennium Blaster. It has ok damage, and fling shot. It can be found as mission loot.

    Recommended levels: 15-100

    Seburo C-99a
    Nice for Hecks, due to projection damage. Another fine choice if you can't use PB.

    Recommended levels : 100-175

    Nophex Plasma Destroyer II
    Again, a very nice weapon if you don't have access to Shadowlands. Very nice to have if you're making a crit setup. It also uses ranged energy skill. This gun drops off of the Notum Soldier.

    Recommended levels : 150-200

    Hellfury Assault Cannon
    Again, might be viable for free players. A nice thing to have as a collectible if nothing else. It can be boosted, or augmented with the right items. Drops in the cyborg dungeon NE of Tir.

    Recommended levels : 190-200

    Hellspinner Shock Cannon
    Same as Hellfury, except maybe a bit better. Drops much more rarely from the end boss in the cyborg dungeon. As the Hellfury, it can be boosted , augmented, and also twice augmented. If you choose to go for the twice augmented, do not boost it.

    Recommended levels : 190-200

    4.2 Ranged Energy

    Dreadloch Rapier

    A good option for main-hand use with a Envy of the Xan, although a Rhat'ata would be a superior choice. You want to put it in your main hand and the Envy in your offhand so that reloading after full auto does not interfere with additional shots, though be warned the Rapier has a longer range than the Envy. The Rapier is capable of both fling shot and burst attacks, and is acquired as a random drop from Dreadloch bosses.

    After the balancing patch, you will need to use this instead of a Rhat'ata for access to the perks from the Power Up line.

    Recommended level: 220

    Kyr'ozch Energy Pistol - Type 5
    A very nice endgame gun equipped with the JPGPP. You'll be able to cap Burst and fling shot easily with this gun. A really good DD, second only to the SMG pistol. If you like to PvP, this setup has its advantages as opposed to the SMG setup. Mainly, you won't need to pump IP into SMG. Since this gun is already RE, and you'll be using that for Energy Carbine - type 3, and/or Premium Supernova MK VI, it makes sense to use this setup. You'll be a lot less tight IP wise, and you won't lose that much damage.

    Recommended levels : 200-220

    Kyr'ozch Energy Carbine - Type 3
    One of the best PvP guns. Great for mass PvP, and great for evade professions. It has a high minimum damage. It used to be the premier PvP weapon for soldiers, but given the rise in effectiveness for assault rifles this is no longer the case.

    Recommended levels: 175-220

    Premium Supernova MK VI
    Sick damage, and sick crits. The attack speed on this gun is what makes it un-viable for normal use. However, with its 2 second equip time, it makes it perfect to hot swap with SPB, which has a 1 second equip time. This makes for a mean AS/FA/Burst alpha. A must have for any serious pvper.

    Recommended levels: 150-220

    Kyr'Ozch Energy Carbine - Type 5
    A very nice weapon if you absolutely don't want to use a SPB. Has a nice min damage, and a very good burst. Because of its high minimum damage, it tends to work great in certain situations where a fast FA recharge is less important.

    4.3 Pistol

    Jobe Portal Guard Personal Pistol
    This weapon is best used in conjunction with SMGs while levelling in order to get full auto attacks. What makes this pistol great, is its very short FA recycles. You can have a 11 seconds FA recharge much sooner that you would with SPB with this weapon, which makes it a fantastic DD weapon. At lower levels, before being able to equip this, you will be using Jobe Portal City Personal Pistol, which is differentiated by having a longer FA recharge the lower the QL.

    Recommended levels: 60-220

    Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000

    A serious option before you can get a nice ql Kyr'Ozch Energy Pistol or equip a decent SMG to with your Jobe pistol. It has Fling shot and a faster burst than the KEP (at low levels). They drop from the Lab Director from foreman's. They are nodrop, so you'll have to get one yourself before you hit level 100.

    4.4 SMG

    Envy of the Xan
    When paired with a Rhat'ata Gun, this is the top PvM DD gun for soldiers. The gun is capable of burst and full auto attacks, though the burst refresh only hits 11s at 2425 full auto skill - no small feat for many soldiers. While not a bad PvP weapon, your attack rating will be far lower than a PvP geared assault rifle soldier.

    Recommended level: 220

    Rhat'Ata Gun

    The Rhat'Ata gun is identical to the Envy in every way, except it's special attacks are fling shot and burst. A perfect weapon to pair with the Envy; keep it in the main hand so reloading after full auto doesn't interfere with shots from it. The 1750 MR requirement to dual both weapons is pretty steep, but well within the reach of soldiers.

    Recommended level: 220

    Kyr'ozch Machine Pistol - Type 5

    A good weapon for levelling SMG soldiers until they can equip an Envy of the Xan. While you will suffer with a lower attack rating, you will have the powerful SMG perk line, which has an added damage perk that gives +270 damage for 2 minutes. Nothing to laugh at. You will also have the benefit of added fling shot, and 33% more shots since you're dual wielding. As with the RE pistol, you will cap burst and fling shot easily.

    Recommended levels: 210-220

    Blackbird / Blinded Blackbird
    A possibility if you choose to go SMG for the early levels. A nice minimum damage, and 1 / 1. While it does seem to be as good as the SPB, you won't be able to equip it at the same levels as a SPB because of a soldier's lack of a SMG buff. A good gun nonetheless. It can also be dueled for added speed. A choice if you want to be different.

    Recommended Levels: 150, for Sector 10 twinks.

    4.5 Aggro Tools

    These tools will help you better manage your aggro. While nanos are usually more powerful, especially at end levels, these tools can't hurt. They stack with your nanos, and sometimes, every little bit helps.

    Aggression Enhancer / Multiplier
    Aggression enhancers can be bought from shops up to level 125. You can blitz the higher qls. The ql200 version is called Aggression Multiplier. These also can, and should, be upgraded ( Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented) by combining it with an Essence of Pure Jealousy found in Steps of Madness off of Jealousy.

    Modified Aggression Enhancer
    This Solitus only taunt gives a minor taunt, but has the bonus of being able to be equiped, for a minor projectile AC and reflect boost. Drops off Iron Reet.
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    ++5.0 Armor++

    Please note that these levels are guidelines only. If you tweak hard enough, you can put much better armor on you at way lower levels. However, for a first time player, this is often impossible. And most of the armors that I'm putting in the low levels (15-100 or 100-150) get quite good on higher levels also, Pernicious for example. So once again, these levels serve as a guideline only.

    Levels 1-10

    For these levels, newcomers armor works fine. You'll be able to get this easily on neub islands.

    Levels 10-100
    You have a few choices for these levels :

    Omni-Med Suit
    Many people use Omni-Med suits at low levels. The reason for this being that ACs are that great on low level armor. Since the med suit provides a +78 to treatment and First Aid, you'll be able to use extremely high health kits and nano recharges, which will be great for tanking. They will provide at these levels an instant Complete Heal (CH). Any health stim that you will use, with the added first aid from this, will completely recharge your health. If you go with this suit for the early levels, you should think about changing around level 20-30.

    Carbonum armor
    A great armor for these low levels. Provides extra NCU, which is always needed at these levels. Also provides a small boost in nano init. It is tradeskilled, and not overly expensive, and relatively easy to make, if you know a nice tradeskiller. It can be upgraded to clan/omni versions.

    Metallic Mantis Armor
    Some very nice armor indeed for the level 50+. The +energy damage is great for any soldier wanting to do more damage. You get the parts for this armor inside the mantis den. At these levels, you'll need a high level friend to get you some parts, or simply buy them from GMS.

    Pernicious Armor
    A very nice armor that gives an excellent boost to weapon skills. Drops off of dragons mobs in most SL zones. It is normal to wear some pieces of this armor all the way up to endgame, as it buffs your main weapons.

