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Thread: Social Mode

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    Social Mode


    We all know how much the ‘social’ aspect of AO is a big part of the game. I have never seen a game with such social development within its community by the players, such as gird stream and common player socializing. The creators of the game did a great job in adding to this awesome social phenomenon with exotic clubs and many diverse social gears. I for one took advantage of this atmosphere and party it out with my friends and the community of AO often.
    But there is a little problem that hinders a lot of the player from fully utilizing the social aspects of AO. As a 220 Eng, I can’t afford to take off my pistols to hold a drink in my hands instead ><, if I unequipped my guns every time I went to a social meeting, I would have to spend most of my time in AO twinking my guns back in my hand. I feel bad when I swing my guns at the people around me in the dance floor, pointing a gun in my clients face (I’m a trade skiller) when we are discussing about the job offers, or attending the party in armor instead of a suit.

    I’m not suggesting taking OE off the game, there is no way in hell FC would do that, and twinking is such a great part of AO. I was thinking what if other than the armor/ weapons / implants slots in the game, adding a ‘social’ slot for the players. This slot would include head /chest /legs /arm /hands /feet /pads /hud /util for armor and left hand / right hand for weapons. And allow the players to switch back and forth from social mode to regular mode where the appearance of the player changes to the social slot items from their regular looks.

    I though of two different cases that would make this new ‘social slot’ a problem in game.
    First problem would be, through the additional gear that the players can wear, ppl could add more stats, to them selves. For example, having a CC armor in both social and armor slot would double the stats on top of the original stats players would have. Or having 4 int pistols in all social and weapons slots and boosting more int than you normally can. The solution for such game balance breaking tragedy from happening is to disallow any of the stats that the items on the ‘social slot’ affect the player’s stats. This way, players may have additional gears on, but not get any benefits from the social slot items stat wise.

    Second problem this social slot might bring is, people disguising themselves in pvp situations. To prevent this, FC can disable ppl from entering BS in social mode, or land control zones; and disable players from attacking social mode. I do not like the idea of simply disallowing players from casting nanos, or losing the stats that their regular mode items give them since in many social situations, ppl still need to buff others, or in my case, tradeskill.

    Thank you for reading my post ^^. If staff of FC cannot allow the changing of the armor in the social slot, please at least allow the changes of the social slot weapons. There are way too many alien social armors and other social weapons going unused compare to how great they are.

    the link below shows an example on how this social mode might take place


    people that agree with this idea and suport it
    <-- send me tell or leave reply that you want to be added to the list if you wish to be on the list

    1. Snowdevilsm (RK1)
    2. Kingkong6 (RK1)
    3. megabullet (RK1)
    4. Frostyfixa (RK1)
    5. Redmorgan (RK1)
    6. Ebondevil (RK1)
    7. Kaazam (RK1)
    8. Lamethia (RK1)
    9. Veldron (RK1,2) Director of GridStream Productions
    10. Phanna (RK1)
    11. Rillie (RK1)
    12. Dekurgan (RK1)
    13. Qxor/ Qixbutt (RK1)
    14. Phyxayne (RK1)
    15. Enfodudes (RK1)
    16. Octavio (RK1)
    17. Danibunkins (RK1)
    18. Whytblaze (RK1)
    19. Sgtfixer (RK1)
    20. Subtlety (RK1)
    21. Primer55 (RK1)
    22. Bluevyolet (RK1)
    23. Malachaii (RK1)
    24. Maciris (RK1)
    25. Linament (RK1)
    26. Citymaster (RK1)
    27. Quilluck (RK1)
    28. Ablun (RK1)
    29. Khaldore (RK1)
    30. Missblitz (RK1)
    31. Haliy (RK1)
    32. Vallikat (RK1) President of GSP Dancers
    33. DragonBrother (RK2)
    34. Srompu (RK1)
    35. Shigawahhhh (RK1)
    36. Dublivion (RK1)
    37. Straes (RK1)
    38. Krystheagent (RK1)
    39. Chaoticshade (RK1)
    40. Hihowsadv (RK1)
    41. Latradeja (RK1)
    42. Gimpeline (RK1)
    43. Sillybear (RK1)
    44. Majoroutage (RK1)
    45. Deadlypower (RK1)
    46. Soulesoldier (RK1)
    47. Gridzhacker (RK1)
    48. Lumandan (RK1)
    49. Stitchgal (RK1)
    50. Ayria (RK2)
    51. Qvasa (RK1)
    52. Grimclaw (RK1)
    53. Playboyfixer (RK1) President of ~ Digital Alliance ~
    54. Amortia (RK1)
    55. Multrox (RK1) President of Reborn
    56. Raijuta (RK1)
    57. Gordaxl (RK1)
    58. Styzz0 (RK1)
    59. Lile (RK1)
    60. Neogibu (RK2)
    61. Qwayke (RK1)
    62. Pumpkinmeta (RK1)
    63. Sabar (RK1)
    64. Nogueira (RK1)
    65. Damon7 (RK1) President of Neutralizers
    66. Homelesshigh (RK1)
    67. Everfaithful (RK1)
    68. Illuzionist (RK1)
    69. Gamma2 (RK1)
    70. Megabrawlman (RK1)
    71. Steelskull (RK1)
    72. Kraalee (RK1)
    73. Defflyiant (RK1)
    74. Jeshiran (RK1)
    75. Sehuste (RK1)
    76. Entea (RK1)
    77. Shacklebolt (RK1)
    78. Nfos (RK1)
    79. Terrorgnom (RK1)
    80. Clockwise (RK1)
    81. Britty (RK1)
    82. Prynxkjui (RK1)
    83. Soilbleed (RK1)
    84. Moonleg (RK2)
    85. Khrystanna (RK2)
    96. Ichirin (RK2)
    97. Astera (RK1)
    98. Tasssyxp (RK1)
    99. Legion84 (RK1)
    100. Cntrl (RK1)
    101. Smokeabowla (RK1)
    102. Neoagent (RK1)
    103. Anvilbreaker (RK1)
    104. Wormx (RK1)
    105. Kryloree (RK1)
    106. Crat360 (RK1)
    107. Knekt (RK1)
    108. Verwooks (RK1)
    109. Parthelia (RK1)
    110. Cheapthrill (RK1)
    111. Contradictor (RK1)
    112. Nataliana (RK2)
    113. Nixos (RK1)
    114. Dweia (RK1)
    115. Valok (RK1)
    116. Dacutter (RK1)
    117. Enigmatia (RK1) President of RK ShadowS
    118. Lovershade (RK1)
    119. Tethien (RK1)
    120. Thatzmeee (RK1)
    121. Smokexjc (RK2)
    122. Octavio (RK1)
    123. Traquemort (RK2)
    124. Niodemus (RK1)
    125. Miharusan (RK2)
    126. Radia (RK1)
    127. Nuser (RK1)
    128. Mrsmetaheal (RK1) Director of Peoples Protection Agency
    129. Edenthorne (RK1)
    130. Kians (RK1)
    131. Kairistrife (RK1)
    132. Rennilla (RK2)
    133. Vickie (RK1)
    134. Aeliniyah (RK1)
    135. Pronium (RK1)
    136. Rupi (RK1)
    137. El33tist (fourm name)
    138. Pelican (fourm name)
    139. Lumifly (RK1)
    140. Sekrit (RK1)
    141. Blackscorpion (RK2)
    142. Foosball33 (RK2)
    143. Theanor (RK3) <---- weeee RK3
    144. Aelion (RK2)
    145. Anamelle (RK2)
    146. Ziriman (RK2)
    147. Fanto (fourm name)
    148. Copperneedle (RK1)
    149. Sadmasofist (RK1)
    150. Ellsolan (RK1)
    151. Dockwagon (RK1)
    152. Abalz (RK1)
    153. Camista (fourm name)
    154. Nymphete (fourm name)
    155. Jenshae (RK1,2)
    156. lyzor (RK1)
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    Bump for neat idea.

