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Thread: expressions and acronyms that are commonly used

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    expressions and acronyms that are commonly used

    Here is a list of expressions and acronyms that are commonly used by gamers. Some are specific for MMORPGs.

    AC - Armour Class. The measurement of how effective armour is. The greater the AC number, the more effective it is.

    Ack - Exclamation used to show fear or surprise.

    Adv - Adventurer.

    AFK - Away From Keyboard.

    Aggro - Aggro is when a monster turns aggressive towards you. "Ack! The Slack Tentacle Mutant Aggro'd on me!"

    AO - Anarchy Online - Let's hope you knew this one.

    Bind - An expression from Everquest. The effect of a bind is to decide where a resurrected character is respawned. Scan in AO has some of the same effect.

    BRB - Be Right Back [Bath Room Break]

    Buffs - Beneficial nano spells or items used to increase stats or abilities.

    Burst - A type of high-damage attack that will empty a clip into your enemy.

    Camping - The act of sitting and waiting for a monster, item or NPC to spawn, usually in order to kill them for experience, items or money.

    Circle of Death - Used in grouping, when one member of the team, usually the puller, runs around in a circle around the group while they shoot at the mob. The monster will eventually switch over to attack someone else, and then they will run around the group in a circle of death, etc. Can also be used to describe surrounding a monster in a "circle" and attacking from all angles.

    Crat - Bureaucrat

    Creds - Credits, money in AO.

    DD - Direct Damage - Nano's or Items that do damage directly to the target.

    Death Loop - What happens to a player who is unfortunate enough to save at a scanner in hostile territory. If the character is then killed he will reappear near the scanner and more than likely be killed again by the local guards, killed again, comes back, killed again, etc.

    Debuff - Nano programs or items used to decrease stats or abilities.

    Ding - An exclamation used to explain that you levelled.

    Doc - Doctor.

    DOT - Damage Over Time - Usually relating to Nano's or Items that do not do Direct Damage but instead they steadily do damage over a given time.

    Engi - Engineer.

    FPS - Mostly used as Frames per second but also for First Person Shooter (or action games)

    Grats - Congratulations

    Hack'n'Slash - A sub-genre of RPG games or a playing style, in which the objective is to kill, kill, kill with your swords, knifes, maces etc. This is often used derogatory about games that lack story or features to make role-playing interesting.

    HP - Hit points. Also referred to as a players health.

    IP - Improvement Points (used in skills).

    KITing - Killing In Transit - attacking a monster, and then moving out of it's reach, to avoid damage. Then attacking again, and so forth. Also called Kiting or Kitting.

    KOS - Kill On Sight. This is a term used to define your standing with another creature. If you are severely disliked by a faction, NPC or monster you are probably KOS.

    KS - Kill Steal - This is the act of taking a kill from another player that has already initiated combat (Very much looked down on).

    LD - Link Dead, losing connection to the server. Also, "Link Death", a death attributed to going Link Dead.

    Leveling - When you get enough XP, you will reach a new level. This gives you certain advantages, like more IP to spend on skills.

    LFG - Looking For Group

    LOL - Laughs Out Loud

    Lvl - Level

    MA - Martial Artist.

    MMORPG - Massive/Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

    Mobs - Originally meaning MOBile or MOBile creature, the meaning has basically mutated to mean all monsters.

    MP - Meta-Physicist.

    Mule - Using a specialized character within a certain area to help out one of your other characters. One example is to use IP-points on specialising in making implants, and giving this to another character that is specialised in fighting.

    Nano - Term used for abilities using Nanobots. Shortened term for Nanoformula.

    NCU - Nano Containment Unit. Defines the number of friendly nano programs (buffs) your character can have at any given time.

    Newbie - A new player to the game, also called noob or n00b.

    NPC - Non Player Character - Any character in the game that is not controledl by a player of the game.

    NT - Nano-Technician.

    OOC - Out Of Character. Saying or doing something that is not roleplay. Mostly used by roleplayers, as they sometimes need to say something that relates to the real world.

    OT - Omni-Tek.