    Crepuscule Armor
    This very nice armor is available for anyone wanting to be different and doesn't mind doing a bit more work. It is a tradeskill armor, with details on how to make it on any tradekilling site, like AOTS. Like Pernicious, some of these pieces will be good for a very good portion of your soldier career.

    Gunner's Cap
    A nice Soldier only helm. You can easily these on any RK missions, or buy one really cheap.

    CAS armor
    With a bit of tradeskilling work, you can get this nice armor. You'll need to do a bit of blitzing, and some hunting, and be friendly with a tradeskiller, but in the end, this armor looks great, and has some really nice stats. A nice option if you don't have expansions.

    ToTW items

    While the Guardian Tank Armor looks great, if you don't feel like camping for hours, the Exarch Robe is just as good. Two really good back items for these levels. You also won't want to miss Barrow Strength, which adds 15 to your damage. You will also find many other goodies in this dungeon so a good place to explore. Remember that the max level to get in is level 60.

    Weapon distance guides
    When you enter Elysium at the end of these levels, try to make a trip to fallen forest statue. There will be a named unredeemed mob there that drops these. Try to get one that buffs either FA or AR.

    HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition
    Drops off of T.I.M. in Biomare, in the longest road. You'll have to twink into this one though, don't waste IP in Rifle and AS. A nice hud item if you don't want to cripple your inits with crit scopes. You'll have to get it before level 90, as biomare is level locked.

    Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer
    If you prefer crits, you'll need one of these scopes. Found as mission loot in RK. Max level is 275. Try to get a solitus to pop his SB to equip one. At low levels, it will destroy your inits however.

    Levels 100-150

    First Tier Soldier Armor
    A great leveling armor to have in SL. Can be hard to get for first timers, but with the help of a few friends, you should have a full set in no time. It can be a bit expensive though. You will need to buy some jobe armor, which will cost you 6 mil. But after that, and after hunting the numerous parts, you'll have yourself a nice set of armor. If you only get a few pieces, get the body and gloves, as they later upgrade to very nice pieces of armor.

    Predator Armor
    This is a nice set of armor that boosts evades. Predator mobs in elysium drop them. However, they are quiet often camped, so be prepared to buy it if you don't have a high level toon, and it can be a tad expensive.

    Electrophoridae Gloves
    These gloves add to energy damage. When attending alien raids, always try to get a pair of these if they drop. Always try to get better ones as you level.

    Kaehler Uniform Sleeves / Frederickson's Kinetic Sleeves
    A must have for any Assault rifle user. Buffs Assault rifle and Full auto. They are quite expensive however, but totally worth it.

    Artillery Armor
    You may want a few pieces of artillery armor. These are incredibly easy to find, as they drop from most faction mob / bosses. A cheap alternative to the other armors.

    Albrecht Heavy Tank Armor
    A nice back item to replace your ToTW back item. It has very nice ACs, and some nice nano boosts.

    Ancient Container
    Better than the Albrecht. Boosts inits, nano resist, and max health.

    Perfected Alien Tank Armor
    If you got the Alien Invasion Expansion, this tank armor will look like a real nice alternative to some of the other normal back pieces. Nowadays they are rather cheap and worth getting your self one. Plus, it has the added bonus of looking cooler than normal tank armors.

    Levels 150-200

    Second Tier Soldier Armor
    Start getting on tier 2 team as soon as you can. This is probably the most painful armor to get, but if you get a couple of them, it will be worth it. Get the gloves first, then the body. The gloves have a very nice FA buff, while the body has max health. The helmet looks awesome also, you may want to get it.

    Carlos / Allyssas armor / Vanya / Cama Armor
    The Carlos / Allyssas pants are quite nice. They give a nice buff to burst, which beats anything that the tier 1-2 armor has. Vanya also drops some nice armor that can be worn on hands and sleeves. Try to get 2 for sleeves, as they buff AR. These are especially good for neutrals who can't get the FA/AR sleeves.

    Superior Sentinel Armor
    A few pieces from this armor are pretty good. The sleeves and helmet especially are good. Not to mention the great looks of the goat helm

    Omni-Armed Forces
    The Equivalent to Superior Sentinels for you omni folk.

    Charred Abaddon Chassis
    A social armor, meaning you can't equip any other armor with this one. Still a nice suit though, especially if you don't have expansions. Used to be better, when you could equip Ljotur with it. Now, mainly just a collectible.

    Trench Soldier's Straps
    A nice little back item. Has a few useful mods, including Max Health, Dodge Ranged and SMG. Doesn't show, so nice if you want to show off your amor. Drops off of certain brink mobs in SL.

    Might of the Revenant
    You'll want to get this really good Inner Sanctum shoulder pad. It has a +32 damage modifier.

    Faithful / Chosen soldier Armor
    Near 200, you should be able to get your second tier transformed to faithful armor. It is actually quite easier to do this than the second tier stage. You'll need to camp for FRN, which you should be able to easily do now. And a blue glyph can be bought for cheap from GMS. Get gloves especially, and armor. You'll also want the shoulderpads.

    Notum Tank armors
    If you get to participate on a Mercs raid, try to get a notum tank armor. Good luck though, everyone wants one. If you don't get this, Ancient container is still good for these levels. The light and Medium belong in this section, but the Heavy notum tank belongs in the next section as an endgame back item.

    Omni Armed Forces Tank Armor
    A very nice tank armor for omnis. Can only be equipped at 190+. You get this from Eel, in exchange for the following : Omni-AF helmet, sleeves, gloves, and an Albrecht Tank armor. Looks very nice.

    Viral Targeting Subunit
    These will start to get at a nice ql at this level range, and the crit will be higher than the Vision Enhancer. No Aimed Shot on this one though.

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    Levels 200-220

    Supple armor

    This armor is good for any level btw. But as we all know, it is quite expensive. If you haven't gotten any yet, now is the time to do it, as there is no other armor to get than this, and no better one either. You'll want to eventually combine it.

    Combined Sharpshooter's
    Supple combined with Observant. The supple armor is dominant, so you'll need a ql 300 supple to make a ql 300 CSS. This armor boast massive weapon skills, as well as evades, and inits. A very nice Armor indeed.

    Combined Commando's
    Supple with Strong. It is the most expensive combined armor in the game. Again, the supple is dominant. This armor has the same weapon skills as the sharpshooter, minus the evades, but it has a +damage modifier. Any soldier wanting to do the best DD, will want this.

    Ofab Soldier Armor
    A very nice set of armor. It is between faithful and combined armor in effectiveness, however some parts are better than alien armor. The gloves especially will add a substantial amount in AR and FA, at every ql. The pants will also add tons of AR, and the body will add lots of hp. This armor is good at any level, if you can acquire the VP for it.

    OFAB Soldier Protective Gear
    The new must have back armor. It buffs quite a few nice stats, including a very nice +5 to reflects.

    OFAB Soldier Shoulder Wear
    These ofab shoulders are also a good idea to get. They will add a total 35 AR for assault rifle soldiers. Also buffs health, stamina and strength.

    Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Explosive Power
    These are very good shoulderpads. Health, damage, add all off, and crit. What you will need to get them will drop from Alappaa. Find out how to make them here

    Bellum Badonis Armor
    Decent armor. There are some better stuff for a soldier however. The back piece is worth getting, if not to wear, than at least for a buff item. It buff int and psy for 18 each. Really nice for an atrox.

    Robust Backpack
    The dream of all DD soldiers. Adds 60 to damage. It's quite hard to get, and very expensive. Drops from Tara.

    Living Dragonflesh Body Armor
    Another Tara drops, and another piece of armor for damage junkies. Adds 42 damage, as well as HP.