    I would love to have a social tab. It is a major pain to twink my guns on just to have some fun with social gear -=\
    220/26 Soldier
    Family of Friends - General

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    Because I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wore it out, and cut it up for use in car washing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfekt View Post
    HEALTH WARNING: This reply was made on equipment that also produces sarcasm. Reply may contain bits of sarcasm as a result.
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    Yeah. why the hell not.


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    Major big bump from me on this one.. part of AO is the socializing (partying get-togethers contests what have you) and it's a royal PITA to enjoy doing so when you can't utilize the 'fun stuff' like they have ingame for such events..

    bumpbump ^
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    this looks like a great and inovative idea please implement

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    bump for the idea
    tradeskills ftw =p
    Ivanth 220/30 Agent
    Ellisiana 150/20 Martial Artist
    Pantothenic 150/2 Doctor

    and various others.

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    Good idea

    Good idea, but it doesn't go far enough. How about a social mode that you switch on and off in options and an entire new wear window that has no requirements to equip and doesn't give any buffs, but overrides the mesh on everything when social mode is turned on. Make it impossible to attack or be attacked in social mode, make it impossible to go into social mode when flagged and make social mode turn off when you go into a low gas area. Might even let special areas like BS or APF treat social mode as afk and boot or deny entrance.

    Probably too complex to implement it, but its on my wishlist

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    Bigass BUMP to this....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkirmi View Post
    impossible to attack or be attacked in social mode
    that part could couse some problems. but yes, i like how you are bringing up problems and putting in new sugjestions. i think FC could come up with a good way to notify other players that the player in social mode is in social mode, and unable him from discusing them selves by being in social mode. and other problems that might come in it.

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    ^Bumping again. Ya gave us the stuff to have fun with FC, soo.. let us please?
    -:Neut for life & damned proud:- President of RK ShadowS

    Enigmatia - TS'n Advy 218/17 | Auryin - NT 145/7 | Traumatizing - Enfo 150/11
    The Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry would like to congratulate the following couples:
    Darkirmi and Enigmatia - Valentines '07

    Holidays with the Shadows 08!

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    Bump! For a great concept

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    Thumbs up

    good ideea,keep up the good work man
    Multrox tried to sleep but failed

    Multrox 220/30/70 atrox MP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkirmi View Post
    Make it impossible to attack or be attacked in social mode

    People would exploit it for sure when they cant be attacked on social mode, like in blitzing, or ganking
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    BUMPED - i know alot of people who would benefit from this

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    i like it...

    gonna bump it...

    i've had similiar way i was going to tweak stuff back on....

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    I had to attend a wedding wearing my dual BBBs because it'd take me an hour or two getting them back on afterwards.

    BUMP for separate social equipment!
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