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    Full Auto

    Someone noticed something wrong with FA after last patch? Did some testing and also some Duels (3-4 Against a Doc, no Def-Doc though). Alot of 0 Bullet FA's and Plenty 1-4 Bullets (against that doc!) 3387 Attck Rating and 2589 FA Skill on my Trox. Any of you maybe with similar experience?
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    Docs can now go full def due to faster heals. Might have something to do with it.
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    Still doesn't make sense, docs got like what, 2,4-2,6k def at most in a regular setup, then 3,4k+ FA ar still lands 0-4 bullets, and quite often too. Something is definitely borked with FA mechanics now.
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    An endgame atrox soldier will never miss a doc in such a testing situation that hard. There is only 1 logical explanation for this:

    Shoorty just is a noob !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumonde View Post
    Shoorty just is a noob ! ;o

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    Deflects are a huge nerf to FA since they check for each bullet and a successful deflect is the same as a miss. So we now got both dodge and deflect checks for each bullet. Even if the initial chance is low, it accumulates with many bullets, and a failed FA due to deflect is more likely to occur than a failed AS.

    I have noticed the same, and this could be an explanation, or at least part of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doniger View Post
    a successful deflect is the same as a miss.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    Full Auto: If a shot is glanced, all subsequent bullets will do 50% damage.
    Deflect is not your culprit for the 0-4 hit FAs (if those are correctly observed). If you miss, there are no subsequent bullets. If you are deflected, you just do less damage from there.

    There was some discussion in the Adv forum about how Deflect ruins our FA (in PvM, so somewhat unrelated) due to the low number of bullets in the JEPP, because it's impossible to compensate an "early" deflect when you only shoot 10 bullets. With ~30 bullets it's much easier to salvage some damage.
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    I was pretty sure I read somewhere it was a miss, but guess I must have misread. Thanks for the correction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doniger View Post
    I was pretty sure I read somewhere it was a miss, but guess I must have misread. Thanks for the correction.
    That was accurate with earlier test versions of 18.7, but it was changed to the 50% damage per bullet thing after Michi took over.
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