    Modified Notucomm Mesh Trenchcoat
    The best back item if you're opting for the evade route. While this back armor can be worn from level 100, it is quite rare and expensive. It adds 64 to evade skills.

    Spririt Shrouds
    Another extremely rare back item. You can get this from camping Notum Scourges in NW Penumbra. A nice back item, but can take weeks of camping. By right clicking it, it changes stats, so it works great for a few situations.

    Beast Armor
    The sleeve is nice (Armplate of Elimination), although not as nice as combined armor. It adds weapon skills. You'll also want a Burden of Competence (+30 to each ability), but you'll have to get in line for that one. The Shoulderpads of Sabotage are also great, but mostly for looks.

    Star of Fidelity
    Our beast star, and a very nice one at that. You can now get it from the new inferno quests.

    Ring of Power - High Energy
    For damage junkies . Adds 28 to energy damage. Drops from RK missions. They are not nodrop, so they can be bought.

    Ring of Power - Projectiles
    For Damage junkies with the Ofab Shark. +28 Projectile Damage. Drops from RK missions and they are not nodrop, so able to buy from your local shopping channel.

    A nice soldier only ring, that drops off of incandescent in inferno. Adds quite a few nice stats for us, including offense modifier.

    Masterpiece Ancient Combat Tuner
    Instructions on what is needed to make it can be found here.

    Masterpiece Ancient Bracer
    A good twinking bracer, some use it for the HP/NP, AAO/AAD in PvP. Instructions on how to build can be located here.

    Modified Combat Bracer
    A nice bracer adding burst/fling/full auto, as well ranged init and AAO in return for some loss in +dmg. Instructions on how to build is located here. Keep in mind when reading that guide is that you are looking for the 2nd spin-off listed.

    Soldiers’ Ring of Focus
    A must have for a level 220. Burst, FA, AAO, Heal delta, everything that you would need to help compliment your endgame Soldier. Buyable through Victory Points.
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    ++6.0 Nanotechnology++

    Nano technology is not where the soldier excels. Nevertheless, we have some really useful nanos that shouldn't be ignored. Below, I will highlight what we have to offer for our team mates and ourselves.

    For a complete list of soldier nanos, visit this site :

    6.1 Reflects

    Reflects are what makes soldiers really needed in any team. Yes we have great damage, which is always nice, but reflect is what will make teams survive against the tough mobs. A good reflect can mean the difference between victory and defeat. You will want to always invest in the best reflect that you can cast.

    6.1.1 Rubi-Ka Reflect Shields

    You will need this reflects for your time on RK. They go by the name of x deflection shield. And you'll want to have the best one that you can have.

    6.1.2 Shadowlands Reflect auras

    You will need to buy most of these from SL gardens. Make sure to always have the best one for your team, and for yourself.

    6.1.3 Total Mirror Shields (Augmented Mirror Shields)

    The best part of being a soldier, and the so called "Soldier's best friend". This nano will provide a 75%(Up to 82% with AMS) reflect on yourself for a set amount of time. This should always be available on your hotbar for those emergency situations when you need a short amount of near invincibility. However using this nano will lock your nano skills for 2 minutes, meaning you will not be able to cast another one before that. It will also mean that you won't be able to use some stims for that time. So be careful. As time progresses however, the reflect time increases greatly, with the max time being 1:20.

    All Rubi-Ka reflects, including total mirror shields, are blitzable.

    6.2 Weapon and Weapon Special Buffs

    Soldier have a very long line of weapon buffs. We can almost buff any weapon line, which makes us very useful to any other ranged profession. It's also nice for ourselves, so that we can easily buff our weapons.

    6.2.1 Assault Rifle Buffs

    There are 4 buffs in this line. The first two, A Sergeant's Knowledge, and Assault Rifle Mastery, are store buyable. The third one is Art of Peace, which will be a bit harder to obtain. This one can only be gotten by hunting dynas. Try dynas in BF or CAV, or PW. The final one, Art of War, will be in the Dust Brigade 215+ quest, after you did the first part and obtain ISCJ, ITF, Total Combat Survival, and AMS 5.

    6.2.2 Ranged Energy Buffs

    You'll want to get these buffs for certain guns, as well as any pvp gun that you'll probably want to use. Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery is the highest buff in this line, and you won't have a problem casting it. All store buyable.

    6.2.3 Burst Buffs

    You will need this to buff your burst. The only way to get the first 3 buffs in this line Power Volley, Power Burst, and The Power of Three are by going to kill dynas in their respective levels. Mind you, these nano crystals are not extremely rare. These 3 nanos are also self only. The last, and most useful burst buff Riot Control can be blitzed. It gives a nice 110 to any target. This one is however not self only. You will get asked a lot for this buff when in a team, so a good idea to get it as soon as possible.

    6.2.4 Full Auto Buffs

    You will need these buffs to buff your Full auto. It is self only, so you can't give it to others. The first two buffs in this line can be bought in any shop. The rest are from dynas. The second to last one, Soldier Clip Junkie is particularly rare, and quite expensive. It is definitely worth it however when you can get your hands on one. Until then, Metal Barrage will do just fine. This one is a lot less expensive. There is a new FA buff, Improved Soldier Clip Junkie, which provides a nice 160 FA buff and is questable.

    6.2.5 Pistol Buff

    Only one pistol buff "Pistol Mastery". It's store buyable, so get it. You'll need it eventually, and you might need it to buff other professions.

    6.2.6 Rifle Buff

    Pretty useless. It won't stack with agent buffs. It's store buyable, so if you feel like buying it, no reason not to.

    6.2.7 Shotgun Buffs

    Useless unless you're a shotgun soldier. They are self only and the last one is dyna loot. Not worth your time.

    6.2.8 Heavy Weapons buffs

    We finally have a use for these. These will greatly help us equip the Anti-Mech Rocket Launchers.

    6.2.9 Total Focus

    I'm adding this nano here, because it buffs all weapons lines by 50, and stacks with everything. A very useful nano for when buffing into a new weapon. It does take away 40 in evades however, so that's something to consider if you're planning on using it in battle. You can blitz it, so really easy to get. An Improved version of this in patch 17.7 has given us a 75 increase over the current one and does not negate your evades. Questable and definitely worth getting it.

    6.3 Add damage nanos

    As soldiers, you will have access to some nice add damage nanos. If you don't have shadowlands, this line is not the best. If you do have Shadowlands however, the add damage aura line is really good. Definitely worth the IP and effort.

    6.3.1 Rubi-ka add damage

    Don't bother with this line, especially if you have Shadowlands.

    6.3.2 Shadowlands damage auras

    This is the line to invest in. They are all level locked, so as soon as you get to the level that you can use it, you should try to get it, and be able to cast it. I would wait to cast the last one, Gazump Fight until way into the 215+, and wouldn't spend too much IP to be able to self it. Better to be able to cast it with a CM and wrangle.

    6.4 Misc Stat boosts

    6.4.1 Multiple Initiatives buffs

    These buffs your init. It goes without saying that this line is important for a soldier. You can buy the first two in the shops, and the last one, Offensive Steamroller, it blitzable. Try to cast OS, as soon as you can.

    6.4.2 Automatic Targetings

    Currently 3 different nanos for buffing Add all Offense. Automatic Targeting: +23, store buyable, Improved Automatic Targeting: +30, obtained in Penumbra Xan Civilization questline, stacks with the AT line, and last but not least, Full Automatic Targeting: +44, does not stack with AT, but stacks with IAT. Obtainable in the mid level RK Quests.