    Pet - Player controlled NPC

    Powerleveling - Playing the game with focus on finding the fastest and most efficient way to raise in level.

    Pulling - Targeting a creature, in order to make it move towards you. Often used in groups. One person is the "puller", and he/her pulls the monster in the direction of the group, who waits [around the corner] to kill the monster.

    PvP - Player vs Player combat.

    QA - Quality Assurance. The internal department that works with testing the versions before it is put out on the servers.

    QL - Quality level.

    RFLOL - Rolling on Floor, Laughing out Loud

    RL - Real Life

    RP - Roleplay / roleplaying

    Scan - the act of saving your character at a scanning terminal. "I need to go scan"

    Social - Used to describe creatures that help out each other. i.e. if you attack a rhino beater and another rhino type is around, then that second rhino will attack you also, because rhinomen are social.

    Support Class - Used to refer to a profession that may halp a team in a variety of ways, and is not focused on one specific task such as healing or doing damage. Examples of a support class are Bureaucrat, Enginner and Meta-Physicist.

    Tank - An Enforcer or other character with good armor and melee expertise. Used as humanshield for nano wielders, who are more vulnerable to melee attack. Also known as a Meatshield.

    Tank Mages - a term originated in Ultima Online, where mages could become so powerful it upset game balance, because they had both good armor, and good offensive weapons.

    Twinking - The act of using one higher level character to equip a lower level character with higher level equipment or money.

    Whompa - The name given to teleporters located throughout Rubi-Ka. This name was given due to the sound the Teleporter makes when in operation.

    WTB - Want to buy.

    WTS - Want to sell.

    XP - Experience Points (used for leveling).
    Some extra's

    FC- Funcom.

    FARMING- This is the name/term given to players who kill friends over and over til they get a PvP title.

    n00b - Same as newbie, but in Leet talk.

    j00- Leet talk = You.

    Grid- Is a place where all cities and lands meet. There is usually a access point to the "Grid" in Large cities.

    Gank - Where a Player kills another player with out letting them know they are about to do so. Most ganking occurs when a Player from teh opposing force enters a enemies territory.

    Uber- Meaning Super Strong. People get uber from Twinking. (see above :Twinking: )

    ARK- Advisor of Rubi-ka. They are here to help you. try /petition to reach a ARK. Not actual workers for FC, they are voulenteers

    GM - almost Same as a ARK, but they get Paid. And actually work for FC.

    Some Not so nice Acro's are used also

    FFS- For .... Sake

    STFU- Shut the .... up

    You mostly see these words come out from player from the opposing force , usually when you GANK them and try to talk to them afterwards.

    Im just bored at work, so i thought i would help out some n00b's.
    Yes i know some of this information can be found on support, but some don't read that.

    Plus i added some info.
    Please add some more to this thread, other definitions ect.


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    Great post for the n00bs

    More to add:

    Con: Dunno the real phrase for this, but it means the difficulty colour of a mob: "That mob cons red"
    HoT: Heal over Time, opposite of DoT.
    Leech: gaining XP without taking part, ie afk in a dungeon while the team kills.
    LFM: Looking For More, as in a team wants more members.
    Mez: the ability to mesmerise a mob to stop it attacking, also a type of pet available to MP's.
    Mooch: A mocham (MP "gift" buff)
    MQ: Mind Quake, the top MP nano.
    NF: Nano Furmula, another word for nano
    PvM/PvE: Player versus Monster/Environment. This is when you fight NPC mobs.
    QW: Quantum Wings, MP's fly on these.
    ROFLMAO: Rolls on floor laughing my a$$ off!
    WTT: Want To Trade, someone wants an exchange of goods.
    Yalm: Yalmaha, the sleek silver flying ships you see flying around
    Gimme sammich!!1

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    Nice post..

    Nice post but i noticed a little error..

    Burst = 3 "shots" attack and dont nessesary empy the clip
    FA (Full Auto) = Empty clip into the target..
    Char list:
    Discont 200 trader,
    Geiringe 184 MA,
    Tykkskalle 114 Enf,
    Vidsyn 114 NT
    Rightfirst 77 MA
    Lifegiwer 74 Doc,
    Quickdraw 60 Soldier

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    S&S - shop and save/scan, what you do between missions (sell loot and scan to save xp)

    Newbie - considered a friendly term
    Noob or n00b - can be considered insulting
    "Do not try and catch the hamster... that's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth... There is no hamster, only a deadbeat rollerat..."

