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    IP distribute

    I'm very uncertain where I should put my IP. I'm level 220 and I have my endgame stuff, I have maxed the following:

    All Abilities
    Body dev. & Nano Pool
    Pistol, Fling Shot, Burst, Aimed Shot, Multi Ranged
    Ranged Init., NanoC. Init., Nano Resist, Run Speed
    Pharma Tech, Comp. Liter
    Matt. Metam, Bio Metamor, Psycho Modi, Matter Crea, Treatment

    1.1m SP left.

    Now the problem is, that I do pretty bad in certain situations, like solo PvM. I have not been successful in soloing what docs are famous for, like LoTV, DB2, mitaar etc.
    It is hard to get an "expert opinion" on what I should focus my IP to. Some people say it's because I lack Dodge/Evade/Duck IP, although I'm not "very" convinced that 1k extra in each of the skills will help much against highend PvM mobs. Besides, from what skills I have now, I can only afford to fully IP one of the Dodge skills now.
    Asking docs around, say that they have these skills maxed, I can see it's possible if I ditch ranged init and psycho modi, but is it really worth it for to have 1.3k dodge? I think my TL5 twink have more.
    Oh and, I play in HP setup, obviously.

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    Most of the time its getting use to the act of killing them. It just takes time to learn how to do it.

    As far as the rest a setup would greatly help us help you. Ranged inti you shouldn't have maxed, there is no need for it. PT is worthless as well unless you TS monsterparts even then you should only need 1-1.2k for that. PM I wouldn't remove IP from, you need it to land UBT and losing half your AR for it would hurt alot.

    For evades if your doing pvm I would IP evade first then dodge. Most mobs, if not all, in SL check vs evade. Having it IPed will reduce your chance of getting hit with a crit a great deal, as in it should only happen once in awhile in pvm
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    PvP would be the same. Evades are important just so people wont crit you and that allows you to stay alive longer. Even if you have a setup thats rocking alot of -crit gear I would still IP evades. While the only people you will evade are green pvm toons and other docs (depending on their setup its fairly easy to go full def and watch 80% of their shots miss) its still important for the reasons above. The longer you live the more you can kill/heal your side.

    If you don't have enough IP for both evade and dodge I would raise them equally so you get at least some benefit from both of them.

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