    6.5 Taunts

    As a soldier, you'll want to invest in taunts. Since you will be investing in PM anyways for your weapon and other buffs, there's no reason why not to buy a taunt that you can cast. It will make you a better tank. There are two lines, the one time taunts, and the timed taunts

    6.5.1 One time taunts

    These taunts are the ones that you want to get. The are definitely more powerful than the timed ones, and ideal for getting something off a doc or support class. You can chain them relatively well also, so you can keep casting it relatively fast.

    6.5.2 Timed taunts

    These taunts are less powerful than the one time ones. They are timed. At the end of the timer, a debuff is cast. Definitely not as useful as the regular taunts, but can be useful in some situations, ie if there are two or more soldiers tms tanking a really hard boss.

    Spartan's Notes: As I've have never used these in my entire soldier career, just merely looking at the database info, it seems that these do NOT detaunt. All I've read is that it taunts, and nothing else. No nano casted to detaunt, etc. In my opinion, I would suggest bypassing these and getting the Victim nanos as they will suit your needs.

    6.6 AC buffs

    6.6.1 AC buff line

    This line is not a huge priority. However can be useful, and you'll be spending the IP required to cast you damage auras and reflects, so buy the one that you can use. You can buy from shop or blitz them all.

    6.6.2 Phalanx

    Buffs 350 ACs to all soldiers in your team. Might as well get it when you can cast it. Its not great, but a free 350 AC. And the ncu cost is very low.

    6.7 Healing / health nanos

    6.7.1 One-More-Hit-Healing

    Soldiers are not healers. Eventually you will have the IP necessary for this nano, it's however not a huge priority. It provides a small heal, and worth having in your arsenal for emergencies nonetheless. It does give a small dot after the heal though.

    6.7.2 Health line

    Don't bother with the health line until 215+. You can easily cast all the HP buffs with really no IP nearing level 160ish with nanoskill buffs. Towards the later shadowlevels, Total Combat Survival will be the one you will aim for, as it truly is worth getting.

    6.7.3. Heal blockers

    An ok line to get if you like to pvp. It blocks other professions' ability to cast Complete Heal and Invocatino of the pheonix. It however lost alot of its power with shadowland heals. It's not as important a line as it was used to. Still has its uses though. With 17.3, we have obtained a true PvP CH blocker. With a 90% defense check, it will have a much better chance of landing.
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    ++7.0 Implants / Symbiants++

    As a soldier, you'll want to have implants / symbiants that concentrate on weapon skills, and your nano lines. As for a symbiant setup, you'll be restricted to artillery symbiants.

    7.1 Early levels

    You will want to stick with implant for your first levels, from about 1-80 approximately. The store bought implants are ok, if you don't feel like putting the effort into making a full set of implants, especially if you're planning to level fast. However, put the time into making your own implants will give you the best setup. Think about starting to make your own implant when you can easily put on the ql 100s. It is also important to note that the low level symbiants will not give good enough stats at these levels to warrant their use, with the exception of maybe Eye and Brain.

    Here is an example of an implant setup at low levels. This is only an example, by no means to be taken to be the perfect setup. Each person will have to tweak everything to suit their own tastes.

    7.2 Mid levels

    When you start to get close to level 80, consider replacing some implants for symbiants, especially brain and eye. These are going to start to get really nice at these levels. For example, at level 88, you can equip a ql 110 Brain, which will add 56 to each nano skills. These levels will also be a great time to start looking for a Chest, Waist, Right Wrist, Leg and Feet symbiants. At around 100-110, if you're able, and willing, to tweak into ql 200 implants, you'll want to stick with this for the time being for your weapon skills. That means Right Arm for example. This way will raise your skills like full auto. Certain other slots will work best with an implant. Do some research, and you'll be able to get the best setup for you. Below is an example of a good setup at level 117 (for ql 160 symbiants).

    7.3 High levels

    Eventually, you'll want an entire symbiant setup. This will probably happen by level 130-150. While artillery symbiants tend to not be the priciest of the bunch, some can still be very expensive, so consider camping for some patterns to get your own. You'll probably have some duplicates to sell, which is always nice. Two spot that I always had implants on were ear and left wrist. On a ql 200 ear, you can put a +7% exp modifier, which is always nice, and a +56 psychology, which helps for taunt tools. On a ql 200 left wrist, you can put a +10 add energy damage. At around level 150, you can do an Adonis quest to obtain a very very nice, if not, your endgame brain symbiant. It has a lot to offer with no drawbacks, so one that is a must.

    7.4 Endgame

    Endgame symbiants are a problem, especially for an Atrox. You'll need to do a near full perk reset to get your best symbiants on. You will be shooting for ql 250-260 symbiants. Some have put higher ones, but the reward for this is hardly worth the effort. Only do higher if you feel like a challenge (and have a Burden of Competence). Any soldier will be fine with ql 250-260. Only consider equipping these symbiants once you hit 220.

    You might also want to think about equiping an Exterminator Ocular Enhancment. Alien generals/admirals drop these. They add really nice stats for your weapons. The good thing about these is that they add to some weapon skills that the regular ocular symbiant will not, like Fling shot, Burst, Full auto, SMG. It will also add a crit modifier. You will however lose some other important skills like nano skills, Computer literature, and Treatment. The Aimed shot on the exterminator ocular is also slightly lower. This symbiant is however really hard to equip. They have extremely high requirements, so be ready to tweak these in.

    For a full list of soldier symbiants, visit this site. Use the search option to look for Artillery Symbiants.

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    ++8.0 Perks++

    Soldier really good perks, mostly weapon based, that help them along their journey. At the start, you'll want to concentrate on 3 main lines :

    8.1 Shadowland Perks

    8.1.1 Heavy Ranged

    Assuming that you went assault rifle, you'll need this perk taken care of as much as possible. The more points in this perk, the better gun you can equip.

    The perk specials on this line are not particularly great are not particularly great. There's a couple of evade debuffs, and a minor damage perk.

    Total Stats
    200 Assault Rifle

    Lesser Paint Target
    Weapon Bash
    Triangulate Target
    Napalm Spray

    8.1.2 Special Forces

    This line is just as important as the Heavy Ranged line. It buffs burst and FA, which will improve their damage and recycle time. It also gives an ok buff to evades. Don't ignore this perk line

    The special on this line are nice. The first one give a nice heal perk, nothing too exciting, but nice nonetheless. There is a good evade debuff perk also. Also very useful in this perk line is guardian, which transfers 20 reflect % from yourself to a target. Great to help out tanks, or to save a doc during trouble.

    Total Stats
    200 Full Auto
    180 Burst
    180 Fling Shot
    150 Dodge Ranged
    50 Evade Close
    50 Duck Explosives

    Field Bandage
    Contained Burst

    8.1.3 Colossal Health

    This perk will give you more health. If you want to stay out of reclaim, consider putting points into this perk. While not as important as the first two, still good nonetheless when you have a few extra perks.

    Total Stats
    3180 Max Health

    Blessing of Live
    Draw Blood

    8.1.4 Power up

    You'll want to invest at least one perk in here for the Energize special. If you'd like to be DD soldier however, this perk line is for you. It adds Ranged energy, and + damage. Many choose this one instead of Colossal Health, this is a personal choice however.

    Total Stats
    200 Ranged Energy
    50 Add Damage Modifier

    Power Volley
    Power Shock
    Power Blast
    Power Combo

    8.1.7 SMG Mastery

    If you choose to go SMG, especially at endgame, you'll need to perk this instead of Heavy Ranged.

    Total Stats
    200 SMG
    20 Burst

    Reinforce Slugs
    Jaring Burst
    Solid Slug
    Neutronium Slug

    8.1.5 Genius

    You may want to put a couple of perks in here for the regain nano special. Not the most important perk though for a soldier, especially at lower levels.

