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Thread: Enforcer Buglist Discussion

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    Just saw today that Element of Flame/Ice/Corrosion have green visuals. I didn't buy the others yet but they should have different colors imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harios View Post
    Thank you

    The mongo health buff has been made hostile to prevent being terminated.
    So this is not a bug but it has been added intentionally.

    why other mongo's can be terminated then? not exploitable by lower levels as well?
    i think it's same, higher level has better hp and better HoT.
    Actually it's really annoying to not be able to remove the hp buff, because in case of a depriv, or a buff run out, we are unable to mongo at all, can't even cast mongo crush and left with no heal at all.(if you plan to solo and have a depriv in NCU and can't cast imprvoed mongo anymore just run...3 minutes run)

    Another problem for me is layers that dont overrides, if i use an aborb like tank armor or Dreadloch Endurance Booster - Enforcer Special or LE absorb proc, and the lower absorb is gone if i hit cocoon it is in NCU but doesnt absorb anything...
    some overrides others, some not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harios View Post
    There has been a lot of discussion go on about this issue.
    Funcom had to change the way of absorbs to adjust the so called "balance".
    NT's were unkillable in low hp setup spamming layers.
    So FC just made caps work AFTER damage was absorbed.

    We had some love after in the form of aad and a high mongo
    We are far from the nerfest at this moment

    were you 220 when the nerf happened?
    because i'm 217 enfo and in BS it's clearly unplayable, can't evade, with all evade stuffs i can use, and i'm perked fully drained ubted easily with 2600NR.
    So who is the nerfest, i wonder because i'm unable to kill 1 person my levelish in pvp, NOT 1

    ppl will say i'm gimp but i have all db nanos i cant self yet, all alba def devices, the dreadloch endurance booster and close to be full CM with ql 300 ofab helmet and penultimate chest as 2hb, full def with defensive research device and ql 250 symbiants.

    Enfos have to be able to evade without any evade buff and only 220 full research stuffs to evade.
    I would ask people from FC to acually play an enforcer from level 190 to 219 and tell me if they can do some real balanced pvp.

    any enfo here have fun pvp without full research and 220? vs same levelish?
    i have the absolute 0 fun myself.
    well not a bug, but a feedback from someone who is totally bored of his enfo that do no damages, have high HP that deserve him in most situation (in pvp and with -RS essence in pvm)

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    Swapping items help a lot, especially research huds. Most of the time I run with offensive one as my only real threat is my offense. Def hud won't help much unless you have a really good def setup. Swap to nano hud when you need iMongo. I guess you can self all other lines without it.

    2hb isn't the best choice to PvP atm and that must be why you feel like you suck.

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    'Bring the Pain' stun still dont hit on runing targets - mostly

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    bump for fixes before they start trying to balance stuff...

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    Also to add the dissappearing act we have when our size is too big when challenger + challenger procs running. Thanks to Mr. Stabby for that one.
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    Don't think it was mentioned in this thread before but I know there was some discussion in some other thread.

    1HB enfs are still experiencing "long deaths". Basically when you die there is a chance you will be stuck with dying screen for quite some time.

    Known so far:
    1HB is common to all victims :P
    Started appearing after 1HB perks were changed
    Bug does not appear when you are morphed

    My gues would be something visual is causing it as morphs "fix" it.

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    I got a good one...make 1hb perklines do melee dmg now since our final 1hb weapon is melee. Kthx.
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    damage changes with weapon you equip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vetusleet View Post
    damage changes with weapon you equip
    absorb nerf
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    another old bug that I always forgot to mention

    logging on / zoning with mongo can get you flagged :P Think we all seen this one already but it's not on buglist

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    Mongo hitting but not taunting mobs


    Not sure if this bug has been brought up before elsewhere (didn't find it in this thread).

    I have been doing some token gun camping in Avalon and noticed that some mobs will not aggro when using mongo bash (both normal and improved) even though the mob takes 1dmg from the AoE nuke component.
    If I use a single taunt, for example Malice, the (ignorant) mob will aggro instantly.
    The mobs affected by this bug change between spawn cycles.

    Also, I have noticed similar tendencies when using mongo in instances notably the 12 man instance.

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    I'm going to wager a guess and say thats prolly sync issues. If you run around alot and just mongo, chances are you have to let the client/server sync catch up. Wait a few seconds once you started to attack, and then mongo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbacrush View Post
    I'm going to wager a guess and say thats prolly sync issues. If you run around alot and just mongo, chances are you have to let the client/server sync catch up. Wait a few seconds once you started to attack, and then mongo.
    Yeah, I'm 95% sure it's a sync issue of some sort. I find that if I run up to mobs, then side step, it forces me to wait long enough for the server to catch up. The other alternative is to open a backpack, which seems to force a sync.

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    errmmmm it might be and might not be.
    ive oticed on alot of mobs that the "loose" agro for 1 sec etc and then switches back to u w/o u doin anything.
    for example u can be way ahead on agro to the next person in raid... and the mob all of a sudden looses interest in u for 2 secs just to switch back to u again w/o u doin anything.
    even w/o the other player doin anything specific to the targeted mob.
    so called agro flickers.
    Ive experienced this with docs for example when i been chain taunting with both single and mongo on beast and he nukes and turns around and splats a doc that should be way behind for example a shade on agro and then turns back to me w/o agroing the shade.
    taunt mechanisms seems a bit buggy in alot of cases.
    can also be experienced alot when pocket tanking for lowbies in wly .. its usually 1 heckler that tries to wander off and hit the lowbie instead of keeping agro on u even tho the rest of the hecklers keeps agro with the exact same amount of taunt and dmg on them.
    it seems to occur after the mobs misses u a couple of times in a row.
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