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Thread: Enforcer Item Balancing

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    Enforcer Item Balancing

    It seems items will be a significant aspect of balancing, so I'm gonna try getting us jump-started on this before we end up with issues similar to our nano doc. First I will list as many of the items enforcers commonly use as I possibly can. I would like everyone to tell me any items they would want added to the list. To follow up, I suppose we should discuss the items that need changes, the items that are fine as they are, and things we would like to see added or removed.

    Here are as many of the items I can think of being our "profession" tools:

    Ancient Speed Preservation Unit
    Infused Ancient Speed Preservation Unit
    Init debuff resistance/immunity + AAD increase, can be equipped together
    Gallant Flapper Ribbon
    Offensive strength increaser
    Stellar Enforcer Nanodeck
    Profession star+Nanodeck
    Bigot's Earring of Sacrifice
    Inferno dyna drop, Crit decreaser
    Band of Bravery
    Ofab enforcer ring, Unique, ql25 intervals, Level locked at each interval
    Has defensive proc
    Band of the Bear Claw
    Rubi-Ka questline ring, Jack the Legchopper quest, 130 level lock
    Beefeater's Merit Board
    [url=[Captain Lotto's Merit Board[/url]
    Rubi-Ka raid drop, Hollow Island, Unique, Title level 6+, Faction
    Bigot's Bracer of Sacrifice
    Inferno dyna drop, Unique
    Black Clan Heavy Tank Armor
    Rubi-Ka team or dyna boss drop
    Improved Black Clan Heavy Tank Armor
    Upgraded item, Rubi-Ka
    Gil Jha's Discreet Helmet
    Man Dal's Gaudy Helmet
    Adonis temple armor drop, Faction, Title level 4+, "Moo helm"
    Impudent Bracer
    Adonis dyna drop, Unique,
    Neural Interpreting Nball - Melee Fighting
    Rubi-Ka Unique drop, Multi-wieldable weapon skill buff item
    Notum Miner's Hard Hat
    Rubi-Ka raid drop, Hollow Island, Unique
    Ring of Burning Flesh
    Inferno dyna drop, Unique
    Special Edition Ofab Enforcer Helmet
    Lost Eden armor, Ofab helmet variation, Has ofab proc
    Stinging Louse
    Inferno dyna drop, No AC's, stat buffing item
    Veil of the Revoked
    Rubi-Ka, Trade skilled, Crypt of Home
    Bellum Badonis
    Inferno Multi-profession armor
    Enforcer Tier Armor
    SL armor, Leveling armor
    Enforcer Chosen
    Enforcer Faithful
    SL armor, Tier final upgrade, Factions only, Leveling armor
    Enforcer Ofab
    Lost Eden armor, upgradeable, Ql 25 intervals
    Pilgrim Protector
    Rubi-Ka dyna drop, Clan only
    Rhinoman Leather Armor
    Rubi-Ka mob (rhinoman) drop, Non-profession specific
    Miy's Tank Armor
    Rubi-Ka mob (various, specific) drop, Non-profession specific
    Nonpartisan Armor
    SL dyna drop (rafters), Neutral only
    Support Beam of Intolerance
    Rubi-ka dungeon drop (Subway), Useable effect (taunt), 2-handed blunt weapon
    Blood Bat
    1-handed blunt weapon with Sneak Attack
    Chef Cleaver
    Adonis "enforcer" weapon, 1-handed edge weapon
    Cold Morning Icebreaker
    QL40-50 Rubi-Ka dyna weapon, 2-handed blunt weapon
    Cuspidal Corpse Cutter
    QL140-150 Rubi-Ka dyna weapon, 2-handed edge weapon
    Crispy Chiroptera
    Hungry Howlet
    Pained Panther
    QL 100-105 Rubi-Ka weapons, Crypt of Home
    1-handed edge/2-handed blunt/2-handed edge weapons respectively
    Improved Hacked Medi-Blade
    Rubi-Ka Unique (multiple) drop, procs 50-150 healing x2 every hit
    Does not proc on specials
    Mortiig Beater of Torture
    QL 100-125 Mortiig class weapon, Elysium, 1-handed blunt weapon
    Neleb's Nightmare Battlerod
    Rubi-Ka dungeon boss (Neleb) drop, Steppes of Madness, Non-profession specific
    Nano-drain proc
    Punishment Rod
    Rubi-Ka unique enforcer weapon, 185 level lock, capped attack times
    Honed Edge of Tarasque
    Rubi-Ka raid enforcer/keeper weapon, Camelot, 2-handed edge weapon
    Low damage DoT proc
    Dreadloch Enhanced Bear
    Dreadloch Enhanced Panther
    Dreadloch weapons, -200 AAD proc, 2-handed blunt/1-handed blunt weapons respectively
    Melee Xan Upgraded Weapons
    Xan upgraded beast raid weapons
    Bhan'Zor Hammer
    Kur'Ush Mallet
    Fully upgraded Xan weapon, 2-handed blunt/1-handed blunt weapons respectively
    Sword of Wonder
    Inferno "general" weapon, 1-handed edge weapon
    Assault-class Tank Armor
    Rubi-Ka Biomare (Foreman's) drop, equippable, 2000 point absorb
    40 minute lockout, 41 level lock
    Brute's Signet of The Apocalypse
    Xan upgraded Signet Ring, SL zone protection, Useable effect
    Dreadloch Endurance Booster - Enforcer Special
    AAD increase, CC tool resistance, and 5000 absorb
    Wen-Wen of Fortitude
    1000 max health buff, 1 minute duration, 30 minute lockout
    Flurry of Blows
    Init modifier, crit modifier, aggdef modifier
    Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented)
    Rubi-ka tradeskill, Steppes of Madness
    Codex of the Insulting Emerto
    AI tradeskill, broken item but in a beneficial way
    Da Taunter!!
    Rubi-ka shops, Atrox only
    Library of Foul Language
    Rubi-ka mob drop (Cyborgs)
    Modified Aggression Enhancer
    Rubi-ka unique drop (Iron Reet), Solitus equip effect (utility)
    Ephemeral Annoyance
    Scheol quest reward
    Scorpio's Aim of Anger
    Pandemonium, Unique, Equippable (utility)