    Stat with 2 perks
    20 Intelligence
    20 Psychic
    60 Nano Pool

    Regain Nano

    8.1.6 First Aid

    The second perk in this series will give you a heal perk. Always nice to have, but not the most necessary place to put your perks.

    Stat with 2 perks
    30 Treatment
    30 First Aid


    8.2 Alien Invasion Perks

    8.2.1 Power in numbers

    You'll want at least 1 perk in this line for the Supressive Horde special, which adds damage for your entire team. I kept this line maxed though, it has quite a few nice mods, like max health and add all off, and FA.

    Total Stats
    1000 Max Health
    51 Offense Modifier
    51 Full Auto

    Suppressive Horde
    Muzzle Overload

    8.2.2 Champion of Heavy Artillery

    If you're using AR or RE, you'll want perks in this line. It has a decent damage perk special : fuzz. and fire frenzy.

    Total Stats
    100 Assault Rifle

    Fire Frenzy

    8.2.3 Champion of Light Artillery

    If you choose to go SMG, especially at lower levels, you'll want to perk this instead of Champion of Heavy Artillery.

    Total Stats
    100 SMG
    100 Pistol


    8.2.4 Champion of Nano Combat

    Only put perks here if you want to cast your nanos a bit faster. They also (may change from writing this, will update if necessary) be needed for the 17.7 nanos. However, their perks aren’t too shabby and you should be able to land them in PvP.

    Total Stats
    100 to all Nanoskills

    Nano Feast
    Bot Confinement

    8.2.5 Solitus Alpha Genome

    Buffs Str, Agil, Stam, but it's especially useful for pvp. There are a few very nice perk specials in here, like tacky hack, which provides a 90% resistance to roots.

    Total Stats
    34 Strength
    34 Stamina
    34 Agility

    Tacky Hack

    8.2.6 Solitus Beta Genome

    This perk line can also be useful. The last perk is a really nice team hot. However, you won't have the 90% root resistance from the alpha line if you go this route.

    Total Stats
    34 Intelligence
    34 Sense
    34 Psychic

    Survival .

    8.2.7 Atrox Alpha Genome

    Adds to Str, and Stam. If you're an atrox, you'll want to invest in this, especially if you pvp. This one has mongo rage, which adds a sick amount to offense modifier for 10 seconds. It's followed by a short period where your skills will be lowered however.

    Total Stats
    49 Strength
    49 Stamina

    Body Tackle
    Mongo Rage

    8.2.8 Atrox Beta Genome

    Adds to Agility, Sense, Intelligence and Psychic. A useful perk line if you don't plan to PvP. You really only need to raise it up to Wit of the Atrox, which gives some really nice boosts.

    Total Stats
    25 Agility
    25 Sense
    25 Intelligence
    25 Psychic

    Wit of the Atrox
    My Own Fortress

    8.2.9 Opifex Alpha Genome

    You may want to invest in this one as an Opifex, especially if you go the Combined Sharpshooter route. The perk specials on this one are less rewarding than the Beta line, but are still decent.

    Total Stats
    48 Sense
    48 Agility


    8.2.10 Opifex Beta Genome

    An opifex will probably to invest points in this eventually. It'll make it easier to equip most of your armor, as it adds to Str, Stam. It also has a few specials that could be useful in pvp, including one that lowers nano skills by 5% and an excellent damage perk.

    Total Stats
    24 Strength
    24 Stamina
    24 Intelligence
    24 Psychic

    Blinded by Delights
    Dizzying Heights

    8.2.11 Nanobreed Genomes

    If you're a nanomage, I don't see any reason why putting points in genomes except to equip some armor. These perk specials are very dependent on nanoskills, which soldier don't excel in. Also, the specials themselves aren't that great, especially Notum Shield, which will cancel our reflects. Save your points and put them in weapon perks.

    8.2.12 Alien Technology Expertise

    You'll need points in here if you intend to equip any alien armor / weapons.

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    ++9.0 Fighting as a soldier++

    9.1 Solo

    Soldiers are not the best soloing profession out there. Because of our lack of any good heals, once we take damage, it's gone. Nice Damage will help you here. The faster you can take out a mob, the less he'll hit you. You'll also need a good TMS. To solo effectively, you'll need very nice equipment to say the least, especially at the beginning.

    At low levels, you'll pretty much be stuck killing stuff that you can kill pretty easily. Since your TMS won't last very long, once it's gone, you'll be a sitting duck. Try not to take on stuff that is too hard, or you'll end up in reclaim, and watch out with adds. You might be able to kill one mob, but not 4 at once

    Once you progress in levels, and you start to get better TMS, eventually TMS 10, then you can start taking on much tougher mobs, and do what is called TMS kiting. This basically meant that you tank the mob for the 1:20 minutes of your TMS, using stims and perks to heal yourself as necessary. Once your TMS expires, you start to kite, while still shooting your specials on the mob. This will last for 40 seconds, until your TMS returns. This is a very nice way to solo, especially for the really hard mobs, or simply to save your butt if you underestimate a mob.

    9.2 teams

    In teams, if you're equipped right, you will often be called to tank. If you're serious about your profession, and not powerleveling too much, then you should be able to hold aggro if you need to. It is your responsibility as a good tank to buy the proper taunts, and guns needed to make sure that mobs stay on you. Your team will thank you for it.

    When fighting, always keep an eye out for adds, especially if one is on the doc. If you are currently the main tank, while it is not entirely your responsibility to save the doc (other team members should pitch in), you still have the tool-set to help him out. If you find that taunts aren't powerful enough to get aggro from your doc, then it is perfectly acceptable to stop attacking your current mob to go against the add that's on the doc. While killing the new mob, keep spamming the old one with taunts, and he should stay on you, at least till your team gets organized. If you're currently not the main tank any reason, then your job is add control. Even if you're not tanking the current mobs, then the doc should never be touched, and it is your job to keep him alive. If any adds come, quickly go on him, and the team will be fine. If more adds come, then shoot one, and taunt the other.

    All this is assuming that you don't have an enforcer in the team, if you have one, then he'll most likely be the main tank, and add control. If you see that he's having difficulty staying alive, then you can certainly help him with adds. Him, and the doc, will be grateful.

    I explain more about taunts in the next section.

    9.3 Pulling mobs

    As the tank, you will often be asked to pull mobs. If you're not new to the game you will know this already, but never pull mobs with your gun, as this will get adds. Always walk close to the mob and wait for it to attack you before running back for your team. Beware of mob clusters, as if the mob hits you while pulling your reflect shield might pull the rest of the cluster.

    ++10.0 Taunting and aggro control++

    I felt compelled to write this new section when after I started to play more on my new doc. When teaming with a many great deal of soldier, most either had no taunts at all in their arsenal, or they just had the first ones in the line (which they never used either). To be honest, I really wasn't surprised when I saw this, because most soldiers tend to forget that taunts are part of our toolset, or at least have the impression that just because we don't have AoE taunts, it means they're no good. We can't forget that our taunts are the second most powerful in the game. Taunts are for us what heals are for adventurers, not the best in the games, but certainly still very useful. Also, there is a reason why TMS doesn't debuff PM. It's so that you can still taunt even if you can't cast anything else. So while you're nearly invincible (with TMS) you can taunt multiple mobs on you, while the team kills.

    As previously mentioned, a soldier should be able to handle adds. Maybe not as good as an enforcer but should still be good. I know for sure that even low level soldier can do it well, as I've helped org mate soldiers before with this, and they've done nicely. I've seen soldiers able to handle 3+ adds with taunts and firepower. And this is at level 110-140ish. The taunts only get better from that point. After seeing this, I was concerned to see how many soldiers in teams that didn't have any taunts, or didn't know anything at all about add control. It feels like such a waste of abilities. I'm hoping new soldiers reading this section will realize that taunts are really important, and a soldier that is able to handle adds will get a very nice reputation.