    [Social] Means: I don't think we removed any bosses because of bad pathing...there wouldnt be any left if we did :P

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    Nice list.

    Addendum to Fling, Burst and Full Auto:

    Fling is an extra attack, which can crit.

    Burst does fire three rounds, as indicated above.

    Full Auto empties the clip, with a lowered chance to hit. Thus, if you fire off Full Auto with 40 rounds left in the magazine, you could maybe hit with 15 or 30, depending on your attack skill, the target's AC and evades.
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    Con= Consider....I only know it from Everquest when you would consider a mob and it would tell you how it regarded you and you could also see how difficult the mob would be.

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    Ah thanks Zeronx

    (my first and only MMORPG so far, not EQ stock)
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    nerf = when FunCom makes something less powerful. (if they should reduce how much damage a weapon deals, that weapon is nerfed)

    gank = attack something when they are helpless (attack another player allready in combat woth someone else)

    gimp = character that is weak ("I feel like a gimp! I can't kill anything" or "yo! you're such a gimp!" Generally not a nice thing to call others, so please don't)

    ENF= enforcer


    EoT= Edge of Tarasque very rare enforcer only sword.

    wtg=way to go

    r2r= room to room. measn the team are done pulling mobs into the first mission room, and arer eady to proceed from room to room

    blitz= getting a mission, then run in to get the item and run out again, without attacking a single mob. Done to get the mission reward, be it the item or the money

    ninja/ninjaloot=loot the corpse of a mob someone else killed, in order to steal the loot from them OR go around in missions, opening chests for loot while the others are fighting. You do this, and people WILL get angry at you.

    *action*=usually used to describe an action you take, in an RP-aspect (*blushes* or *hopes Cosmik or Cz see this thread*)

    mod=moderator. the people that controls boards. Answers questions when they can, make sure we behave nicely on these boards)

    btw= by the way OR Blessed with Thunder. the last one beeing an MA special attack

    MA=martial artist

    Alpha= collection of special attack that in some cases can kill a player/mob within the first few seconds of combat. (initial strike)

    FARMING = (alternative use) doing something simple and repetitive to gain something. Farming monster parts (loot that can be turned into something valuable) by killing mobs way under your lvl. Riskfree, repetitive and simple. Like beeing a farmer. You put something into the earth, and watch it grow.

    btw... this thread should be a sticky! Cosmik/Cz...please?
    *spreads some cookies around to attract mods*
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    Aye, I was using the word con every time as well, now I guess I've learnt something today... hmm, then it's a good day

    Oh yes, my 2 cents:
    Smurf = Fixer in Grid Armor... LOL (sorry couldn't prevent myself from writing it)
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    Some more..

    ADD - means more mobs are aggroing the team than were expected (unsure of origin)

    AoE - area of effect - something which affects a group of mobs/characters within a certain range of the target. Circle Scythe would be an example of an AoE nuke (damage nano), cluster bullets are an AoE special attack, etc.

    AS - aimed shot - a special attack that deals a variable amount of damage, and requires the attacker to be concealed

    blitz - to run through a mission quickly, without killing anything, in order to complete the mission and receive a reward

    calm - another word for Mez, to cast a nano on a mob to force it to stop attacking

    drains - trader nanos that take skill away from the target and transfer it to the attacker, temporarily (ransack, deprive, divest, plunder)

    ess - (essence) - an enforcer buff that boosts health, stamina, and strength

    FP - false profession, an agent nano that while running allows the agent to use nanos from other professions - ex: "I'm going FP trader if anyone needs a wrangle."

    IC - Iron Circle - doctor buff that boosts stamina and strength by 20 points

    init - Initiative skills such as ranged initiative, nano initiative, etc - ie, an "init debuff" would be a nano that had negative affect on ones initiative skills

    GA - grid armor, a type of armor that fixers can summon and use, which boosts their ability to evade attacks at a cost of greatly reduced armor class.

