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Thread: RIP Breyers

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    RIP Breyers

    You know i see these post on everyonce in a while and im always amazed on how this community sticks together. I was away and recently found out that we lost one of our Vet players last Thursday he passed away at home do to medical complications. "Breyers" was one of my closest friends and great person. Please excuse any errors because my hands are shaking atm pretty bad. I know he would want this because this game was his "fix" so to speak for getting out the frustrations. Im sure those who knew him would agree

    "Brey you are the ALMIGHTY"

    RIP Bro
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    R.I.P. Breyers

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    He was a nice person that I was always glad to help him, also what happened a car accident?:\


    R.I.P bro...

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    Rest in Peace

    Enjoying RK4

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    Wow very sad to hear

    RIP Breyers, had many a' buff from him.

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    Rest in peace Breyers
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    Seen him around but didn't know him, it's still sad to condolences to those who lost a freind.

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    rest in peace breyers

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    RIP buddy
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    Rest in peace fixer.
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    RIP mate...
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    RIP Brey, You will be very missed by all of the AO society.

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    RIP Breyers

    condolences to his family and friends in ao

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    Much love for the original
    Notum Profundis
    you will be remembered
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    this shocks me... sad to hear
    rest in peace brey... my condolences to his friends and family.
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