    10.1 When you should start buying taunts

    The first useful taunt will be at level 15. This one can be bought in nascence garden. The earlier you start practicing to use individual taunts, the earlier you'll be able to use them effectively.

    10.2 What taunts you should buy / blitz

    The list on auno can be a bit confusing, since there are 3 different kinds of nanos in the same list, and they're in a order of skill needed to cast, which doesn't always correspond to the amount of the taunt. Therefore, I will list the most useful nanos that you will need, in order. Early on, the shadowlands timed taunts will be more powerful. These will very soon be passed by the single RK taunts. Eventually, you will want the SL single taunts. Also, the detaunts are almost useless, at least for any other purpose other than saving yourself (which you shouldn't do if it will kill someone else in your team). Therefore I will not list them here.

    Soldiers really have no excuse not to buy taunts either. They use the same skills as our weapon nano lines. Therefore, we already raise PM. So IP is not an issue.

    Here is the list, in order of PM. Keep in mind that the shadowland ones are level locked.

    Minor Insult
    PM : 95
    Taunt : 350
    Location : Nascence Garden
    Level requirement : 15

    Enraged Mind
    PM : 151
    Taunt : 349
    Location : Rubi-ka

    Lesser Insult
    PM : 263
    Taunt : 650
    Location : Elysium Sanctuary
    Level requirement : 45

    Annoying Presence
    PM : 336
    Taunt : 712
    Location : Rubi Ka

    Aggressive Captivation
    PM : 428
    Taunt : 890
    Location : Rubi Ka

    Id Assault
    PM : 615
    Taunt : 1244
    Location : Rubi Ka

    Only You, Only Me
    PM : 706
    Taunt : 1617
    Location : Rubi Ka

    Obvious Victim
    PM : 805
    Taunt : 2250
    Location : Adonis Sanctuary
    Level requirement : 125

    Clear Victim
    PM : 1029
    Taunt : 4580
    Location : Inferno Garden
    Level requirement : 185

    Distinct Victim
    PM : 1229
    Taunt : 5125
    Location : Inferno Sanctuary
    Level requirement : 205

    Undeniable Victim
    PM : 1437
    Taunt : 6600
    Location : Pandemonium Garden
    Level requirement : 211

    Aggro Tools

    These tools were mentioned earlier, but I thought that I would repost them here.

    Aggression Enhancer / Multiplier
    Aggression enhancers can be bought from shops up to level 125. You can blitz the higher qls. The ql200 version is called Aggression Multiplier. These also can, and should, be upgraded ( Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented) by combining it with an Essence of Pure Jealousy found in Steps of Madness off of Jealousy.

    Modified Aggression Enhancer
    This Solitus only taunt gives a minor taunt, but has the bonus of being able to be equipped, for a minor projectile AC and reflect boost. Drops off Iron Reet.

    10.3 How to use single taunts effectively

    Ok so we've covered what you should buy, now we'll talk about ways to use them effectively.

    First off, you'll always need your taunts and taunt tools on your quickbar. The ability to use them easy and quickly is crucial to taunting well. If you're fighting mobs that drain your skills, it's a good idea to have a backup taunt ready, if not on your quickbar, then at least know exactly where to find your lower ones. This also holds true for your TMSs.

    Now on to the basics of taunting for soldiers. The basics of taunting are simple. Simply put, if you're on one target, taunt it if you want it to stay on you (if another prof can OD you). If you have adds, simply attack one, and tab the others and send taunts. This sounds extremely simple, but believe me, it gets complicated.

    I'll try to illustrate specific situations that you may/will encounter.

    1- Let's say you're on a heck team, in elysium. You have no enforcer, and there is a shade (or any prof that can OD you) in your team. Now if you can't OD the shade, he will die and the team may wipe, if you don't taunt that is. If you have no adds, you can use taunts on the heck as well as doing your normal damage. The shade should not be able to get aggro if you do this. Keep in mind that one taunt may not be enough, and, in certain situations, you may have to spam them also.

    Let's say you would get an add. This will be very tricky, but possible to get out of. The team will have to assist you obviously, and not touch the second heck. You'll need to go full damage on the first heck. As soon as you start attacking the first heck, you'll need to target the second one, and taunt. At this point, you may or may not have to use TMS, because you'll have 2 hecks on you. Keep an eye out on the second heck, always keep taunting at this point, because you certainly do not want it to go attack the doc. After a couple of taunts, throw 1 or 2 on the heck that you are fighting, just to keep from losing that one (from the shade), afterwards, taunt the add. Keep doing this until the first one is dead.

    2- Another situation is alien raids, again without an enforcer. Let's say you have 3 org members present, you'll get 4 aliens each wave. That is a lot of aliens to keep on you, but again, it is possible.

    As soon as you see the wave coming, target the hacker and alpha it. Immediately after, tab another alien and send a taunt. This will get 2 aliens on you even before the aliens arrive to the raid group As you wait until the taunt finishes to recharge, you'll need to tab another alien. Once the recharge is done, taunt. At this point, try to find out if the first and second one that you taunted are on you. If they are, move on to the 4th one. If they aren't re-taunt, they should go on you at this point.

    If at any point an alien goes on the doc, or another squishy prof, you can do one of two things. First is taunt that mob. This technique will enable you to keep attacking your current mob, but will not necessarily guarantee that the mob will come on you. Use this technique if you're certain that the character can handle a few hits, or if you're fairly certain that the taunt will succeed in one or two tries. The second method would be to change target, and attack the mob that's causing the problems. This way, you'll fairly quickly get the mob off the character. However, the mob that you were attacking before, will die less quickly, and you'll have adds for a longer period of time. I can't tell you which method is the most efficient way, because it will depend on the situation and characters. You'll have to make that decision in a split second, and only practice and experience will tell you which to use.

    Keep in mind that if another character in your team can handle an add, he should be the one to take adds off of squishy players. While you can help, the team should also pitch it if they can.

    These 2 situations are examples only. I could try to explain forever, but the only real way to learn to do it, is to actually do it. Don't be discouraged if you don't get the hang of it on your first or second try, or if someone dies on your team. Look at that as a learning experience and try to figure out what you could have done differently, so that next time, things will happen differently.

    10.4 When it is not necessary to taunt

    Anytime an enforcer is in your team, you can pretty much take a break on taunting. He will be more than adequate to hold the adds. You can however help him out if he needs it, by attacking one of the adds. Again, this will depend on the situation.

    Keep in mind that even though you have an enforcer in your team, that doesn't necessarily mean that he's a good enforcer. Keep your eyes out, if he loses aggro, or adds. You can act as backup, in case something goes wrong. Again, if any mob goes on the doc, or any squishy prof, take it off. That's your main job in this team situation.

    Another situation where it may not be necessary to tank, is if another player ODs you, but he can handle the mob, then you don't necessarily need to taunt. You can taunt if you want, but in this case, it's not really needed. Your choice. However, in any case where that player has even a bit of difficulty, you better not take the chance and shoot a few taunts.

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    ++11.0 Research++

    With Le finally here, we finally have an exciting range of research line. Each line has 10 levels, each of which give a different bonus. Below I will explain what each ones gives, and which ones to prioritize. The information for all of the specials can be found at the end of this section.

