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Thread: Basic pet commands

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    Basic pet commands

    Because the previous link in the guide is down, i'm gonna list here all the useful pet commands

    Generic syntax
    For each command, you can specify the name of the pet, in quotes.
    - /pet "Carlo Pinnetti" rename "Mario Pinnetti"
    - /pet "%t" terminate

    You will need this last command to prevent terminating both pets instead of one.

    Note that if you have several pets with same name, they will all be affected by the command. Keep that in mind when charming two mobs with same name.

    /pet attack
    Makes your pets attack the selected target

    /pet follow
    /pet behind

    Makes your pets stay behind you. They will not attack unless told to.

    /pet wait
    Makes your pets stay where they are. They will not attack unless told to, excepted charmed mobs who will retaliate if attacked.

    /pet guard
    Makes your pets stay behind you, but if someone attacks you, they will attack him, no matter how far the attacker is.

    /pet terminate
    Terminates your pets and release charms.
    Note that if you want to terminate a pet that is out of range, you must use it as is (but it will also terminate other pets and charms). Otherwise specify name in the command.

    /pet free
    /pet release

    Releases your charms. This will not affect bots. Otherwise it works like /pet terminate.

    /pet rename "name"
    Renames your pets. You can add colors using special characters or using a macro generator that will do it for you
    There are several words that you can't use such as offending words, also impersonating GM and ARKs is forbidden (using green color, names with GM / ARK / etc). You will get a message if the name is not correct.

    /pet cycle
    Selects next pet

    /pet report
    Gives you some information about your pets, like NCU (total/free), percentage of HP left and time left before despawning.

    /open pet
    Pops a window that will show your currents pets, their health, as well as allowing you to select them and give attack / follow / wait orders.

    /pet social <emote>
    Makes the pets perform the emote.
    This will only work with human pets, such as Carlo Pinnetti and human charms.

    /pet chat <something>
    Makes the pets say something in pet channel (not in vicinity...)
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