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Thread: Role Playing orgs on Rimor

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    I wish AGP was a more RP-oriented clan.

    I and Rhus are the only real RP'ers in the org, and I feel like I am more than Rhus.

    Any groups that are in a more constant RP state that I can hang around with during events and whatnot?

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    (( well depends on what you are looking for, and what faction.

    There are a number of orgs who have a few members pretty involved in RP, though not per say any whole org dedicated to it.

    For example on the Clan Side.. Steadfast has some members who are very into RP, but most are not.

    For Neutral.. Shattered Dreams, likewise has a few members heavy into RP.. but also most are not.

    Same can be said of any number of organizations.....

    Log into the NRPB channel for IC chatter... and RPChat for RPers OOC chatter. Find out who is around and have fun.

    You might just do better to see what people you are interested in RPing, and just do so. It shouldnt be dependent on any one org or the other in any case. ))
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    Contrary to popular belief, there are orgs dedicated to RP on Rimor.

    Unfortunately, people who are interested in RP get directed to orgs whose memberships are mainly non-RPers, and so the more dedicated orgs suffer in membership numbers and aren't able to keep active. Less activity, fewer people able to join ad infinitum.

    As with joining any org, it's always a good idea to do the research beforehand and decide what you want from an org. If you already have a main org and are looking for a roleplay-alt org, then there are those who are dedicated but very small. If you want a main org for lots of gameplay support then RP-heavy orgs may not suit.

    Maybe the OP could use some classification as to which orgs offer what in terms of RP? The RK1 thread is like that iirc.
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    Hope this doesn't count as necroing, but Prototype is a (really tiny <.< ) Omni org that does some rp. The org rp angles more towards engineering (we're affiliated with Omni R&D) but there are a few 'associates' that do other things.

    Trying to get more into the events side of things, but we're not sure how to go about it.
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    The gateway to roleplaying with events is showing up for the monthly bits like Council of Truth, Newland Council, or Omni-tek Board of Directors meetings. Beyond that, its been a crap shoot of long odds lately.
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