    11.1 Sweep and Clear

    Designed to help soldiers live longer and be tougher. This will add more Max health, along with a few good abilities.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Max Health 500
    Body Dev 30
    Stamina 30
    Agility 15

    1- Body Dev 5
    2- Max health 50
    3- Stamina 10
    4- Agility 15
    5- Max Health 150
    6- Special : Target Acquired
    7- Body Dev 25
    8- Special : On the Double
    9- Stamina 20
    10- Max Health 300

    11.2 Strategic Planning

    Designed to help with a soldier's nano skills, especially with Matter Creation, which along with the next research line (Combat Sense), will help us to cast our reflects. Also helps with Computer Literature.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Computer Literature 25
    Matter Creation 75
    Psycho Modi 25
    Time & Space 15
    Max NCU 4
    Add all off 20

    1- Max NCU 4
    2- Computer Literature 10
    3- Time & Space 15
    4- Computer Literature 15
    5- Psycho Modi 25
    6- Matter Creation 25
    7- Special : Graze Jugular Vein
    8- Matter Creation 50
    9- Add all Off : 20
    10- Special : Furious Ammunition

    11.3 Combat Sense

    Focuses on a quite a few abilities with strength being the main one. It also has a huge Time & Space boost, which will help with our reflects.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Time & Space 85
    Strength 50
    Stamina 15
    Agility 20

    1- Special : Shoot Artery
    2- Special : Deep Six Initiative
    3- Strength 15
    4- Stamina 15
    5- Time & Space 25
    6- Matter Creation 25
    7- Strength 15
    8- Agility 20
    9- Strength 20
    10- Time & Space 60

    11.4 Marksmanship

    Focuses on weapon skills. A very good line to research at any time of a soldier's career.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Assault Rifle : 160
    SMG : 110
    Full Auto : 75
    Burst : 65
    Ranged Initiative : 30

    1- Assault Rifle : 10
    2- Full Auto : 10
    3- Special : Emergency Bandages
    4- Assault Rifle : 15
    5- Burst / Full Auto : 15
    6- Assault Rifle : 25
    7- Ranged Initiative : 30
    8- SMG / Assault Rifle : 50
    9- Burst / Full Auto : 50
    10- SMG / Assault Rifle : 60

    11.5 Forward Observer

    Divides focus between weapon skills, and intelligence related skills, especially Matt. Mettam, which will help with our +damage lines. It has a very nice Burst/Full Auto boost.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Intelligence : 20
    Sense : 10
    Matt. Mettam : 75
    Ranged Initiatives : 30
    Burst / Full Auto : 50

    1- Intelligence 5
    2- Sense 10
    3- Special : Concussive Shot
    4- Special : Gear Assault Absorption
    5- Matt. Mettam 25
    6- Intelligence 15
    7- Ranged Initiatives 30
    8- Burst / Full Auto 50
    9- Matt. Mettam 50
    10- Special : Fuse Body Armor

    11.6 Classified Ops

    Boosts a few of our nano skills, which will be useful for our add damage line, and our taunts. The Add all Offense boost is very decent.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Psycho Modi : 60
    Matt. Mettam : 50
    Strength : 20
    Sense : 10
    Burst : 25
    Add all Off : 40

    1- Special : Successful Targeting
    2- Psycho Modi 10
    3- Strength 10
    4- Sense 10
    5- Strength 10
    6- Burst 25
    7- Add all off 15
    8- Psycho Modi 50
    9- Matt. Mettam 50
    10- Add all Off 25

    11.7 Force Recon

    Focuses on the soldier's alternate weapon lines. This will be good for non AR soldiers.

    TOTAL Stats :

    Pistol / Ranged Energy : 140
    Fling Shot : 75
    Multi Ranged : 30
    Ranged Initiatives : 30

    1- Fling Shot : 10
    2- Pistol / Ranged Energy : 10
    3- Fling Shot : 15
    4- Pistol / Ranged Energy : 20
    5- Special : Reconditioned
    6- Multi Ranged : 30
    7- Ranged Initiatives : 30
    8- Pistol / Ranged Energy : 50
    9- Fling Shot : 50
    10- Pistol / Ranged Energy : 60

    11.8 Total Stats


    Strength 70
    Stamina 45

    Agility 35
    Sense : 20

    Intelligence : 20


    Max Health 500
    Body Dev 30


    Matter Creation 100
    Psycho Modi 85
    Time & Space 100
    Matt. Mettam : 125

    Computer Literacy

    Computer Literature 25
    Max NCU 4

    Weapon Skills

    Assault Rifle : 160
    SMG : 110
    Pistol / Ranged Energy : 140
    Full Auto : 125
    Burst : 140
    Fling Shot : 75
    Ranged Initiative : 90
    Multi Ranged : 30
    Add all off 60

    11.9 Research Specials

    Research specials run like auras in your ncu. They take 40 ncu each. You can run one special per type, there are 2 types. Below is the complete list, and what they add. More info on each, when I get it.

    Type 1 :

    Research level 3 :

    Emergency Bandages
    Max health +176, Heal Delta +2

    Concussive Shot
    Energy/Projectile Damage modifier +15

    Research level 8 :

    On the Double
    Initiatives +150

    Research level 10 :

    Furious Ammunition
    Projectile/Energy Damage Modifier +88

    Type 2 :

    Research level 1 :

    Shoot Artery
    Projectile/Energy Damage Modifier +4

    Successful Targeting
    AddAllOff +23

    Research level 2 :

    Deep Six Initiative
    Initiatives +50

    Research level 4 :

    Gear Assault Absorbption
    AC +280

    Research level 5 :

    Max health +361, Heal Delta +3

    Research level 6 :

    Target Acquired
    AddAllOff +35

    Research level 7 :

    Graze Jugular Vein
    Projectile/Energy Damage Modifier +70

    Research level 10:

    Fuse Body Armor
    AC 800
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    ++12.0 Special Recharge Mechanic++

    When picking your weapon of choice, knowing how to calculate the special recharge time is extremely useful. Below, you will find all of the formulas to calculate the recharge times for each weapon. You will also find the formula to figure out how much skill is needed to cap a certain weapon.

    The Burst and Full Auto Cycles can be found on either Auno or AODB.

    12.1 Fling Shot

    Fling shot recharge

    [Wep Attack time (in seconds) x 16] - Fling shot skill/100


    1600 x Wep Attack time - Fling shot skill100

    Skill needed to cap

    The cap for fling shot is 6 seconds. No matter how much skill you have, you'll never have a faster fling shot. Here is the formula.

    [ (Wep Attack time x 16) - 7 ] x100


    (1600 x Wep Attack Time) - 700

    12.2 Burst

    burst recharge

    [Wep Recharge time (in seconds) x 20] + BurstCycle/100 - Burst skill/25


    2000 x Wep Recharge time + BurstCycle - 4x Burst skill

    Skill needed to cap

    The cap for burst is 9 seconds, assuming a 1 second recharge on the weapon. If you have a weapon with >1 second recharge, then your cap will be higher. To figure out how much burst is needed to to reach the fastest cap, use either of the two formulas below.

    Capped time for Burst is 8s + attack time, rounded down.

    [ (Wep recharge x 20) + (BurstCycle/100) - 8 ] x 25


    (Wep recharge x 2000) + BurstCycle - 800

    12.3 Full Auto

    Full Auto Recharge

    [Wep recharge (in seconds) x 40] + FullAutoCycle/100 - FullAuto skill/25


    4000 x recharge + FullAutoCycle - 4x FullAuto skill

    Cap calculation

    To figure out the FA cap of a certain weapon, use the following formula.

    10 +Wep Attack time (in seconds, rounded down)

    The Wep attack value is rounded down, ie 1.8 seconds = 1 seconds, 2.1 seconds = 2 seconds.

    Skill needed to cap

    You will first need to calculate the cap with the formula above. The formula below assumes a cap of 11 seconds, which is the lowest cap possible. However, if a certain weapon has a higher cap, replace the 11 with the appropriate cap.