    Enforcer Ofab Proc
    Scaling heal, 1000 heal x2 at 220
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    Reserved for suggestions/additions

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    I do not have much time, but I will start with some simple ones.

    I think the tier/faithful/chosen/ofab sleeves should have a unique left and right sleeve, just as the beast sleeves are. I would do this so that the stats that are split (1he in our case) could be doubled to match other piece's stats. The other sleeve could be modified with different stats, and an example for enforcers would be melee energy on the other sleeve.

    For players currently wearing two sleeves, I am unsure how FC could alter them currently. If players were allowed to "right click" to change them on ofab and an option to exchange the leveling SL armors with your professional at Jobe, then issues of having a wasted sleeve should be clear. Also, if FC could have a left only sleeve automatically remove itself or lose all benefits from the right arm on zoning, then that should clear up any issues there.

    The enforcer ofab proc should be changed to a %based heal or a much larger heal. 2000 healing over 10 seconds for a very low chance defensive proc is negligable and somewhat insulting compared to the other ring procs. 5% heal x2 at 220 would be a 5000 heal on a fully self buffed enforcer post-balancing.

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    Could add Nonpartisan Armor to the armor list. I've know a few Neutral enfs who've worn it in their careers for the max hp bonus.
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    Ofab ring proc should be way better instead of 2 ticks every 10s it should give 10 ticks / 2s and still it would be nowhere near as good as doc ring but at last you could see it work from time to time. 5% chance sounds so much better and should be same on SE helmet.

    Asssault class tank armor – higher lvl lock for sure, it isn’t needed at tl2. Lvl 75 should be better, maybe even lvl 100.

    Wen – wen – looks useless in pvm and higher lvl pvp. Add 1-2k ACs and a bit of dmg shields (not reflects) and it may have some uses. 30 minutes lock makes those useless in pvm. Id rather see this lock lowered to 2-3 min and more pvm oriented with combined taunt. Currently low lvl pvp tool and same as assault tank not really needed item that makes enfs hp 3x higher than any other profession.

    CoH weapons - maybe lvl lock to 50?

    Mortiig beater – lets make it unique and see tl2 way more balanced.

    Blood bat – totally useless and very hard to get, yet so “enf like”. Id love to use a bit better version that could compete with 1he setups but currently it cant. Ive seen it in action a few times and its just to weak, to slow… A bit faster (2/2 or even 1,5/1,5) with higher MBS (1,5-1,75) and 100 points higher min dmg should be acceptable and still weaker than 1he options in terms of dd but better paired with kyr hammer for same dmg types. 1,8k 1hb skill should make it a bit of challenge to get at tl5.

    Punishment Rod & queen blade – level lock lowered to 150, all specials removed.
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    the signet ring should get a rework..
    the upgraded HHaB that is.
    with putting the enf to 1% health or what the helth is set to makes it completly useless.
    Not usable in pvp, not usable in PvM.
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    If we lose taunting power in the nano revamp as seems likely one option is to have the Ephemeral Annoyance gadget become area rather than single taunt. In their current form they are rather useless. (ducks in fear of being thrown out of the profession for suggestion something that would make us having to do the hated Scheol quests )

    Don't recall seeing Flurry of Blows in the list above. How about an Enfo specific version that has a taunt proc added, or better yet an area taunt like Mongo (single taunt would be more "logical" though).
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    There's also the bigot pieces. I remember when -crit was a super important bonus for an enforcer, and you'd camp the bigots for the earring and camp notum scourges for the spirit shroud because increasing the number of hits we could take was important.

    I do believe we're going to head back more that direction, where taking hits is more important than evading them, because I believe there's going to be a general nerf of evades for non-evade classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonbolt View Post
    the signet ring should get a rework..
    the upgraded HHaB that is.
    with putting the enf to 1% health or what the helth is set to makes it completly useless.
    Not usable in pvp, not usable in PvM.
    it doesn't make it useless, it makes it hilarious and a good test to see if teammates are awake ^_^. i like to use it the way it is.

    also, don't forget our premier taunting item in the usable item list.

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    You might want to add a seperate section for taunt tools.
    Funcom said those will be improved so might be good to add those.
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    Added a seperate Taunters section with the taunters I could find. Also added the items people requested and a weapon I cannot believe I forgot (we should all be ashamed for missing the subway weapon)

    In regards to weapons, I would like to see a large overhaul of each melee weaponline in general (Martial Arts excluded). I'll post this suggestion in the actual balance discussion and then relate it back to our nanos later.

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