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Thread: [Atlantean] OOC: How to join the Omni-Tek Affiliate meetings / Council of Truth

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    [Atlantean] OOC: How to join the Omni-Tek Affiliate meetings / Council of Truth


    So, you are a trustworthy Employee of Omni-Tek?
    You want to participate in the monthly Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings (OAM)?

    Well, that can be achieved in three easy steps:

    1. Requirements
    You will have to meet some simple requirements before you can apply:

    - Minimum Level to join: 50
    - The character has some history, a minimum of 2 month since creation would be appreciated
    - The below Application shows some minimum interest in RP
    - Have not spent half of your Levels with the Clans.

    2. Application
    In order to join the monthly Omni-Tek Affiliate meetings you will have to submit an application via mail at with the subject line: OAM Application.

    Please fill out this template and mail it to

    Citizen Name: Example "Employee" Eleven
    Application for: Myself/My Org
    Dimension: Atlantean/Rimor
    Organisation: Omni-Standard
    Description of Department: put Long In Character text about your org here
    Org Website: if applicable
    Department: Choose the department you want to be affiliated here*
    Why this Department: Another long In Character text
    Second Representative: Yet "Another" Employee

    3. Meeting
    The meeting is on each 2nd weekend of the month. Details for the month can be found in the Meeting Call Post in this forum.

    *a list of the existing departments can be found here:


    So, you are a brave fighter for freedom?
    Then you might want to join the Counil of Truth.
    The Council holds its meeting on the last weekend of each month.
    Details on the dates and how to join can currently be found on


    Newland Council
    The Newland Council consists of the Newland Mayor (currently Zephrem king)
    and 4 Ministers. Meetings are not hold on a regular basis.

    - To get in contact with one of the Omni or Clan Legacy Leaders one can send an IC mail to
    - Some Omni-Tek Affiliates gather here:
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    Omni-Tek Affiliates

    This is the current list of Omni-Tek employees with proper security clearance to attend the monthly Omni-Tek affiliate meetings:


    Conspiracy Group Inc.
    Jonathan Salivice Bixby
    Doctor Lasal Gerrick

    Pearlie Ariensky Wright
    Manny Chaupin Calavera


    First Order
    Hikari Aerya Hirano



    Soifon Themajor Saito
    Captain Tethien Cebrae
    Julius Dynaeth Kaiser


    Riders Of The Lost Org
    Alexsi Nadab Harkonnen


    Svetlana Moeder Kokkiokova
    Emile Stanislaw Cervenak


    Kashta Nagala
    Vincent Vincentprice Malloy
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