    OE - overequip - used to mean two different things. 1> To equip an item by using temporary buffs that one cannot self cast or by temporarily equipping skill boosting items. ex: "I got a wrangle so I could OE my new gun" 2> When an item that has been equipped by this method turns red, indicating that penalties are incurred because of a sizable difference between the item's requirements and the player's skill. ex: "My gun is OEed because a trader drained me"

    nuke: a damage nano, usually direct damage, but can also be used to refer to AoE damage nanos.

    wrangle - a nano a trader can cast on others to briefly raise their weapon and nano skills - normally used to equip items.


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    Some more obvious ones which we probably all know but I'm paddin my post count and keeping myself awake!

    NP- nanoprogramming, trade skill for making implants (usually seen alot around cities "looking for someone with 409 NP")

    Rezz effects- cursed eq term for waiting for stats to return to normal after being ressurected (respawning at reclaim)

    Omw- on my way

    Brt- be right there

    Twit- you insist the reason your half a zone behind is because your bugged (yet you are sneaking and insist your not but we could see joo trying to sneak.. you know who you are!! )

    OMG!- oh my god (something really good or bad just happened)

    Doh- don't ask, they are busy beating themselves up over something (go homer )

    wtf- what the **** (person ran wrong way in mission and brought back lots of friends, tends to blend with spam of the above "doh" "omg" "ack" "omw soon as rezz effect wears off")

    agrowwwwsssdd- agro, dying, can't figure out why they can't run, will blame funcom/the doc/the mp/the adv/the ma/the fixer/the agent/the eng/the eng's pet/the nt/the enforcer/the soldier/and that damned generic class that is soooo rare

    (edited way after posting this, seems the filter has changed since this was originally done, so one of my abreviations got censored out, deleting the one that got butchered into meaningless **** )
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    mt - not sure what it stands for (mistype?) but used when you type something in one channel you meant to type in another channel. In other words a reply to the wrong person. Unfortunately, I use this one a lot.

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    Nice post. A few more of the top of my head.

    R = Ready, generally used when you are done buffing and ready to start fighting/enter boss room etc.
    GTG = Good To Go, same thing as ready really...
    ATM = At The Moment. "Nah, no more buffs, full atm" meaning "I'd love that buff, but can't fit it into my NCU right now"
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    This is useful!
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    Originally posted by Balbados
    mt - not sure what it stands for (mistype?) but used when you type something in one channel you meant to type in another channel. In other words a reply to the wrong person. Unfortunately, I use this one a lot.
    MT = MisTell
    WT = Wrong Tell

    Being a Norwegian - woot or w00t is not a word I am familiar with.
    My interpreatation after seeing it used for a zillion times would be an exclamation, like hurray ot yi-ha.

    Could someone please elaborate?


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    Woot or W00t (l337 spk) - as suggested, an exclamation of joy or happiness eg 'Woot! I ding'ed :-)'.
    "Do not try and catch the hamster... that's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth... There is no hamster, only a deadbeat rollerat..."

    [Social] Means: I don't think we removed any bosses because of bad pathing...there wouldnt be any left if we did :P

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    /working on more.. but you people are great nice ones..


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    Re: Nice post..

    Originally posted by Discont
    Nice post but i noticed a little error..

    Burst = 3 "shots" attack and dont nessesary empy the clip
    FA (Full Auto) = Empty clip into the target..
    Actually i copied and pasted it from the support section, then added some of my own.. =)

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    GTG is Good To Go *OR Got To Go, as in "sorry mon, I gtg" means they can't hang around for some reason.

    BTW is By The Way
    BwT is Blessed With Thunder. Notice its BwT not BWT!

    Addition: So8: Servants of Eight, its a type of MA armour.
    Gimme sammich!!1

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    Make this a sticky

    This is great, they should make this a sticky.

    Whompa - The name given to teleporters located throughout Rubi-Ka. This name was given due to the sound the Teleporter makes when in operation.
    I could not, for the life of me, figure out where this name originated. Thanks for that sharing!
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