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Thread: Omni pen sanctuary key problem

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    Omni pen sanctuary key problem

    I think FC screwed up a little with the new pen quests...Now i can't kill Devoted Cama Zean-Mara for the pen sanct key, because u need to talk to him in the new pen quest

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    same problem here, guess nothing to do but wait for petition to get processed
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    dunno how they did it...they must have been drunk while making the new pen quest :P

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    Bout time Omni gets the bad end of the stick when it comes to new content.

    Nerf locked at 99% mech research for 3 weeks >.<

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    ok petitioned it 6 hours ago,my petition keeps getting bounced back down the queue.....
    this is f*****g retarded, having to wait 6 hrs for getting a response to a petition to kill a mob that takes all of 1 min to do when actually killing

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    Had same issue with my shade done the sanc quest the day after the new pen stuff.I waited for 4 hours for ark to say oh yea we know about it a gm will contact you.Two days later i get a offline tell saying he bumped me to the next mob on the kill list.

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    Seems they fixed it... new mob is selected for quest now!

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