    [ (Wep recharge x 40) + (FullAutoCycle/100) - 10 ] x 25


    (Wep recharge x 4000) + FullAutoCycle - 1000

    12.3 Aimed Shot

    Aimed Shot Recharge

    [Wep Recharge time (in seconds) x 40] - (3 x AimedShot skill/100)


    4000 x Wep Recharge time - 3x AimedShot skill

    Skill needed to cap

    The cap for Aimed Shot is 11 seconds. No matter how much skill you have, you'll never have a faster Aimed Shot. Here is the formula.

    [ (Wep Recharge time x 40) - 11 ] x 100

    12.4 Addendum concerning Full auto damage mechanics

    As explained by Ikarus in his post about Full Auto damage testing, here are the mechanics of this special.

    From 0 to 10K damage, no matter the number of bullets, damage is unchanged.
    From 10K to 11.5K damage, each bullet damage is halved.
    From 11K to 15K damage, each bullet damage is halved again.
    15K is the damage cap.

    12.5 Addendum concerning maximum bullets hit for FA

    As requested, the number of bullets you'll hit with your gun goes by this simple formula. The formula starts with 5 bullets being the max before any skill in FA increases the bullets.

    5 + Full Auto Skill

    12.6 Accomplice's FA/Burst/AS formulaes

    Accomplice has made further tests and has fine tuned the formulas to include the round up/down factor. Ceil is a round up, Floor is a round down of the resulting values.
    Thanks to him to provide these new formulaes and associated tests.

    Full Auto recharge
    FA Recharge = round((Rech.Time x 40) + (FA Cycle / 100) - (FA Skill / 25) + round(Atk.Time - 1))

    Tests and calculations:

    Burst Recharge = floor((20 x Rech.Time) + (Burst Cycle / 100) - (Burst Skill / 25) + Att.Time)

    tests and calcs: and the following posts

    AS recharge
    AS Recharge = ceil((40 x Rech.Time) - (3/100 x AS Skill) + Att.Time - 1)

    Tests and calcs:

    The formulae for skill needed to cap stay mostly the same, only the FA one differs a little.

    FA Skill needed to cap (has a linear -11, tepa's guide says -10)
    FA Skill = round((Rech.Time x 40) + (FA Cycle / 100) - 11) * 25)

    Burst Skill needed to cap (same as in guide)
    Burst Skill = floor(((20 x Rech.Time) - (Burst Cycle / 100) - 8) *25)
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    ++13.0 Boosting Your Defenses++

    This was brought to us by Lupusceleri, where you can find his original post here. This post is for getting the most out of your reflects at any level.

    So, here comes the list:

    • OFAB Soldier Protective Gear
      • 5% to all reflects
      • goes into back slot
      • bought for 30000 VP from the towershop

    • Deflection Amplifier
      • 2% to all reflects
      • goes into HUD3 slot
      • quest reward from the Knowledge of the Yuttos
      • does -not- go OE when you AMS, because HUD/UTIL items can't go OE

    • Whistle-box
      • 1% to fire reflect
      • goes into right shoulder slot
      • drops from Morty the leet

    • Modified Aggression Enhancer
      • 5% to projectile reflect (max)
      • goes into utils3, deck1, deck2, deck4, deck5 slot
      • drops from the Iron Reet
      • Solitus only.. sorry troxes!

    • Bracer of Reflection - Damagetype
      • 7% reflect to the damagetype(s) that bracer covers
      • goes into leftwrist or rightwrist slot, depending on the type you use
      • drops from chests in QL200+ RK missions (I've stumbled across these more than once while blitzing QL275 missions, so if you still need one a mission-cluster-mezzer might be the right person to talk to)

    • Ring of Sister Pestilence
      • 2% to poison reflect
      • goes into leftfinger and rightfinger slot
      • drops from the pocketboss Sister Pestilence in Albtraum
      • while wearing this ring, you can rightclick on it for a nice DoT effect

    • Energized Carbonan Oven Mittens

    • Capricorn Bracer of Toxication
      • 10% to poison reflect
      • goes into leftwrist and rightwrist slot
      • drops from the zod Capricorn in Pandemonium
      • the 10% poison reflect goes OE when you use TMS/AMS, because of the 1500 BM requirement (or that's what I heard soldiers claim)

    • Large Sparkle-Plate
      • 2% to energy reflect
      • goes into back slot
      • is bought from the Fixer Shop
      • rather useless since OFAB Soldier Protective Gear made it ingame

    • Charred Abaddon Chassis upgraded with Abaddon Upgrade: Defensive
      • 2% to all reflects, and an additional 2% to fire reflect
      • goes into back slot
      • drops from The Inner Sanctum, and so do the Abaddon Upgrades
      • rather useless since OFAB Soldier Protective Gear made it ingame, and it is social armor

    • Bracelet of Arul Saba when used in the 5gem version
      • 1% to whatever reflect you made your bracelet for
      • goes into rightwrist and leftwrist
      • is made by tradeskilling
      • the fifth (Galactic) gem for Aruls drops from Alappaa
      • also gives a nice +115 boost to your damage type of choice

    'Ideal' setups for each damagetype. Do keep in mind that in some cases, a normal piece of armor is better than 1% or so more reflect. These are just the extremes:

    • Chemical Reflection - 15% unbuffed - 53% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 97% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Cold Reflection - 15% unbuffed - 53% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 97% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Energy Reflection - 15% unbuffed - 53% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 97% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Fire Reflection - 20% unbuffed - 58% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 102% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Melee Reflection - 15% unbuffed - 53% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 97% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Poison Reflection - 26% unbuffed - 64% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 108% (or 98%, depending on reflects going OE or not) with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Projectile Reflection - 20% unbuffed - 58% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 102% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V
    • Radiation Reflection - 15% unbuffed - 53% with Pre-Nullity Sphere - 97% with Augmented Mirror Shield Mk V

    There's a bunch of other items in the DB like Bodum-Larga NCU, but these are reported not to be ingame, so I didn't list them here.

    Why bother with these items? Well, any damage reduction's good! When tanking for example badass bosses, you can reach 100% reflects or more against certain damage types with a keeper in the team running Barrier of the Righteous. Or when duelling someone in pvp, and you know ahead of time what damage types he will use, you can reduce any damage that is still left during AMS to a minimum - and perhaps even survive the AMS downtime and go for a second AMS

    For example, you are fighting another soldier, using a Dshark. That means Cold damage. The biggest hits you'll be taking will be FullAuto. So, let's calculate. I think we can safely assume every soldier uses the OFAB back. So, 5% reflect. Also, the soldier uses AMS3 rather than AMS4/5. So,

    79+5=84% ColdReflect.

    That means only 16% of the original damage comes through. Now, FA is capped at 15k damage.

    15000*0.16=2400 damage per FullAuto maximally.

    Now, let's see how much is left if we use AMS5, OFAB back, Deflection Amplifier, 215 Cold Arul, and a Bracer of Reflection - Elements.

    82+5+2+7+1=97% ColdReflect.

    That means only 3% of the original damage comes through.

    15000*0.03=450 damage per FullAuto maximally. Which is rather significant
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    another reserved

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    kk, once Famine unstickies tepa's old guide and replaces with mine, its done! \o/

    now in the meantime, start enjoying ti with all(hopefully i got all of them) the new updates. feel free to post here once if you see something out of order.
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    Sweet baby jesus, that's a lot of text.

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    fling is 6sec btw spart

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    Thanks Spartan, I've referenced this guide a lot since starting my soldier so I pretty much know it through and this time as I went through I was only looking for your notes or changes and I think it would be nice if the places where you put "Spartan's Notes" that there could be a different color text maybe to make them stand out more? Just a thought, no worries if you don't like it.
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